Air fryer toaster oven

An air fryer toaster oven is a small kitchen appliance which combines the features of both a toaster and an oven. As such, it can replace two appliances, if both are needed for a certain recipe or dish preparation. This capability makes air fryer toaster ovens especially convenient for those who don’t have a lot of room in their kitchens, but still want to prepare meals from different types of recipes, depending on their preferences.

What Is Air Fryer Toaster Oven?

An air fryer toaster oven is a compact appliance that uses convection technology to cook food. It can also broil, bake and dehydrate food. This kitchen tool is created to provide a healthier cooking method as it needs less oil than traditional deep-frying.

An air fryer toaster oven is a great choice for cooking meals with less fat content. This kitchen tool offers an easy way of preparing healthy dishes for a family.

It’s the perfect kitchen gadget for those who are trying to watch their weight and cut back on calories. It’s highly recommended for dieters who are looking for an alternative cooking method that doesn’t compromise their health goals.

Why We Need To Buy Air Fryer Toaster Oven?

The Air Fryer Toaster Oven is a multi-faceted cooking appliance that makes your kitchen more convenient. With the help of this appliance, you can cook meals in a variety of ways. You can also use it to bake, toast and air-fry foods. The best part about this appliance is its versatility. With this one appliance, you can replace many of the other appliances in your kitchen such as your fryer, microwave and oven.

You should buy the Air Fryer Toaster Oven if you want a healthy alternative to frying food. This appliance uses hot air instead of oil to cook food, which means that it won’t soak up grease or fat from the food being cooked. Instead, the hot air will dry out all the excess fat and oil from the food before cooking it thoroughly. This means that all you need to do is add some water and food coloring to create an incredibly healthy meal with no extra calories or fat!

10 Best Review Air Fryer Toaster Oven

If you are looking for a way to make your own healthy snacks, then you should consider to buy an Toaster oven air fryer. These air fryer toaster ovens can cook food at low temperatures. This is good because it can help cook lighter foods that would normally fall apart in a hot oven. There are some products that you need to consider about Air Fryer Toaster Oven!

#1 COSORI XL 26.4QT Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that’s large enough to fit a 12″ pizza, but also packs in plenty of functions to make it more than just an oven. It has a built-in air fryer, so you can make crispy fries and chicken wings without using extra oil. It’s also a rotisserie oven, dehydrator, and convection oven that bakes, broils, and toasts. You can even use it as a warming drawer to keep food at the right temperature until you’re ready to serve it. The Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven is loved by home cooks who say it makes meal prep easy and helps them cook healthier versions of their favorite foods.

The user-friendly control panel features a digital display that shows time and temperature settings and allows you to adjust the time and temperature manually. It comes with an air fry basket that is dishwasher safe and has a nonstick coating for easy cleaning. The inner cavity is nonstick too and the accessories are all BPA free.

The device is compact and modern looking with a stainless steel finish. It even comes with a recipe book so you can get started cooking right away!

#2 CHEFMAN Air Fryer Toaster Oven XL 20L

The Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven is the perfect multi-functioning kitchen appliance. With a 20-liter capacity and 9 versatile cooking presets, you can bake, fry, roast and more.

Enjoy the convenience of a toaster oven with the ability to air fry at the same time! A large 20-liter capacity allows you to fit a 12″ pizza, six slices of toast or a full chicken, while still having the ability to air fry.

Air fryer, bake, broil, toast, bagel, reheat, warm and pizza. Pre-set cooking options take the guesswork out of cooking times and temperatures so your food comes out right every time!

The removable air frying basket can be used on its own – no need to heat up the entire oven! With dual function cooking you can save time and space by using both racks together or separately.

Moreover, 30-minute timer automatically shuts off oven when cooking cycle is complete and includes an auto shut off safety feature if oven is left on for more than 60 minutes; removable crumb tray allows for easy cleaning.

#3 Hamilton Beach Sure-Crisp Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven

The Hamilton Beach Sure-Crisp Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven gives you the power of an air fryer and a toaster oven in one compact appliance. This air fryer oven combo provides 4 versatile cooking options, including air frying, baking, toasting and broiling. The powerful fan circulates heat throughout the air fryer toaster oven for evenly browned food with little to no oil.

Use the toast setting to make crispier toast than regular toasters. The toaster oven features a large capacity that fits up to 4 slices of bread or a 9″ pizza. It also has an easy-to-use dial control with 7 toast shade settings for customized results. This countertop air fryer convection oven can cook almost any food that fits in the extra-large capacity basket or pan. Air-fry favorites like chicken wings, bake desserts, broil salmon to perfection or toast bread evenly in minutes. Cleanup is easy thanks to the dishwasher safe basket, pan and crumb tray.

#4 Hamilton Beach 31436 Sure-Crisp Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven

The Hamilton Beach SureCrisp Air Fry Toaster Oven was developed to be an easy-to-use alternative to a deep fryer. The convection technology rapidly circulates hot air around food for even browning and crunchy texture every time.

This toaster oven is designed to satisfy all your air frying needs, including French fries and onion rings. The Sure-Crisp technology gives you consistent results every time. You can even use your own favorite breading and seasoning for chicken, fish or vegetables.

You’ll still get golden-brown results and delicious fried taste, but without the need for messy oil cleanup or added calories. The built-in temperature probe helps you achieve perfect cooking results every time, whether you’re air frying chicken fingers or baking cookies.

The probe allows you to preset the desired internal temperature of your food so it cooks precisely as needed, eliminating guesswork and preventing overcooking. When the internal temperature is reached, the oven automatically turns off.

#5 Instant Omni Plus 10-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

The Omni Plus Air Fryer Toaster Oven is a full oven alternative with 10-IN-1 cooking functions, including air fry, toast, roast, warm, broil, bake, bagel, pizza and proof. It features a large capacity and powerful convection fan to evenly cook your food in less time than a traditional oven. With the addition of our exclusive EvenCrisp Technology, you can now air fry your favorite foods with the same crispy results as deep frying.

With 10 cooking functions to choose from and 2 independent heating elements that can be used together or separately to give you even more options – now you can easily make delicious meals as well as sides and snacks.

EvenCrisp technology makes this an especially useful gadget for preparing frozen foods. Rather than deep-frying them in a vat of oil or baking them in the oven (which can be time consuming), you can pop them into the Omni Plus and have tasty snacks in minutes.

The Omni Plus also has seven cooking presets: air fry, toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil and warm/reheat. It’s even programmable so you can set specific time and temperature settings for each type of food. The design includes a nonstick

#6 Oster Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven

The Oster Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven combines the power of a traditional oven with the high-speed cooking of an air fryer. This appliance saves space and energy when cooking your favorite meals. You’ll get a perfectly cooked meal every time thanks to its digital controls and 10 preset cooking functions.

Use this model as an air fryer, convection oven, broiler, or roaster! Enjoy healthier fried foods with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. Hot air cooks food quickly, browning and crisping it to perfection while retaining moisture inside. The wide temperature range allows you to cook everything from meat to desserts.

The extra-large capacity accommodates large baking pans, so you can enjoy delicious meals for all occasions. With 10 preset cooking functions, choosing a mode is easy, so you can cook potatoes, chicken nuggets, pizza, and more with ease. Plus, the French doors allow for easy access to your food without letting heat escape.

#7 Breville BOV900BSS the Smart Oven Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Breville’s Smart Oven Air is an excellent toaster oven that also happens to be a competent air fryer, dehydrator and slow cooker. Its Element IQ cooking system and Super Convection technology deliver consistent results across all of its functions, making it a fantastic choice for shoppers who want an all-in-one solution for their countertop cooking needs.

This machine is equipped with Breville’s proprietary super convection technology, which uses a fan and a heating element to circulate hot air around the food. This allows the oven to cook evenly and quickly using less energy than conventional toaster ovens. It also helps air fry foods more efficiently.

The BOV900BSS has five quartz elements, one of which is infrared, that automatically adjust the power levels of the other four for precise cooking. The Element iQ system can detect how much food you’re cooking and then adjust itself so that your food is cooked properly. For example, when you put in a frozen pizza, it will automatically turn on the bottom heating element to defrost it while simultaneously turning on the top element to reheat it — no need to preheat! You can also set the oven manually with a rotary dial for precise control of your cooking time.

#8 Gevi Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Gevi is a professional manufacturer of home kitchen appliances, mainly engaged in Air Fryer Oven, Toaster Oven, Electric Kettle, Multi-Cooker and Hot Plate etc.

Gevi air fryer toaster oven will be more and more popular all over the world. The traditional way to cook food is fried with oil, which is not healthy and may cause obesity. And it may take a long time to cook tasty food. Gevi air fryer toaster oven can help you to solve these problems. It cooks food without oil and cooks food quickly but tastes delicious. It’s a good helper in your kitchen!

In addition to air frying functionality, the Gevi air fryer provides numerous ways to prepare your meals, including: Roasting; Baking; Broiling; Toasting; Reheating and Dehydrating. Easily bake your favorite cake in the 12 QT size!

#9 Beelicious Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The Beelicious Air Fryer Toaster Oven is a kitchen countertop appliance that can do more than just air frying. It has a large capacity and it can provide crispier and faster cooking results.

This air fryer toaster oven offers 7 functions, and these include toast, bagel, bake, broil, pizza, keep warm, and roast. This makes it ideal for busy families because the wide variety of cooking options is perfect for all types of dishes.

The Beelicious Air Fryer Toaster Oven has a large capacity that can accommodate up to 6 slices of bread or a whole 12-inch pizza. This means that there is no need to cook in batches because this product can handle all your meals with ease!

#10 Iconites 10-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The Iconites 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven is a must-have for every kitchen. The revolutionary Iconites air fryer toaster oven combines all the functions of a full-size convection oven, an air fryer, a dehydrator, and a toaster.

This air fryer oven offers all the convenience of a countertop convection oven that can bake the perfect 12-inch pizza, crisp succulent wings, toast 6 pieces of bread at once or roast a whole chicken.

Iconites 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven has been engineered with an optimized heating system that circulates superheated air around your food so you can cook everything from French fries to fried chicken with up to 85% less fat than traditional frying methods.

The Iconites air fryer toaster oven uses only rapid air technology to make your favorite fried foods without using any added oils or fats. It’s healthier and more economical than deep frying.

Features To Look For When Buying Air Fryer Toaster Over

Air fryers are one of the fastest growing trends in kitchens across America. They deliver the crispy and crunchy taste of fried foods without all the added oil, fats, and calories. The air fryer toaster oven gives you all that goodness in a compact space that can cook up to 6 slices of toast, a 12-inch pizza, or even a whole chicken.

Here are some features to look for when buying an air fryer toaster oven:

1. Size

First and foremost, you need to measure your counter space for the new appliance and decide on its footprint. If you have limited space or want it as a secondary appliance, a small air fryer that can fit in a cabinet is best. If it’s going to be your main cooking device, choose a larger model with at least six slices of toast capacity so that it can replace your traditional oven.

2. Heating elements and fans

The heating element is what creates the heat needed to cook your food while the fan circulates hot air around the cooking chamber. The most efficient models use convection technology which uses a fan and heating elements on top and bottom to circulate hot air throughout the entire oven cavity. Most newer models also come with pre-programmed settings so you can easily make fries.

3. Capacity

Most air fryer toaster ovens are full size, meaning they can handle a 12-inch pizza with ease. These models usually have multiple racks and trays, allowing you to cook multiple items at once. If you’re cooking for two people or don’t have much counter space, however, there are some compact models that aren’t much bigger than a standard toaster oven. Even these smaller units will still be able to handle most cooking tasks, although they might not have as many functions as their full-size counterparts.

4. Safety Features

When deciding on an air fryer toaster oven, look for features that make the unit easy to use and safe. If the model offers touch controls, look for a control panel that’s easy to read and extremely responsive. Most models have a light indicator that lets you know when the cooking time has expired. This can help prevent you from overcooking food, which is always a risk with these units.

5. Other Features

When you’re deciding on an air fryer toaster oven, look for other features that can help you cook efficiently and to your specifications. These units usually come with parchment papers, which can be used as serving boards and cut in half so that food doesn’t touch the heating element.

Also, look for a unit that has a timer with two settings: one to indicate the cooking time and one that gives you more precise control over cooking time.


1. How does the air fryer toaster oven work?

The air fryer toaster oven uses Rapid Air Technology that circulates hot air around your food, making it crispy on the outside and tender on the inside without adding any oil.

2. What foods can be prepared in the air fryer toaster oven?

The air fryer toaster oven is great for cooking a variety of foods including but not limited to chicken wings, steak, salmon, French fries and vegetables.

3. Can I bake in the air fryer toaster oven?

Yes! You can bake just like you would in a traditional conventional oven. Some recipes may require adjusting your temperature and time settings.

4. How do I clean my Air Fryer Toaster Oven?

Cleaning the AirFryer Toaster Oven is easy. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior surfaces and a sponge to wipe down the interior surface. Do not submerge in water. The oven should always be unplugged from the electrical outlet when cleaning.

5. Is there an air fryer toaster oven that can cook a large amount of food?

Yes, you should be able to find an air fryer toaster oven that can hold enough food for a large group, even a small party. Some models come with a 12-inch pizza pan and/or eight-slice toast capacity.


Air fryer toaster ovens are as effective as a regular fryer and it can toast breads as well. These are best for small apartment kitchens and with their increased power consumption and less energy saving features. Choose from one of the ten products we have examined to find the best one for your needs.

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