Brooklyn Kolache Co

What are Kolaches?

Kolaches are portable, neat-to-eat pastries that can be stuffed with savory ingredients such as eggs, sausage and cheese, or sweet house-made fillings like strawberry, sweet cheese and apricot.  Our kolache dough is slightly sweet and light, with a little chew and a yeasty finish.  In addition to kolaches, we  make cinnamon rolls, vegan and gluten free energy cookies and grab n’ go breakfast tacos.   Currently we are the only kolache bakery in NYC!


"Brooklyn Kolache Co in that borough’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, takes an artisanal tack, selling fruit-filled kolaches like apricot, as well as savory ones stuffed with bacon-wrapped hot dogs of Mexican-American derivation."

“ Not content to merely reproduce the Tex-Czech pastry, she’s innovated, and her kolaches are bigger and more opulent than their humbler Texas cousins.”

“On our visit, the comfortable, sun-filled bakery is quiet. Customers sip coffee and chat with friends or work on laptops; it’s an oasis in the neighborhood.”

“With its big, open seating area and sizable garden out back, there’s more space and exposed brick at Brooklyn Kolache Co. than you’re likely to find anywhere closer to Manhattan.”

“Bite by bite she shares a Texas tradition and a warm, filling taste of home.”

“Czech immigrants brought the pastry to Texas; Brooklyn Kolache Co. brought them to New York”

"Brooklyn Kolache Company is well-integrated with the surrounding community, hosting popular movie screenings and Local Art Nights."

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