Best Blendtec Blenders


Blendtec blenders are the undisputed champion when it comes to mastering blending. Whether you’re looking for a blender for serious commercial blending or just looking for a great home blender, there’s only one name in the business: Blendtec.

How Do Blendtec Blenders Compare To Other Brands

Blendtec, a U.S.-based company, was established in 1975 and is known for its high-quality blenders that use the latest technology to create a smooth blend. The company continues to reinvent itself by developing new products to meet consumer needs and stay ahead of the competition. With a team of engineers and scientists with expertise in industrial design, computer science, and applied physics who continuously test every product to ensure it meets or exceeds the highest industry standards.

Blendtec blenders are widely praised as some of the best blenders on the market today. They are also fairly expensive, so if you’re thinking about buying one, you may be wondering what makes them so great and whether they’re really worth the money.

1. It Overall Design.

One of the main things that make Blendtec blenders stand out is their overall design. The motor is much larger than motors found in other blenders, and this gives it significantly more power. It also has a wide base that produces a huge amount of suction, which makes it very difficult for anything to get stuck or jammed up in the blender.

2. It Unique Jar Design.

Another area that sets Blendtec blenders apart from other brands is their unique jar design. All Blendtec jars have a unique square shape to them. This allows food to flow down into the blades easily and makes it much less likely for anything to get stuck in the corners of the jar.

3. It Is More Powerful Than Other Models On The Market.

Blendtec is a high-end brand that sells a line of commercial and residential blenders. Blendtec blenders are more powerful than other models on the market, but their blades are also made of steel for extra durability. That means you won’t have to worry about replacing them as often. In fact, many Blendtec warranties will cover blade replacement for the life of your blender!

4. “Seal-And-Store”

Blendtec also offers their patented “Seal-and-Store” pitcher lid, which can be used to store extra smoothies in the refrigerator. This is a feature that no other brand offers, and it’s pretty handy if you want to make smoothies ahead of time.

5. A Great Way To Save Time In The Kitchen.

Blendtec blenders are a great way to save time in the kitchen. They’re easy to use, and you can make everything from smoothies to soups with them. The best part about using a Blendtec blender is that you can make anything from protein shakes or margaritas to ice cream or salsa with it!

What Are The Best Blendtec Blender?

#1 Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender Fourside Jar

The Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender Fourside Jar is made with a blend of stainless steel forged blades, ideal for family-owned businesses and restaurants. This blender has four sides that are 75 ounces, with a 32-ounce blending capacity. It is ideal for blending beverages for 3 to 4 people. The four-side design of this blender has created a space for easy cleaning without losing the blender’s powerful performance.

The blade friction heat may also be utilized to heat soups and beverages. To produce anything from smoothies to fresh juices to ice cream to milkshakes to cappuccinos to margaritas and everything in between, the Blendtec Total Blender Classic does it all. Easy to use and clean while delivering some of the best quality products you can find in the market today.

What we liked:

  • Powerful motor
  • Large capacity designed for blending a large number of ingredients
  • Sleek design with four sides for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for family-owned businesses and bars and restaurants
  • It has a variable speed dial to control the speed of blending and adding ingredients to the blender
  • The jar has been treated with BPA, so it may be safe to drink from.

#2 Blendtec Classic 575 Blender Black

The Blendtec Classic 575 Blender Black is a standard model blender that uses commercial-grade technology. It has a 1500W motor and brings the best quality products to your home.

It has a beautiful design and is easy to use, making it ideal for blending beverages for 4-6 people.

It has six pre-programmed cycles: Crush Ice, Smoothie, Salsa, Hot Soup, Whole Juice, and Ice Cream. It also has pulse control for additional mixing capabilities. Its powerful motor can blend anything perfect for smoothies, shakes, cocktail drinks, soups, crushed ice (snow cones), margaritas), a juicer with an automatic pulp ejection function, Mixer with an automatic mixing function, and an ice cream maker! The BPA-free WildSide+ jar has a 90 oz container that allows you to prepare more than 6 glasses at once so you can blend it without stopping your mixture in batches! This blender is easy to clean because its control panel wipes easily after each use.

What we liked:

  • This product is the perfect solution for your blending needs!
  • It is the ultimate blender because it has all of the features needed in one blender.
  • Powerful motor that can blend a large number of different ingredients
  • Sleek and modern design with 6 pre-programmed cycles for a wide variety of uses
  • Automatic jar ejection for easy and safe cleaning
  • Gets the job done perfectly

#3 Blendtec Original Designer 90 Oz Blender

The Blendtec Total Blender Classic with WildSide+ Jar and Twister Jar is a great blender that you can have in the kitchen. It comes with a 75 oz volume jar that will fit under most kitchen cabinets. This makes it ideal for blending beverages for 4-6 people. The unit has touchscreen controls which reduce motor noise due to internal baffling.

This blender has been built to last long and also to perform excellent blending performance. It incorporates 6 preprogrammed cycles plus a pulse for ultimate ease of use and consistent results. This makes it easy to use by everyone even the beginners. It has been manufactured by one of the best companies when it comes to blending technology, this is why we are giving it a tryout warranty of 8 years which is more than enough time that you can be able to determine its durability and capability. The product ships free when bought from Amazon so you do not need to worry about shipping costs or taxes as Amazon takes care of everything for you.

What we liked:

  • Has an amazing speed at 1,600 Watts
  • High-lift blade technology for less cleaning
  • Ideal for family dining or use at parties
  • Powerful motor and quiet operation to reduce noise from other appliances
  • Easy to use and clean while delivering some of the best quality products you can find in the market today
  • It comes with preprogrammed cycles that will satisfy all your needs on blending, this makes it easy to use by everyone even the beginners.

#4 Blendtec Total Classic Original 90 Oz Blender Wildside Jar

If you want a high-quality blender, Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender is the best choice for you. This blender has 4 pre-programmed cycles for ice cream, smoothies, whole juice, and hot soup; plus a pulse feature and ten manual speed control. Moreover, its blade is made from Stainless steel forged blade with wings that make it 10x stronger than other blades. At 90 ounces, the BPA-Free WildSide+ jar may be used to combine drinks that will serve 4-6 people.

When using this blender at home or in a restaurant, everyone is satisfied with its performance because they can enjoy a warm meal or beverage in six minutes or less. Therefore, this blender is one of the most popular products on the market that everyone wants to buy because of its features and high quality.

What we liked:

  • Six preprogrammed cycles, pulse control, and ten adjustable speed settings are all included in this blender’s feature set.
  • It comes with a BPA-Free WildSide+ jar is a 90-ounce ideal for blending beverages for 4-6 people.
  • It has a good quality made from Stainless-Steel forged blade with 8 years warranty.
  • It can blend your food within 6 minutes or less to enjoy a warm meal or beverage.

#5 Blendtec Classic Fit 75 Oz Blender With Fourside Jar

The Blendtec Classic Fit 75 Oz Blender with FourSide Jar is designed to be quieter than other blenders. The noise reduction technology makes it perfect for use in busy locations, even in the dead of night. It’s no surprise that the top coffee shops, juice bars, and restaurants in the world utilize this blender!

This blender has a sleek design that takes up less space on your countertop than most blenders do. It also offers a high-volume capacity of 75 oz, or just over 2 liters, with a four-wide jar design that can produce smooth blends every time. Its Pulse feature automatically pulls ingredients toward the blade for quick blending action and consistent results. And if you don’t have time to clean up afterward? No worries! This model has conveniently squeaky-clean self-cleaning settings that make cleaning easier than ever before.

Best of all, you’ll benefit from Blendtec’s comprehensive 2-year warranty program on all repairs and parts replacements so you can invest in this product with confidence knowing it will last longer than your average blender brand out there today!

What we liked:

  • This product is a great blender that is made to blend everything you want you can.
  • Stylish design: takes up less space on the countertop than most blenders
  • Perfect for busy locations like coffee shops, juice bars, and more
  • Low noise level is ideal for use in the dead of night-Blends ice cream, smoothies, whole juice, and hot soup
  • Powerful motor so easily crushes ice and frozen fruits for perfect results every time

#6 Blendtec Classic 575 Blender 90 Oz Wildside Jar

The Blendtec Classic 575 Blender 90 Oz WildSide Jar is the answer for you. It has five pre-programmed cycles: Smoothie, Salsa, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup. With just one touch of the button and a few seconds of your time, you will have the perfect taste of soup and smoothie that you would find in famous restaurants.

This blender from Blendtec is made from stainless steel forged blade that is combined with wings for amazingly smooth blends. There is a vented Gripper top on the BPA-free WildSide+ jar, as well as a 90-ounce volume container that can hold 36-ounces of liquid (wet or dry). This blender is so easy to use; just put your favorite ingredients into the machine and press one button to make it work.

For those who are concerned about warranty issues, this product comes with 2 years of warranty so you will be able to enjoy the same experience in the comfort of your own home without worrying about paying so much money for repair service if something goes wrong.

What we liked:

  • Features advanced Stainless-steel forged blade, combined with wings, that is 10x stronger than other blades.
  • Includes BPA-Free WildSide+ jar with a 36-ounce blending capacity (wet or dry).
  • Has five pre-programmed cycles including Smoothie, Salsa, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup.
  • This blender is so easy to use and clean; just put your favorite ingredients into the machine and press one button to make it work.
  • The Blendtec Classic vita-prep food processor gives you complete control over blending, chopping, puréeing, and mixing your food to perfection.

#7 Blendtec Professional 800 Blender With Wildside Jar

The Blendtec Professional 800 comes with a 3.8 peak horsepower motor that will easily power through any ingredient in your way. It has a stainless steel blade with a wingtip design that ensures even blending throughout the jar and creates fewer air pockets while blending thicker ingredients.

We liked that the blender features an illuminated touchscreen interface, so you can see exactly what function you are selecting without having to guess. The pulse feature allows you to manually control the blending process at exact intervals, so it is perfect for chunky salsa or creating crushed ice for smoothies.

What we liked:

  • The Touchscreen interface allows you to see exactly what function you are selecting without having to guess.
  • The Pulse feature allows you to manually control the blending process at exact intervals, so it is perfect for chunky salsa.
  • The Blender features an illuminated touchscreen interface, so you can see exactly what function you are selecting without having to guess.
  • This blender comes with 3 preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Ice Cream, and Whole Juice.

#8 Blendtec 560 Blender 90 Oz Wildside Jar

The Blendtec 560 is designed to easily crush ice, whole fruits, and vegetables in just seconds! It is one of the best blenders for making smoothies that you can find on the market today. It uses a powerful motor system that gives it its blending capabilities. This blender has been engineered with advanced technology that allows it to crush ice and other ingredients very quickly. This blender has stainless steel blades that are exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting.

You will love how simple the interface is to use when you are ready to mix up some delicious smoothies or soups with this blender. You don’t have anything complicated like a touch screen or multiple buttons to press when using this blender because all you need to do is press one button to start blending your favorite ingredients together into a delicious drink!

It is available in three different colors so finding one that matches your décor should be easy enough

What we liked:

  • It really nice power to easily blend even the toughest ingredients in your way with no problems at all.
  • It has ported blade technology which means the blades vent more air pockets as they blend.
  • The Easy-clean design is perfect for busy individuals who don’t have time to clean up afterward.
  • The preprogrammed cycles included are Smoothie, Ice Cream, and Whole Juice.
  • This blender is extremely durable, quiet, and powerful and has a great design.

#9 Blendtec Chef 600 Professional Blender

The Blendtec Chef 600 Professional Blender is one of the most advanced blenders on the market and it’s easy to see why: Not only does it have a 1,560 watts and 3.0 peak horsepower motor, but it also has some incredible features that make it one of the top contenders in our list. It’s programmed with three different pre-programmed cycles: smoothie, frozen drink, and hot soup. With its illuminated touchscreen display, you won’t have to worry about incorrectly setting your blender while cooking – simply let it do all the work for you! This blender is hands down our favorite choice when it comes to making anything from dips to sauces or even purees that are perfect for baby food!

What we liked:

  • This product is extremely durable, quiet, and powerful
  • This blender has a nice power to easily blend even the toughest ingredients in your way with no problems at all.
  • This blender has an illuminated touchscreen display which makes it very easy to use.
  • The preprogrammed cycles include smoothies, hot soup, ice cream, and frozen drinks.

#10 Blendtec Connoisseur 825 Spacesaver Blender

The last Blendtec blender that we would like to introduce is the Connoisseur 825 SpaceSaver. This is a very powerful blender that comes with a 3.8-peak horsepower motor, which can do the job perfectly without any problem. It can create the professional texture of your favorite smoothie or milkshake in just a few seconds. Plus, it has a pre-programmed smoothie cycle, too.

In terms of noise level, this unit comes with a sound enclosure for reducing the noise during operation. More than 50% of users have been complimented on its quietness when they use it at home. Therefore, you don’t need to worry whether it will disturb other people in your house when you are making fresh juice for your family members every morning before going to work or school anymore! The jar has a 90 oz capacity and it is made from clear and BPA-free Tritan plastic material, which ensures the safety and durability of this product as well!

What we liked:

  • The clear lid and jar are made from clear and BPA-free Tritan plastic material, which ensures the safety of the product.
  • This blender can create the professional texture of your favorite smoothie or milkshake in just a few seconds.
  • It has a pre-programmed smoothie cycle with a one-touch interface to control the speed and duration.
  • It comes with a sound enclosure for reducing noise during operation.

How To Choose The Best Blendtec Blender

Blendtec blenders are considered to be the best in the market. When you are buying a blender, it is necessary that you know everything about the product that you want to buy. With a lot of features that other blenders cannot provide and this is the reason why there are a lot of people who prefer this brand.

The following are some of the things that you should keep in mind when buying Blendtec Blenders:

1. Blendtec Models

Let’s take a look at three different series of Blendtec blenders. They are:

Blendtec Classic

The Blendtec Classic is the most affordable of the three and it has fewer features. It’s still a high-performance blender, but it’s not as powerful as the other two.

Blendtec Designer Series

The Blendtec Designer Series is the middle-of-the-road option. It’s a bit more expensive than the Classic but comes with more accessories, including a recipe book and an accessory bag. It also has a few advanced features that make blending easier, like preprogrammed settings for common tasks.

Blendtec Professional Series

The Blendtec Professional Series is the most expensive option and it has all the bells and whistles you could want in a blender. It has the highest wattage and comes with tons of accessories.

2. Jar

If you’re looking to buy a Blendtec blender, you should know that they come in three basic Jar styles:

FourSide Jar

This jar is good for making smoothies and other items with a thinner consistency. It is also good for grinding coffee beans, chopping nuts, and grating cheese. The FourSide Jar is shorter and wider than the WildSide Jar. As such, it can fit under standard kitchen cabinets.

WildSide Jar

This jar has a fifth side that helps move ingredients from the blades to the center of the jar, reducing air pockets that form inside the blender when processing thick mixtures like peanut butter and hummus. The extra-wide base allows for maximum blending power and efficiency.

Twister Jar

This jar was specifically designed for making bread and pizza doughs, as well as nut butter, baby foods, ice creams, and other items with a thicker consistency or dough-like texture.

3. Motor Power

The first thing to consider when choosing a blender is the power of its motor. The power of the motor will determine how well your blender performs and how long it lasts. It’s essential that you look at the amount of power a blender has before you buy it. You might think that the more powerful the motor, the better a blender will perform.

Blender motors come in two types — brushed and brushless.

A brushed motor has a stronger motor than a brushless motor, but it doesn’t last as long.

A brushless motor can last much longer than a brushed motor, but it won’t perform as well.

You should also consider how much noise the blender makes when it’s in use, as this can affect how often you use your blender.

4. Preprogrammed Cycles

Another important feature to consider when choosing a blender is whether or not it has preprogrammed cycles. Preprogrammed cycles are essentially preset buttons that let you choose which blending cycle you want to use without having to mess with the knobs on the front of the blender itself.

5. Speed Settings

When it comes to making delicious smoothies and other beverages, speed is important. The fewer chunks of fruit or vegetables you have floating around in your drink, the better. With Blendtec blenders, you will find that nearly every model has variable speeds settings that allow you to adjust the speed depending on what you’re blending at the time.

6. Capacity

Blendtec blenders come in a number of different sizes and capacities. Depending on how many people live in your home and how much blending you do throughout the week, you may want to look for a larger capacity model or one with more than one jar size available.

7. Blendtec Blender Warranties

Blendtec blenders are warranted by the manufacturer for seven years from the date of purchase.

This warranty is for the blender base only and does not cover any damage to the jars or blades.

The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective parts only and does not cover any other expenses, such as shipping costs.

Blendtec recommends that you keep all packaging materials for your blender in case you need to ship it back to the manufacturer for servicing under warranty.

Helpful Tips For Using A Blendtec Blender

The following are some helpful tips for using a Blendtec blender:

1. Use The Correct Jar For Your Model Of The Blender.

First and foremost, be sure that you are using the correct jar for your model of the blender. The Wildside jar works great with the Blendtec Total Blender but will not work on the Blendtec Designer Series blenders. Likewise, the FourSide jar works great with the Designer Series blenders but will not fit or work on the Total Blender. If you are unsure which one you have, check under the base of your blender for a small round sticker that says “Total Blender” or “Designer Series”.

2. Read Instructions In Full Before Use

Most importantly, be sure to read over your user manual before using your new appliance! It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to operate it as well as learn about some safe operating procedures. For example, always use caution when blending hot liquid in plastic jars (always use glass or ceramic jars when blending hot liquid). Also, never operate your blender without the lid securely in place or you may damage your machine and void your warranty! It is also important to follow the recommended times and speeds given in your manual if you want to get the most out of your appliance.

3. It Comes With A Recipe Book That Has Hundreds Of Ideas

When you purchase a Blendtec blender, it comes with a recipe book that has hundreds of ideas. All of these recipes can be made in just a few minutes. If you want to make a smoothie, use fresh fruit or vegetables that have been washed and cut up into small pieces. You can add them to the blender together with the liquid that you prefer, such as water or juice.

Do not put anything into your blender other than food items or liquids (water, milk, juice). Do not blend with sharp objects such as ice cubes or frozen fruit that have been placed inside of a plastic bag (a Ziploc bag for example).

4. Clean The Jar

To clean the jar, add warm water and a drop of non-abrasive soap, then run on a Medium speed for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. Dry with a soft towel.

For stubborn stains, fill the jar half full with warm water and a drop of non-abrasive soap. Add one cup of rice, replace the lid and run at medium speed for 30 seconds. Use the included nylon brush or a soft brush to scrub any remaining residue from the jar walls and bottom, then rinse thoroughly under warm water. Dry with a soft towel.

5. Only Fill To The Max Line If Making Hot Liquids.

When making hot liquids in your Blendtec blender, only fill halfway or up to the max line indicator on the side of the jar.

6. Allow Hot Liquids To Cool Before Blending.

Hot liquids expand when processed, which could cause them to overflow from your jar and damage the machine or burn you when opening the lid.

7. Use An Ice Cream Set For Frozen Fruit Smoothies.

Frozen fruit is difficult to blend because it’s frozen solid and sticks together, but using the ice cream setting will make it easier for the blade to chop through everything in one go so you can enjoy a smoothie without clumps of unblended fruit at the bottom of your cup.

8. Don’T Use Metal Utensils When Blending Food Or Cleaning Your Jar — Plastic Is Preferred.

Metal utensils can scrape and scratch your jar and damage its surface over time, so stick with plastic when possible.

5 Quick Amazing Recipes With A Blendtec Blender

It’s important to keep your Blendtec blender clean. Here are some easy recipes you can prepare with it.

1. Smoothies

A blender is perfect for making smoothies. When using frozen fruit, add some ice to thicken the mixture. To make a basic fruit smoothie, blend two frozen bananas and about 1/4 cup of milk or yogurt for about one minute on high speed. Then pour in about 1/2 cup – 3/4 cups of frozen berries and blend until desired consistency is achieved (about 30 seconds) The key to making a great smoothie is to use enough liquid to ensure that the blades are able to rotate freely. You may have to stop the blender periodically and stir down the ingredients with a spatula or shake them off the bottom of the jar if they’re sticking.

2. Hot Soups

Allow hot liquids to cool before blending. Hot foods expand, so if you blend something that is too hot, it can overflow from the pitcher onto your kitchen counter. The best way to make soup is to use a crockpot or slow cooker and add ingredients throughout the day as they reduce in size. Place all ingredients into the crockpot and let them cook on low all day long. When ready to eat, allow the soup to cool down and then place it into your Blendtec pitcher and blend until smooth.

3. Ice Cream

Add ingredients into the blender in the order listed (liquid first). Press the ice cream button and allow the cycle to complete (twice if more blending is needed). If ice cream is too thick, add more liquid such as milk or juice until desired consistency is reached. If ice cream is too soft, add additional ice cubes to thicken and press the ice cream button again until desired consistency is reached. If ice cream is too soft, add additional ice cubes to thicken and press the ice cream button again until desired consistency is reached.

4. Coffee

If you’re looking to make a cup of hot coffee in the morning, simply place 8 oz. of water into your Blendtec pitcher and add spices and ground beans. Allow the water to warm up in the breakfast prep area (not on the kitchen counter). Once your coffee is ready, simply remove it from the warm liquid and place it into a regular cup or mug. This can be done with hot tea as well.

5. Cheese

When using your Blendtec for cheese, it is important to not overheat the cheese. If the temperature of the cheese rises above 130 degrees Fahrenheit, it can cause damage to the blender. Avoid overheating by placing the ingredients in and taking them out in batches. Stirring after each batch, especially on thicker cheeses such as cheddar and gouda, can help prevent overheating.


1. Do Any Blendtec Models Offer A Glass Jar?

Yes, The Designer 625 and the Professional 725 blender models come with a WildSide+ Jar that has a vented Gripper lid. If you prefer glass jars, we offer both FourSide and WildSide+ compatible models in our Signature Series line. These jars are made of BPA-free, thermal shock-tested glass.

2. Can I Use My Blendtec Blender As A Food Processor?

You can use your blender as a food processor! Your Blendtec blender is capable of doing the job of multiple appliances with just one jar and one base unit. With our patent-pending blunt safety blade, you can blend anything from smoothies to nut butter without worrying about dulling or damaging the blade.

3. Can A Blendtec Blender Be Used As A Juicer?

Yes, you can use the Blendtec blender to make juice. However, some people say that juicing with the Blendtec isn’t as effective as making fruit juices with a juicer. This is because the blade of the blender mixes all parts of the fruit including fiber, pulp, and other ingredients.

To get pure juice from your Blendtec blender, you need to pass the blended fruits through a strainer before serving.

4. What’s Better, Vitamix or Blendtec?

It’s hard to give a definitive answer to this question as both blenders are made by reputable companies and have outstanding features. In my opinion, both machines are similar in terms of performance. However, if I had to choose between the two, I would go for Blendtec because it’s cheaper than Vitamix.

The only downside of using a Blendtec blender is that it has a shorter warranty period compared to Vitamix blenders.

5. Does Blendtec Offer Different Jar Attachments?

Yes, you can purchase an 8-ounce jar, a WildSide+ jar, and many other replacement jars directly through our website. You may also find that some of these items are offered as part of certain blender packages or bundle deals.

6. Can Blendtec Blenders Go In The Dishwasher?

Absolutely! All parts of the blender are dishwasher safe, including the base. Just be sure to remove the blender blade before putting it in the dishwasher.

7. How Do I Clean My Jar?

We’ve found that the easiest way to clean our jars is to fill them ½ full with warm water and add a drop of dish soap. Next, run your blender on medium-high speed for 30 seconds, and then rinse it out. You can also put your jar in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleanup.

In Conclusion

To conclude, the Blendtec blender is an interesting-looking blender suitable for anyone who wants a solid grinder as well as various other functions. It’s durable and features a range of great accessories, but you have to consider its cost as well. There are some cheaper alternatives out there that feature similar functions or perhaps more, so if you can do without some of the extra aspects present in this particular model then there’s no harm in that.

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