Best 2-Burner Gas Grills


Truth be told, 2 burner gas grills have been in our lives for decades now. These grills have made a great contribution to outdoor meals, and those outdoor parties with your family and friends. They are relatively cheaper (some are cost-effective), and more space-saving. We offer the top 10 best 2 burner gas grill reviews and deals. Just follow the blog link or click one of the sponsored links below and you’ll get more information about these amazing 2 burner gas grills for sale today and discounts.

Why You Should Buy A 2-Burner Gas Grill?

If you live alone or rarely entertain, a small grill is perfect for your needs. If you have more than two people to cook for, a two-burner grill can handle it.

Here’s why:

1. It Can Do Direct Grilling And Indirect Grilling.

This gives you the ability to sear steaks and other meat using direct heat and then finish them with indirect heat to make sure they are cooked through, but not dried out.

2. It’s A Great To Be Outside Cooking With Friends Or Family.

A nice 2-burner gas grill is compact enough that it won’t take up too much space on your patio or deck, but big enough to get the job done right! You can cook up anything from burgers and hot dogs to chicken breasts and grilled vegetables.

It’s the perfect size for the condo life. A 2-burner gas grill is compact enough that it won’t overwhelm your patio or balcony, yet has plenty of room for cooking family meals and entertaining guests.

3. Fast cooking performance

A 2 burner gas grill heats up quickly, and they get hot enough to cook anything well. It’s easy to get a sear on your food for that delicious flavor, but it’s also easy to drop the temperature and cook things slowly.

4. Easy start

Even if you’re not a gas grill expert, you can get great results with a 2 burner gas grill. They’re easy to light, and you can easily adjust the temperature. If you like cooking over charcoal but don’t want the hassle of getting it lit, we recommend looking at our charcoal grill recommendations.

5. Temperature control

With only two burners, you have more options for controlling the temperature of your grill.

If you want to use direct heat, you can set one burner at high and one on low and put your food directly over the low burner. If you need low, indirect heat, you can turn off one burner while placing your food over the other one.

If you want high heat, you can turn on both burners and place your meat directly over it or use it as a sear station.

What Are The Best 2 Burner Gas Grill?

#1 American Gourmet 467730217 Classic 2-Burner  Propane Gas Grill

In the event you want to make plenty of hamburgers and hot dogs, this 2-burner gas grill from American Gourmet is an excellent choice. It offers a primary cooking space of 280 square inches, which is enough for about 10 burgers. Along with its cast-iron grates are porcelain-coated as well, so you do not have to worry about the food falling through any cracks or rusting the grills away.

The American Gourmet 467730217 Classic 2-Burner  Propane Gas Grill also has a side burner that allows you to cook up some sauces or sides for your grilled meat at the same time! The temperature control dials are very simple to use and work efficiently in adjusting the flames inside, allowing for either high heat or low heat cooking as you wish. Of course, there’s also a piezo ignition system that makes it easier than ever to start up your gas grill without having to play around with matches or lighters. And when you’re done using it, simply fold up all of its legs and take off its lid before storing it away in your garage until next time!

What we liked:

  • Plenty of space for cooking up a lot of food at once
  • Dual side burners and temperature controls for a wide range of cooking
  • Piezo ignition system
  • Works for a large number of cooking competitions
  • The grill is easy to move and clean, easy to maintain
  • Get this American Gourmet 467730217 Classic 2-Burner  Propane Gas Grill at the best price available today.

#2 Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 Gas Grill

You might get bored with a single burner gas grill as there isn’t much space for cooking. But this unit has two burners so that you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. It is perfect for grilling, roasting, and even baking!

This grill has a total cooking area of 450 square inches which is plenty of space to feed all members of your family. Its porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates help evenly distribute heat and keep food from sticking or burning on hot spots when cooking at high temperatures. This model offers 10,000 BTUs per hour input per burner so that you can quickly sear meats or vegetables in minutes without having them dry out before they reach their desired internal temperature.

What we liked:

  • Stainless steel construction makes it very durable
  • Features EZ-Flip LP gas grill cart with a fold-down side shelf and griddle plate with a cooking area of 450 sq. inches
  • A removable grease management system is provided for your convenience.
  • This ensures that you will maintain the cleanliness of your grill while you’re cooking.
  • The side burner gives you another option for cooking
  • Efficiently spreads heat throughout the entire grilling surface
  • It is portable and compact which is perfect if you want something to bring along on a camping trip or tailgate party.

#3 Char-Broil 463673519 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill

The Char-Broil 463673519 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill is a compact grill that offers a lot of cooking space while keeping things small. If you have limited space or just want to transport an easy-to-carry product, this is the grill for you.

With 300 square inches of cooking area and 18,000 BTUs, it has enough size and power to be called a powerful grill. It also has stainless steel lids and UFCs with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates that make it very durable and easier to clean. The electronic ignition provides an easy start-up to get your food on the table faster than before. In addition, it uses metal side shelves for additional workspace during the preparation of meals and comes with a cabinet below for convenient access storage cabinet.

What we liked:

  • The Char-Broil 463673519 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill is a wonderful grill with an affordable price.
  • It has a 300 sq. in. total cooking area with 24,000 BTU stainless steel burners that can grill your food evenly and thoroughly.
  • Easy to clean cast iron grates are included in this gas grill, making it more easier to rinse after use.
  • It also has a convenient cabinet for storing the propane tank and other cooking tools you need for grilling.

#4 Giantex Outdoor High Pressure 2 Burner Gas Grill

Powered by two burners, each operating with 12,000 BTU, Giantex outdoor high pressure 2 burner gas grill is a great choice for cooking outdoors. Capable of up to 75,000 BTU for each burner head, this best 2 burner gas grill is perfectly used for camping and brewing outdoors. Combining propane tank and hose together (sold separately), this cast iron gas grill can be used anywhere. With 285 square inches of the cooking area, Giantex outdoor high pressure 2 burner gas grill is an ideal option for family use as well. It also has four standing legs that help keep itself in good balance on uneven ground.

To bring you convenience while using it outdoors or at home, the grill is equipped with a piezo ignition system that enables you to adjust the temperature easily. In addition to this great feature, this best 2 burner gas grill is easy to assemble and clean after usage due to its removable drip pans and grates made from stainless steel.

What we liked:

  • Best options for grilling, including rotisserie cooking,
  • Stainless steel burner tubes
  • 2- burners with 12,000 BTUs each
  • 285 square inches of grilling area
  • Piezo electronic ignition
  • Removable drip pans and grates made from stainless steel for easy cleaning

#5 Megamaster 2-Burner Outdoor Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

The Megamaster 2-burner portable tabletop propane barbecue grill is designed for those who are looking for a compact, portable, and easy-to-set-up grill that can be taken on camping trips and tailgating events. It has a rugged structure made from porcelain-coated stainless steel and all-weather wheels. Additionally, it has a number of convenient features for cooking like a lid lock system and snaps jet ignition, foldable legs for ease of storage and portability, and a removable grease tray to make cleaning easier.

This Megamaster 2-burner gas grill is powered by two stainless steel tube burners with a total cooking power of 16,000 total BTUs. The grilling space consists of two porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grids with 99 square inches of cooking space on each one (total 198 square inches). There’s also an enameled-steel warming rack above the grates to keep food warm or cook smaller items in there instead of cluttering up the main grilling area with them.

What we liked:

  • The wheels and foldable legs make it easy to bring around wherever you go
  • Even heat distribution due to the stainless steel burner tubes
  • A grease tray made from enameled steel makes cleaning up really easy
  • The fact that it has a removable hood makes it easier to keep it clean when you are not using it.

#6 Monument Grills 2 Burners Propane Gas Grill

The Monument Grills 2 Burners Propane Gas Grill has two main 304 stainless steel burners with 24,000 BTU each for a total of 48,000 BTU of heat. Additionally, there is a 12,000 BTU side burner attached to the grill for even more cooking space. The primary cooking area is 473 square inches and the secondary cooking area is 150 square inches. It has everything you could ever want from your gas grill. This gas grill has a 430 stainless steel lid, and painted metal frame, and the side shelves are made of resin wood and have an integrated tool hook that allows you to easily access your tools while grilling. Burger Capacity: 20 (20 patties fit on the grids). It also comes equipped with porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates which distribute heat evenly across the grates’ surface. These sturdy grates are easy to clean up and they can handle years of wear and tear without any damage to them at all!

The propane tank size is 20 lbs (not included) as well as an electronic ignition system for easy burner starts and durable burners that provide long-lasting performance year after year! The push-button piezo ignition makes starting this unit simply too! And finally, it has two wheels which help make moving it around much easier than other gas grills do on their own or even with two people working together!

What we liked:

  • Dual burner tables (2) with a total of 48,000 BTU
  • A side burner that has a 12,000 BTU power output
  • It has a 430 stainless steel lid and painted metal frame, and the side shelves are made of resin wood
  • It has an integrated tool hook that allows you to easily access your tools while grilling.
  • The grill is easy to assemble when you get it as it will arrive in 3 separate boxes.

#7 Kitchenaid 720-0891CA 2-Burner Gas Grill

The Kitchenaid 720-0891CA 2-Burner Grill combines the power and performance of a professional level grill in an attractive size that’s perfect for your backyard. The two stainless steel burners produce 24,000 BTUs of heat across the porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, which provide plenty of room to cook up your favorite BBQ recipes. The foldable side shelves allow this grill to be compact enough for storage while still providing enough space to prepare food while you cook. An 18,000 BTU side burner allows you to create complete meals with this high-powered grill.

This gas grill features an electric ignition system that provides a reliable spark with just the push of a button. The stainless steel construction makes it durable and easy to clean, so you can spend more time grilling and less time prepping and cleaning. This gas grill comes in three different colors: black, red, or silver with stainless steel accents.

What we liked:

  • The foldable side shelves provide plenty of extra cooking space
  • Two stainless steel burners with a total heat output of 24,000 BTUs are great for cooking.
  • The porcelain-coated cast-iron grates distribute heat evenly across their surface making it easy to cook evenly and get great flavor in every dish.
  • Thanks to the stainless steel design, it is very simple to clean.
  • Can be used with natural gas
  • The 5 feet long electric cord is a great feature if you plan on placing it some distance away from an outlet.

#8 Dyna-Glo DGP321SNN-D Premier 2 Burner Gas Grill

This Dyna-Glo 2 Burner Gas Grill is a perfect match for any of your gas grilling needs. It comes with high-grade stainless steel material and 445 square inches of total cooking space, two foldable side shelves, delivering 24, 000 total BTUs, two durable porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, and much more.

The unit features quiet technology powers – Surfaces that can maintain and transmit heat directly to food are perfect for this purpose. This unit has everything you could want in a grill – affordability, durability, convenient features, quality construction, and high performance.

This Dyna-Glo gas grill is easy to operate with sturdy wheels that allow you to move it anywhere that you want. It’s easy to cook your food on this grill because it heats up evenly and holds the temperature well. The control knobs are solid and durable while the fuel gauge provides an accurate readout of how much propane remains in the tank

What we liked:

  • Two foldable side shelves provide extra cooking space
  • Because of its stainless steel design, it is very simple to clean.
  • Easy to operate with sturdy wheels that allow you to move it anywhere that you want.
  • The unit features quiet technology powers
  • The ideal surface for retaining and transferring heat directly to food.
  • This unit has everything you could want in a grill – affordability, durability, convenient features, quality construction, and high performance.

#9 Permasteel PG-A40201-RD 2 Burner Gas BBQ Grill

The Permasteel PG-A40201-RD 2 Burner Gas BBQ Grill is made of durable material and will serve you for a long time. It has stainless steel burners, so they are more durable and can take high temperatures. The total cooking surface of 360 square inches is enough to let everyone eat from the grill with ease.

With this Permasteel gas BBQ grill, you’ll be able to host parties, cookouts, and other get-togethers with ease. Grilling burgers, steaks, poultry, veggies, and more is a snap with this grill’s robust 22,000 BTU output. As well as kebabs, you can also use it for hot dogs or veggies.

This 2 burner gas grill features stainless steel side shelves to prepare food on before placing it over the burners or keep prepared items warm until ready to serve. The heavy-duty grill cover will protect your investment from dirt and debris when not in use. A simple push-button electronic ignition lights easily so no batteries are required!

What we liked:

  • Easy to assemble (no instructions needed)
  • Stainless steel burners are durable and can take high temperatures.
  • The total cooking surface of 360 square inches is enough to let everyone eat from the grill with ease.
  • You can also use it for smaller items like hot dogs or vegetables to make kebabs.
  • The heavy-duty grill cover will protect your investment from dirt and debris when not in use.

#10 Coyote C-Series 2-Burner Freestanding Gas Grill

This Coyote propane gas grill has 2 burners and a cooking space of 538 square inches. It’s made from 304-grade stainless steel and has a grease management system, making it more durable and easier to clean. It’s the perfect choice for serious grill masters who want something that will last years. This grill uses propane gas to cook food quickly and efficiently, but it does come with a tank so you won’t have to buy your own separately.

The Coyote C-Series 2 Burner also features an integrated thermometer so you can monitor how hot or cold the inside of your grill is without having to constantly check on it manually—thereby preventing overcooking (or undercooking) accidents from happening!

What we liked:

  • 304-grade stainless steel has a grease management system, making it more durable and easier to clean.
  • It’s the perfect choice for serious grill masters who want something that will last years.
  • The thermometer lets you monitor how hot or cold the inside of your grill is without having to constantly check on it manually
  • thereby preventing overcooking (or undercooking) accidents from happening!
  • Get this Coyote 2 Burner Freestanding Gas Grill at the best price available today.

Features To Consider While Buying A 2 Burner Gas Grill

A two-burner gas grill is an excellent choice for those who want to cook for a smaller crowd of about 4 to 6 people. It is also a great option for those who have a limited budget and space.

Here are some features to consider while buying a 2 burner gas grill:

1. Primary cooking area

The primary cooking area is the most important thing you need to consider when buying a gas grill. You can find grills with primary cooking areas ranging from 300 to 700 square inches. Some of these grills also come with an additional warming rack. A wider main cooking surface means that you can cook more burgers, steaks, and other meats simultaneously. Consider the grill’s major cooking area while making your purchase.

2. Warming rack

Warming racks are great for keeping cooked meat warm while still allowing it to rest and soak in its own juices. A good example is when you have a lot of guests over, and you’ll be cooking food in batches. You can keep the cooked food on the warming rack while continuing to cook the rest.

3. Side Burner

Side burners are one of the most common additional features that you will find on a gas grill nowadays. Side burners are a convenient option when you have limited space on the main deck of your gas grill. It is a great place to prepare sauces, gravies, and other side dishes while the main dish is getting cooked on the main deck of the grill.

4. Flavorizer Bars

These bars help in enhancing the flavor of grilled food by controlling flare-ups. They also protect the burners from dripping fat and oil which may damage them otherwise.

5. BTUs Per Hour

The higher the BTUs, the more power is used. So if you are wondering about how much propane you will be using with a 2 burner gas grill, consider this number. When looking for a 2 burner gas grill, make sure that the BTUs per hour is at least 15,000.

10,000 BTUs/hour is the recommended minimum heat output if you want a grill that can cook food fast and evenly.

20,000 BTUs/hour is enough to cook food within no time.

30,000 BTUs/hour will get your work done faster when you want to cook for more people

6. Dimensions

You’ll want a 2 burner gas grill that is compact enough to fit on your patio or deck. They usually come in a standard size of about 40 inches wide by 20 inches deep. Some of them may be as small as 36 inches wide by 20 inches deep so they can fit on smaller patios. It’s best to measure your space before deciding on which 2 burner gas grill to purchase.

7. Weight

When buying a 2 burner gas grill, one of the most important things to look for is weight. You need to choose a lightweight product that comes with wheels for portability. If you plan on moving the grill often, it should not be too heavy. The ideal option is to choose a product that weighs less than 40 pounds so that it is easy to carry and move from one place to another.

8. Warranty

It is always better to buy products with good warranty coverage since these products are durable and have high quality. This is also true when it comes to buying a 2 burner gas grill. Before deciding on a product, make sure you check the warranty details of each brand and see if they offer replacement parts or not.

Benefits Of Using A 2 Burner Gas Grill

There are several benefits to using a 2 burner gas grill. They are:

1. The Majority Of One And Two-Burner Gas Grills

The majority of one and two-burner gas grills are designed to be portable, but all models have their own size and shape. Which is held in a tank that you can purchase separately, or sometimes comes included with the grill. They’re generally cheaper than comparable charcoal grills since they don’t need room for a charcoal compartment or any ash catchers.

2. They’Re Generally Cheaper

For the most part, compared to full-sized gas grills, compact models are more affordable. A compact gas grill may cost anywhere between $60 and $250. Of course, the price depends on the brand and model, but there’s a wide range of options at every price point.

3. You Can Cook Multiple Foods At Once

Cooking with a 2 burner gas grill allows you to cook different foods at the same time. This is great if you want to cook vegetables while grilling hamburgers or steaks. You won’t have to wait for one item on the grill before adding another because there’s enough room on the grill for both items at once.

4. These Are Easy To Move Around

Once you’ve finished cooking food, you can easily move the grill to store it for later use. These grills are lightweight, making them easy to move from place to place. Their handles make it much easier to hold onto them than other grills. You don’t have to worry about struggling with the weight of these grills when moving them around your yard or when putting them away for the season.

5. Once You’ve Finished Cooking Food

All you have to do is use a stainless steel brush and wipe the grilling surface with it. Then, with a cloth, you can clean the surface and you’re done. The cleaning process takes no more than 5 minutes. A friend of mine has an electric grill and he has to empty out the ash pan after each use. He even has to wait for the next day or so because the ash pan cools down slowly and he doesn’t want to get burned by touching it too soon.

6. Cleaning Is Made Easy

As the 2 burner gas grill has fewer parts than other grills, they are easier to clean. They also have smaller grates, which makes cleaning much easier.

7. 2 Burner Gas Grills Are Excellent For Family

If you are looking for a grill for your family, then a 2 burner gas grill is a perfect choice. These grills can fit a decent amount of food and will make sure that everyone gets their fill of tasty grilled meat or vegetables.

8. Everyone Can Get Involved Too From Kids

It is also a great way to get everyone involved in grilling from kids and teenagers to adults and even senior citizens. By using a family-style grill, you can have several people grilling at the same time which is not only convenient but also fun too.

Best Way To Cooking With 2 Burner Gas Grill

A two-burner gas grill is perfect for people who don’t want a full-sized grill or for those who want to take an outdoor grill along on camping trips. The key to cooking with a two-burner gas grill is to cook your food on the cooler part of the grill. There are several ways to do this and they will all depend upon the type of food you are cooking.

1. Use The Cooler Side Of The Grill

If you wish to cook chicken, burgers, and other meats using indirect heat. Indirect heat will help keep the meat moist and prevent it from drying out and falling apart.

2. Place Your Chicken Breasts Or Hamburger Patties On One Side Of A Two-Burner Gas Grill.

The side of the grill away from the burner should be where you place your meat, as long as that side isn’t directly over another burner. Place any vegetables or potatoes in aluminum foil and place them in a pan on top of the grate on that side. Close the lid and continue cooking until everything is done.

3. Slow Cook Ribs

By placing them in a pan over aluminum foil with some barbecue sauce, apple juice, or other liquid on the cooler part of a two-burner gas grill. Close the lid and allow them to cook slowly until they are done.

4. Cook Vegetables

Such as eggplant, peppers, and onions on the cool side of a two-burner gas grill. Place your vegetables on the grate of the two-burner gas grill and close the lid, cooking until they are done. Vegetable kabobs can also be cooked this way to prevent them from falling through the grates. Place them in a pan over aluminum foil and add some liquid if desired.

5. The Steaks Cook Evenly And Don’T Burn On The Outside.

Make sure that the meat cooks evenly and doesn’t burn on the outside while still being raw on the inside. We want to cook our steaks without burning them, so we are going to start off by cooking them at a high temperature. Turn your grill on, close the lid and let it get really hot. The word really means really. If your grill has a thermometer in the lid, wait until it reaches at least 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 Celsius). If you don’t have one, or if it’s not very accurate, wait for at least 10 minutes after turning it on before you put your steaks on.

How To Maintain Your 2 Burner Gas Grill

Gas grills are a popular choice for outdoor cooking. They are convenient, fast, and easy to use. However, if you want your gas grill to last, you need to make sure that it is properly cared for. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining your two-burner gas grill.

1. Keep It Clean

The best way to maintain your grill is by keeping it clean. If you don’t clean it after every use, food residue and grease can burn and stick to the stainless steel grates. When this happens, it will be harder for you to clean them next time, and it will also affect the taste of your food. Make sure you keep your grill clean so that you can enjoy cooking with it for many years.

After using the grill, let it cool down then use a soft cloth or aluminum foil to clean the inside of the grill. Use a brush or scraper to remove residue from the grates. You can also use a cleaning solution and place it in a spray bottle to make cleaning more convenient. Spray directly on the grates and apply pressure using a brush while they are still hot. For stubborn stains, you can use an oven cleaner spray instead and leave it on for a few minutes before scraping them off with a putty knife or scraper.

2. Check Your Burners

You should also check the burners of your grill on a regular basis. If you have noticed that heat distribution is uneven or there are hot spots on your grill, chances are that one of your burners is malfunctioning. You need to replace the burner right away to make sure that you still have full control of your grill and that the food you are cooking on it is not burned by the heat.

3. Clean The Burner Caps

If your burners have a hard time lighting, then there’s a good chance that they have a buildup of grease and dirt on their burner caps. Make sure that you take the time to clean them with soap and water every so often.

4. Consider Adding Grill Covers

To maintain your grill’s appearance, consider adding covers that can protect against rain, sun, and dirt when not in use. You have many options available in different colors and finishing, and you can choose the one that fits best your grill.

5. Safety Tips

1. Don’t use gas grills indoors or in an enclosed area, as they produce carbon monoxide.

2. Place the grill on a flat surface away from your house, kids, cars, and other hazards.

3. Make sure the grill is in good working order before using it.

4. Keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket of sand nearby for emergencies.

5. Never leave the grill unattended.


1. What Kind Of Gas Do I Need?

You need a propane tank or butane tank to use the grill.

2. How Long Does It Take To Set Up A 2-Burner Gas Grill?

A medium-sized grill takes about 30 minutes to set up, while a small one takes around 15 minutes. The larger the grill, the more time it will take you to get it ready for use.

3. How Long Will The Gas Last?

Based on our experience, a standard propane tank can be used for about 2-3 hours for this two-burner grill and 5-6 hours for the three-burner grill.

4. Is It Easy To Assemble?

Yes, it is very easy to assemble as all parts are preassembled. You only need to attach the legs to the bottom of the unit and connect the regulator hose to the gas bottle manually.

5. How Much Space Do I Need In Order To Use A Grill?

The amount of space you will need in your backyard or patio area will depend on the size and model of grill you choose. Standard-size grills will generally require a minimum area of 5×6 feet, with an additional 2 feet of clearance behind the grill.

In Conclusion

For us, the American Gourmet 2-Burner Gas Grill is the best option on our list of the top models. We like its well-built design, as well as its array of useful features. More than that, it’s got something else going for it in this regard: a price tag that won’t break the bank. If you’re not convinced yet, read through the rest of what we’ve written here; this may convince you to take a closer look and make your own decision.

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