Best Portable Pellet Grills

It’s a new day in the world of smoking. Pellet smokers allow you to be more precise with your cooking than ever before. Just set your temperature and walk away. With all of the digital advancements, you can get a high-end smoker for an affordable price.

The best pellet grill on the market is the one that fits your budget and smoking needs. We’ve created this guide to help you find that perfect unit.

It’s not all about meat either. You can do some serious damage in the kitchen with this technology. From searing a steak to baking some cookies, pellet grills are becoming more popular in homes every day.

Whether you’re looking for a top-level model or just starting out, we’ve got some best portable pellet grills for you below.

List Of 10 Best Portable Pellet Grills

#1 Traeger Grills Ranger Portable Wood Pellet Grill

The Traeger Ranger is a portable grill that lets you cook your favorite dishes anywhere, anytime. This portable wood pellet grill and smoker has a cooking area of 184 square inches, which is big enough to handle three chickens or 12 burgers at once.

This portable pellet grill comes in a compact size and weighs only 60 pounds, so it’s convenient to carry on road trips or camping. Its efficient design makes it an ideal choice for tailgating or cooking at home. You can use this wood-fired pellet grill to prepare steaks, burgers, ribs, chicken, fish, vegetables, and more.

You can also use this wood pellet grill to infuse smoky flavors into any food you cook. It features a digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic technology that maintains the desired temperature and automatically adjusts the auger speed to ensure consistent results.

The Pro Controller also has a meat probe and keeps warm mode for added convenience. It also includes an easy-to-clean porcelain grill grate and cast iron grill grates to provide ample space for cooking multiple dishes at once.

The Traeger Ranger has a max temperature of 450℉ for fast and easy grilling. It can smoke for up to 8 hours on low heat and 5 hours on high heat. The digital controller provides auto-start and temperature control to give the smoker optimal performance. The lid is made from rust-resistant cast aluminum, which enriches the inner walls of the grill for even cooking and smoking. It provides you with precise temperature control for grilling and smoking as well.

What we liked:

  • Its large cooking area covers a wide variety of foods.
  • You can easily move it around different areas because it has wheels.
  • It comes with two 18V Li-ion batteries and a charger so that you can enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous grilling on low heat, and 5 hours on high heat.
  • This pellet grill is also equipped with a meat probe and keep warm mode.
  • The smoker comes with a porcelain grill grate and cast iron grill grates.
  • It includes a drip pan, wood pellets, and cleaning materials to help you maintain the unit.

#2 PIT BOSS PB440D2 Wood Pellet Grill

With a convenient side shelf and serving tray in addition to two large wheels, you can effortlessly bring the party with you wherever you go. The digital control panel is easy to use and allows you to set the internal temperature of your food as well as the cooking time.

The internal temperature can be set from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and has a built in sensor that ensures that your food is cooked thoroughly.

The LED readout displays both the internal temperature of your food as well as the cooking time. With a fan-forced convection and direct heat cooking system, your food will be cooked evenly and quickly every time. If you want to cook using indirect heat simply add more pellets to the hopper.

With a simple push of a button, you can ignite this grill making it easy to start cooking right away. The porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids are rust resistant and provide even heat distribution while searing in flavor at the same time. The slide plate flame broiler gives you an option of direct or indirect cooking.

The removable side shelf provides you with easy access to the internal components and accessories. This is a utensil that can be used indoors or outdoors for years to come. The handles, burner caps, and lid are made with high-quality stainless steel which makes them rust resistant, easy to clean, and highly durable.

What we liked:

  • This grill is made with high-quality stainless steel, it is rust resistant and cleans up with ease
  • The porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids are rust resistant and provide even heat distribution while searing in flavor at the same time
  • The utensil comes with a convenient side shelf and serving tray
  • This grill is easy to start and stop with the push of a button
  • The digital control panel is easy to use, it allows you to set the internal temperature for your food as well as the cooking time
  • The LED readout displays both the internal temperature of your food as well as the cooking time
  • With this grill you can adjust or set it to a specific temperature which comes in handy if you like your meat grilled a certain way or you want to cook other things besides meat

#3 Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Portable Wood Pellet

With the Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Wood Pellet Grill, you can fire it up and grill out wherever you go. It’s portable enough to toss in the back of your truck or use at home in the backyard or on the patio.

It uses 100 percent pure hardwood pellets, which give off a superior wood-fired flavor compared with other fuels. It offers 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, braise, roast, bake, or BBQ. The grill utilizes a digital controller with an LED readout to eliminate guesswork and precisely maintain temperatures from 180 degrees F to 375 degrees F.

The Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Wood Pellet Grill is equipped with EZ-Fold legs for quick transport and storage. It has a 300 square inch cooking surface, which is big enough for an 8-pound turkey or 4 racks of ribs.

Moreover, it comes with a Temperature Probe, which is designed to remain inside the food, but it can be removed if necessary. This pellet grill has an auto-start feature that is built-in, so you don’t have to worry about turning it on. It also has a meat probe for safety and convenience.

What we liked:

  • The meat probe is accurate and it allows you to control the internal temperature of the meat.
  • The size is perfect for a small family.
  • There is enough space in this grill to cook around 8 pounds of food.
  • The grill has a Traeger smoker box, which can be used to add additional smoked flavor to your food.
  • It has great value for money.

#4 ASMOKE AS350 Portable Wood Pellet Grill

This is a perfect portable BBQ grill that uses pellets. The pellet grill is powered by superheated steam technology. This means you can enjoy the best flavor, enjoyment, and portable BBQ experience. It is easy to use, so you don’t need to be an expert when grilling and it will give you perfect results every time you grill. It has 8-in-1 cooking versatility so you can use it to bake, grill, smoke, roast, sear, braise, and barbecue. It has a 256 square inch capacity and a large hopper with digital controls for easy setting of your desired temperature or cooking time.

The grill is made of high-quality material for durability and ease of use. The size is convenient for outdoor use and the assembling process is very easy and quick.

What we liked:

  • 8-in-1 versatility
  • Its size is convenient for outdoor use
  • The cooking process is very easy and quick
  • It has an easy to use interface.

#5 Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Electric Wood Pellet Grill

Welcome to the Traeger Pro Series 22 wood-fired grill. Take your grill game to the next level with a smoker that can handle everything from smoked brisket to grilled salmon. This pellet grill is loaded with features, including our signature Digital Elite Controller, which allows you to maintain precise temperature control just like an oven.

This 22-inch wood-pellet grill is built from powder-coated steel and boasts a bronze finish. Its 418 square inches of cooking space can accommodate up to 24 burgers and is ideal for most families or couples. A second rack adds 154 square inches of cooking space and lets you cook two items simultaneously. The Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill comes standard with two meat probes as well as a bottom shelf and folding front shelf for additional storage and prep space.

What we liked:

  • If you’re one of the few people that actually use the grill in an extended way (cooking several meals, using it as a smoker) then this pellet grill has probably met your expectations.
  • A small form factor and relatively lightweight, since it was designed for tailgating and travel.
  • We liked the temperature control panel, it has three temperature settings and a fan speed setting which is nice to have.
  • Easy to control and set up and the digital display works great. Setting the meat probes was easy as pie too.
  • We really appreciated how well the pellets were packed for shipping. The pellets were in an extremely secure pellet case that actually had a lid, so we never had to worry about our pellets getting wet on the way home from a trip, after 2 weeks of use.

#6 Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 Rambler Portable Charcoal Grill

The Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler grill is built for adventure. This portable charcoal grill has a roomy 250 square inches of cooking space, perfect for tailgating, camping or treating the family to a cookout at the beach. The Rambler features durable steel construction and heavy-duty, cast-iron grates. Its height-adjustable design allows you to achieve the perfect low-and-slow or hot-and-fast cooking temperatures, while the large air dampers provide superior airflow control to ensure consistent performance. Finally, its compact size makes it easy to take on any outdoor adventure. The Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler is ready when you are.

What we liked:

  •  Perfect size for camping and tailgating
  •  Heavy duty cast iron grates that would last a lifetime
  •  Easy to assemble and move around when not in use
  •  Compact and portable design

#7 PK Grills PK Original Outdoor Charcoal Portable Grill

The PK Original is an American made grill and smoker out of cast aluminum. This aluminum makes it lightweight and rustproof. The grill can be converted into a smoker because of its vents that allow you to control the temperature inside the grill. The grill has a 300-square-inch area which is enough for six burgers or chicken breasts. With the available accessories kit you can cook using indirect heat on one side while using direct heat on the other side.

What we liked:

  • It’s an American made grill and smoker out of aluminum
  • Has the ventilation system with two sides that can be used as indirect heat or direct heat
  • Its ash catcher is removable
  • It’s a very useful grill/smoker
  • Easy to clean

#8 Pit Boss Portable Tailgate/Camp With Foldable Legs Pellet Grill

You may adjust the grill’s temperature from 180°F to 500°F using its digital control board. An alternative to a rotisserie is fan-forced convection, which allows for grilling, roasting, smoking and braising in a single pan, as well as baking. Grilling directly over an open flame is an option with the 820’s Flame Broiler, which is included as standard.

The Pit Boss 820 has a total cooking area of 820 square inches: 580 square inches of the primary cooking surface and 240 square inches of the detachable top rack. The Pit Boss 820 is built to endure because to its comprehensive structural strength and endurance.

What we liked:

  •  Made of heavy gauge steel with porcelain-enamel finish
  • Includes 5 different grilling grate selections
  • Pit Boss Grills have been one of the best selling grills in America for over 20 years
  •  Low profile design fits neatly in a variety of spaces – Patented Hi-Product Technology to keep food evenly cooked, moist, and tender

#9 Country Smokers CSPEL015010497 Wood Pellet Grill

The Country Smoker CSPEL015010497 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is a perfect choice for any backyard. It features a heavy duty steel construction with powder coat finish, 424 square inches of cooking space with a removable upper rack, easy to clean porcelain coated cooking grids, a built-in grill/smoker thermometer, and controller to maintain the desired temperature and over 8 pounds of cooking pellets. The large front door allows easy access to the fire pot while the other side door provides easy access to the front grease drain. The Country Smoker offers a diverse cooking range from 180°F to 500°F and can be used as both a grill and a smoker.

What we liked:

  • Well Built and Heavy Gauge Steel construction
  • Large Deep Firebox and Main Cooking Area
  • Removable Upper Rack for easy cleaning
  • Griddle on Lower Cooking Grid and Secondary Grill Optional
  • High-Temperature Controller to maintain the desired temperature during cooking

#10 Cuisinart CPG-256 Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

This option from Cuisinart provides 8-in-1 cooking options, making it easy to cook a wide range of foods. The grill is easy to move around, weighing less than 40 pounds. It’s built to withstand the test of time thanks to its sturdy construction. Using a digital controller, the temperature may be easily adjusted. The grill has an auto-start igniter and is simple to use. For added peace of mind, it is equipped with a built-in temperature probe.

The grill has a large enough firebox to hold 12 pounds of wood pellets or two full sheets of newspaper. It can fit up to six quarter quarters of meat, which is enough for the whole family. The grill also includes two cooking grates that are made from cast iron.

Other features include a removable drip pan and grease tray that makes cleanup easy.

What we liked:

  • Comes in multiple classic colors
  • Comes with a cast iron cook grate
  • Features an auto start, auto shutoff, and a built in temperature probe that help with cooking and safety
  • Large firebox can fit up to 2 full pages of newspaper or 12 pounds of wood pellets

Things To Consider When Buying a portable pellet grill

Before you buy a portable pellet grill, it is important to consider these factors. There are many different brands and types of portable pellet grills, but not all of them will meet your needs. Here are 5 things to consider when buying a portable pellet grill:

1. Capacity: The capacity of the portable pellet grill refers to the amount of food that can be cooked at one time. Larger grills can easily accommodate larger parties, but smaller grills may not be able to cook enough food for everyone to enjoy.

2. Versatility: A versatile grill is one that can be used for a variety of different cooking methods, such as smoking, barbecuing and roasting. This allows you to have a wide range of options when cooking for different occasions or events.

3. Mobility: You will want to consider the mobility of your portable pellet grill before purchasing it. Some people prefer grills that are lightweight and easy to move around the yard, while others may prefer heavier models that can stay in one place.

4. Maintenance and Design: The design of the portable pellet grill can also make a difference. Different styles and shapes are available to suit your personal preference.

5. Price: Finally, the price of the portable pellet grill is also important to consider when buying one. Some models are less expensive than others, but this does not necessarily mean that they are better quality. Before you purchase a portable pellet grill, it is important to consider all of these factors so you can find the best option for your needs.

Benefits Of Using a portable pellet grill

Today’s portable pellet grills are as well constructed as their larger counterparts and include many of the same features. The difference is that they’re made to be moved around easily. You can take them camping or tailgating, or even use them on your apartment balcony. While they might not have the capacity of a larger pellet grill, they’re perfect for smaller families and couples.

Here are four benefits of using a portable pellet grill:

1. It’s Portable

This one goes without saying, but a portable grill is small enough to be easily moved from place to place. If you’re planning a trip to the beach or the park, this is the ideal way to grill your food without having to buy another appliance.

2. It’s Convenient

Portable grills only need an electrical outlet and some pellets in order to start cooking. This makes them extremely easy to set up, which is great if you’re on vacation or just relaxing at home. Just get everything ready and plug it in when you’re ready to cook!

3. They Have Lots Of Features

Even though they’re smaller than regular grills, today’s portable models have many of the same features found on larger ones — temperature control, automatic shut-off and so on.

4. They’re Easy To Move

Being small and lightweight, most portable grills fold up for easy carrying and storage. This makes them ideal for camping, picnics and road trips as well as just around the house.

How To Use A Portable Pellet Grill – Step By Step Guide

Pellet grills are a great option because you can cook everything on them from steaks to vegetables. They are also super easy to use, which makes them perfect for anyone. Here is how to use a portable pellet grill:

1. Make sure your pellet grill is full of pellets. This will ensure that there is enough fuel to keep the grill going.

2. Make sure the hopper lid is locked. You don’t want any pellets spilling out and making a mess out of your grill!

3. Plug in the power cord and turn the grill on. The grill will automatically light up once it has been turned on, so no need for lighting fluid or matches!

4. Set the desired temperature you want your food cooked at with the digital controller.

5. Let the grill preheat for about 20 minutes before you begin cooking your food to ensure that it reaches an appropriate temperature and stays there while you cook your food!

6. Place your food on the grates and let it cook until done; this will depend on what type of meat or vegetables you are cooking but generally takes 30-45 minutes per pound for thick cuts such as steak or chicken breast, 15-20 minutes per pound for thinner foods such as hamburgers or fish fillets, and 5-10 minutes per pound for root vegetables such as potatoes.

7. Once your food is ready to eat, simply turn the grill off and leave it on! This will keep your food from losing heat and will prevent the meat from drying out in the process. Take it off the grill when you are done, though, because once it’s off you are unable to turn it on again!

8. To clean your grill, simply wipe it down with a paper towel or cloth after you are done cooking since this will prevent food from getting stuck on it and making a mess.

9. Store your grill safely in the box it came in or in another suitable container.


Does Traeger make a portable grill?

Yes, Traeger does make a portable grill. Traeger’s portable grill is called the Ranger Grill. The Ranger Grill is compact and can be moved around a little bit easier than some of the other models. You can take it camping or tailgating and have it up and running in no time!

Is a pellet grill worth it?

For individuals who prefer to bake as well as grill, a pellet grill is a worthwhile investment. While a traditional gas barbecue would do for quick burgers and steaks, a pellet grill will give you the most bang for your buck.

Does Pit Boss make a portable pellet grill?

The PIT BOSS PB440D2 Wood Pellet Grill is easy to transport thanks to its compact size and locking cover.


A pellet grill is an excellent investment for anyone who loves grilling. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking to buy your first grill. They are versatile, easy to use, and produce delicious food.

With the best portable pellet grill, you can enjoy the benefits of wood fire cooking wherever you go. You can take it with you on a road trip or camping or even use it in your backyard.

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