Commercial Ice Maker

The commercial ice maker (also known as commercial ice machine or industrial ice machine) is the ultimate option for creating a large amount of ice. The machine itself can produce over 300 lbs of ice each day and has the ability to store up to 70 lbs of ice. This means that you can stock up on the ice you’ve created and keep it in your freezer for later use. If you are going to be hosting events or need a large amount of ice on-hand, this is the machine for you!

There are many commercial ice makers on the market and it’s hard to know which one to choose. There are some major considerations that a lot of people don’t think about when they’re buying an ice maker. These include capacity, durability, reliability and noise level. In this article we’ll go through each of these things and help you choose the best commercial ice maker for your needs.

What Are Commercial Ice Makers?

Commonly used in the food service industry and the hospitality industry, commercial ice makers are an important part of daily operations.

For a lot of businesses, ice is a major requirement. It’s used in mixed drinks, to cool beer and to fill other beverages. In fact, ice is always on the top of the list when it comes to beverages. If you are in the food service industry and you don’t have a commercial ice maker, you need to get one soon.

Those who operate bars, restaurants and hotels will find they cannot do without an ice maker machine. They can even enhance your business by increasing customers.

Commercial Ice Makers are devices that create ice for use in making beverages, cooling foods and keeping food stored at safe temperatures. These machines can be found in restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores and other businesses that need a lot of ice on a regular basis.

What Types Of Commercial Ice Makers?

Always know what type of ice maker you need for your purposes. This will enable you to select an ideal model for your needs.

Here are some types of commercial ice makers:

  • Cube ice makers

These ice machines make cubes that can be used in different applications. They can produce various types of cubes such as dice, half dice and full cube. These are also known as modular or remote models. They come in a variety of sizes and styles with storage capacities ranging from 250 pounds to over 3000 pounds.

  • Flake ice makers

These machines make soft, chewable ice which is ideal for food preservation and medical purposes. The ice produced is free flowing and has a low density which makes it easy to mold into any shape. These machines come in several models, including self-contained, remote air-cooled or remote water cooled.

  • Nugget ice makers

Nugget or pebble shaped ice is soft, chewable and absorbs the flavor of beverages. It is ideal for drinks and smoothies. These machines are available as both self-contained air cooled models as well as remote air cooled models.

The 9 Best Commercial Ice Makers

1. VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 110-110LBS/24H with 33LBS BitTorrent

This 110V Commercial Ice Maker is the perfect solution for all your ice making needs, it can make up to 110-120 lbs of ice per day and store 33 lbs at a time!

The unit produces crystal clear bullet shaped ice cubes that work great for applications in homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores and more!

This Ice maker can make up to 110-120 LBS of clear hard bullet shaped ice cubes per day. The unit will also automatically turn off when the ice storage bin is full of ice or when water in water reservoir has run out.

The Auto Clean function allows you to effortlessly clean the inside of the unit with the push of a button.

Made using premium quality stainless steel, this ice machine is rust proof and will last you a lifetime. Designed with commercial grade compressors, this ice maker is unmatched in its class. Nylon rollers are used on the evaporator plate which ensures durability, sturdiness, and longevity.

2. Artidy Commercial Ice Maker Machine, 100LBS/24H Clear Square Ice Cube

Artidy Commercial Ice Maker Machine can make 100LBS of crystal clear square ice in 24 hours with 29.7lbs large storage capacity, which can absolutely meet your needs for daily high-volume ice production. The ice cube is about 0.9inch*0.9inch*0.9inch in size, which allows you to enjoy the ideal size for cocktails and beverages.

Artidy Commercial Ice Maker Machine can be operated by a simple ON/OFF switch and three buttons for setting time, machine status and cleaning. Besides, the LED indicator lights display useful information including water shortage alert, full ice cube basket alert, cleaning reminder and so on.

It is equipped with two water connections (water tank or direct connection to water supply) that you can choose according to your needs. If you choose direct connection to water supply, please make sure that your water pressure is within 0.04MPa-0.6MPa(5PSI-87PSI). If not, it may affect the normal use of this commercial ice maker machine.

Artidy ice maker machine adopts a sleek appearance design with a beautiful mirror surface and stainless steel trimming, which looks elegant and can perfectly adapt to any kitchen style or bar table. The efficient compressor ensures that this ice maker operates at low noise (less than 48dB) without disturbing your rest and work.

3. VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 440LBS/24H, 77LBS Storage Bin

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 440LBS/24H is a high capacity stainless steel ice cube machine with 100LBS/24H production capacity. It is designed for commercial use in bars, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other applications.

You can check the remaining ice box volume by opening the transparent window on the side of the machine or checking the power button indicator light bar. In addition, once you open the machine lid, you can clearly see how much ice is left in the ice storage box.

There is a water shortage protection device inside our product, so that when there is no water in the ice maker, it will automatically stop working to prevent damage to your expensive machine.

Additionally, The ice maker will automatically clean the scale of the evaporator to improve the efficiency of heat exchange and ensure the purity of ice cube.

4. VEVOR 110V Commercial ice Maker 132LBS/24H with 44LBS Bin and Electric Water Drain Pump, Clear Cube, Stainless Steel

This unit produces 132 LBS of clear cube-shaped ice per day, a bin capacity of 44LBS and has a 12 to 18 min ice making cycle. It has a commercial grade stainless steel finish that not only looks great but also resists corrosion and discoloration; this unit is easy to clean and maintain.

A front-facing drain makes installation easy, while an automatic overfill prevention system helps keep your floors clean and dry. Features an automatic LCD control panel for simple and worry free operation

An innovative built-in light illuminates the storage bin – keeping the ice fresh while also ensuring it’s always visible to customers. VEVOR 110V Commercial ice Maker 132LBS/24H features an automatic control panel for easier operation. The LED display shows the functions clearly, including ON/OFF, hours, clean and timer buttons. You can set the time you need in advance or let it work continuously.

5. Northair Commercial Ice Maker 100LBS/ 24H

Northair Commercial Ice Maker 100LBS/ 24H is perfect for restaurants, hotels, bars, supermarkets, cold drink shops etc. This ice machine produces up to 132 lbs of clear hard cube shaped ice per day, the bin capacity is 44lbs. The premium stainless steel housing makes this ice machine ideal for any commercial setting.

Northair Commercial Ice Maker 100LBS/ 24H features a high-efficiency CFC-free compressor. It produces 132 lbs of clear hard cube-shaped ice per day, and features a bin storage capacity of 44 lbs. The powerful compressor provides fast cooling performance to make sure you always have enough ice on hand.

The compact design allows you to place the unit under counters in bars or restaurants or use it as a freestanding unit at social events and parties. For easy installation and use, an easy-to-use control panel is located on the front panel.

6. Commercial Ice Maker Machine 123lbs/24H Freestanding Ice Maker with 45lbs Ice Storage Bin, Scoop, 45 Ice Cubes

Commercial Ice Maker Machine 123lbs/24H can generate up to 123 lbs. of ice every 24 hours, and store up to 45 lbs. of ice at a time. It produces crystal clear bullet-shaped ice cubes in as little as 10 minutes, and the thickness of the ice cube is adjustable from 0.08″ to 0.9″

With the LED display and easy-to-use touch panel, you will never get confused about the settings or operations. The indicator lights are clearly visible to remind you when you need to add water or clean the machine

To help reduce your workload without much effort, this ice machine is designed with an auto-cleaning function that automatically cleans the center pipe for easier maintenance.

7. Happybuy Commercial Ice Maker, 100 lbs/24h, Stainless Steel

Happybuy Commercial Ice Maker 45KG/100LBS Per 24h with LCD Display Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Machine 100lbs/24h Automatic Ice Cube Maker with Water Dispenser Perfect For Supermarkets Restaurants Bars Snack Bars

Happybuy Commercial Ice Maker 45KG/100LBS Per 24h making time is 6-13 minutes, and the daily output is up to 45kg/100lbs. The powerful compressor ensures fast ice-making, high efficiency and low noise.

This commercial ice maker has an intuitive and easy operation control panel, which is easy to understand and operate.

The compressor of this ice maker machine runs quietly, you can enjoy a quiet environment during operation. With this countertop ice maker machine, you can enjoy a convenient life.

Lastly, This undercounter ice maker is widely used in homes, restaurants, bars, snack bars, cafes, schools, hotels, offices and other places that need a large amount of ice cubes per day.

8. hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine with ice scoop and basket is ideal for parties or use in your kitchen, bar or coffee shop. It’s a powerful ice machine that makes up to 99 pounds of bullet shaped ice cubes per day, perfect for cocktails, sodas and more. The large internal bin holds 29 pounds of ice at a time so you can keep your drinks chilled all day long.

Our commercial ice maker features an easy-to-use control panel with indicator lights for power and alerts when the water level is low or the ice basket is full. The drain plug can be removed for effortless cleaning as well. This unit requires no installation and is portable enough to move from your kitchen counter to your backyard patio table with ease.

Moreover, hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine features a user-friendly digital control panel that allows you to easily adjust the settings according to your preference. It’s hassle-free and easy to use so you can make different kinds of ice cubes in no time.

This machine also features a sleek stainless steel exterior with black accents and clear-view window that lets you monitor how much ice you have at any given time.

9. COSTWAY Commercial Ice Machine, 88LBS/24H Automatic Portable Freestanding Ice Cube Maker with Scoop

The COSTWAY commercial ice maker can make up to 88 lbs of bullet-shaped ice cubes per day and includes a self-contained 34 kg (75 lb.) capacity storage bin. This commercial ice machine is perfect for use in parties, bars, restaurants, night clubs and hotels.

Made of stainless steel, the water-cooled self-contained condenser helps ensure more efficient operation while requiring less maintenance. The user-friendly control panel makes it easier to adjust the thickness of the ice.

This high quality COSTWAY commercial ice maker is ideal for fast-food stores, hotels, restaurants, bars, and canteens etc.

Commercial Ice Maker Buying Guide: Features to Consider

The first thing to do when you’re looking for a commercial ice maker is to determine your needs. This means knowing the size of the ice machine that you need, what kind of ice you want, and the amount of storage space you have available.

1. Ice Capacity

The first thing you will want to consider when buying a commercial ice maker is the capacity of ice that it can produce. If you plan on making large batches of ice, a larger machine may be a good choice. However, if you only need a small amount of ice at one time, a smaller machine should be able to do the trick.

2. Ice Production

The first thing to consider when looking at commercial ice makers is how much ice you’ll need on any given day. This will be determined based on the size of your establishment as well as factors like what time of year it is, what days of the week are busiest and so on. Once you have an idea of your ice needs, you can start comparing machines based on their daily production rates.

 3. How much ice do you need?

If you plan on using your ice maker for home use or small events, then you do not need an industrial-sized unit. You may want to consider a countertop model if space is at a premium or you will only be making small batches of ice at a time. If size is not an issue, then you may want to consider a larger stand-alone unit.

4. Noise level

Some locations will require ultra quiet ice makers to ensure they don’t disrupt customers or employees in the area.

5. Installation

Some commercial ice makers need to be hardwired by an electrician while others simply plug into a standard outlet. Many also require a drain line and water supply line. Be sure you know what kind of installation is required before purchasing.

A self-contained unit is the easiest unit to install because it requires no plumbing

Modular units are more versatile than self-contained units because they can have other components added on for greater convenience


1. How does a commercial ice machine work?

Commercial ice machines produce a specific amount of cubes based on the size and shape of their mold. The mold fills with water from the machine’s reservoir. When the water freezes, it is emptied into a storage bin. Once the ice melts to a certain level, the process repeats itself until there is enough ice to meet demand.

2. What are some common applications for commercial ice machines?

Many businesses rely on an ice machine for food and beverage service. Restaurants and bars use them to make cocktails and keep beverages cold. Cafes use them to create iced beverages like coffee and tea. Ice makers are also used in healthcare settings because they help patients stay hydrated by providing cold drinks between meals.

3. What kinds of ice do commercial ice makers produce?

Commercial ice machines are available in cube types, such as full cube, half cube, crescent cube, flake type, scale type, nugget type and gourmet cube types. The full cube is the most common type used in restaurants; its square shape allows it to melt slowly.

The half cube is smaller than the full cube and melts faster than the full cube. Crescent cubes are a combination of the half and full cubes; they’re slow melting like a full cube but have a hollow center that allows them to melt even more slowly than a full cube.

Flake ice is used primarily for display cases in fish markets or grocery stores; it’s soft enough to be molded around products. Scale ice is harder than flake ice and works well with salad bars or seafood displays. Nugget ice is small and soft enough to chew and is often used with carbonated drinks. Gourmet cubes are large square cubes that are slower melting than traditional ice cubes.

4. How often should my machine be cleaned?

Most restaurants clean their ice machines every six months, but it is recommended that they be cleaned every three months for optimal performance.

5. How much ice can a commercial ice maker produce?

A commercial ice maker produces between 80 and 1,800 pounds of ice per day. Commercial ice makers come in a variety of sizes and options, so you want to consider the amount of ice production you need. Some units make as little as 80 pounds of ice, whereas others make up to 1,800 pounds of ice per day.


Overall, this commercial ice maker is an efficient and practical accessory for any bar or restaurant. It has an attractive design with a wide range of features that are sure to satisfy your needs. If you’re in the market for an ice maker, this is definitely one to consider.

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