Best Double Burner Griddles

Double-burner griddles are the perfect addition to any kitchen. They’re great for cooking a variety of dishes, from steak and eggs to pancakes and bacon.

We’ve got a wide range of griddles available, including models that come with cool features like non-stick coating, which makes cleanup faster and easier. We also have models with adjustable heat settings, so you can cook your food just right.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a double-burner griddle but aren’t sure where to start, our team has put together this guide on how to choose the right model for your needs.

List of 10 best double burner griddles

#1: Imusa Double Burner Griddle Non-Stick 20-Inch

This week we’re proud to present our newest product for the holiday season. This will be your go-to griddle for delicious tortillas, arepas, grilled sandwiches, and more. Its large-open cooking area allows you to cook a variety of foods without crowding. Its non-stick surface makes cooking and cleaning up easy, unlike stovetop griddles.

The aluminum construction is lightweight but allows for quick and even heat distribution, which allows foods to cook evenly throughout. Its stay-cool Bakelite handle will provide you with safe usage for an extended period of time. It’s the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Highlighted features:

  • Non-stick surface for easy cooking and cleaning
  • Large-open cooking area
  • Aluminum construction for even heat distribution
  • Stay-cool Bakelite handle for safety and comfort

#2: Nordic Ware 2 Burner Backsplash Griddle

Do you know what’s sucky about baking pancakes on the stove? You have to get up every time one is ready. With this griddle, you can cook all your pancakes at once, with no problem. The built-in thermometer and thermally bonded aluminum make this griddle a perfect way to cook everything from bacon to eggs. Just pass the brunch crowd an extra plate and enjoy the food you save with Nordic Ware. This griddle is guaranteed to make your cooking experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Highlighted features:

  • Double-sided griddle with two 2-burner griddles
  • Built-ins thermometer
  • Thermally bonded polypropylene aluminum
  • Flat, nonstick interior that can be used with or without a cooking surface

#3: Good Cook Everyday, Nonstick Double Burner Griddle

If you know anything about toast, you know that it’s not just for breakfast. The iconic breakfast staple is also a great tool to show off your spiced sweetbreads or crispy and delicate crêpes. That’s where this griddle comes in handy.

This heavy-duty griddle packs a heat-fest of a punch but steers clear of the unnecessary pain-in-the-rear cleanup that you might expect from heavier cookware. Use this griddle for everything from breakfast sandwiches to s’mores. You’ll enjoy large oversize handles, a nonstick interior and exterior, and an aluminum vessel that heats quickly and evenly.

Highlighted features:

  • Nonstick griddle for easy food release
  • Nonstick surface for quick cooking and easy cleanup
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant handles stay cool to the touch so you can use them safely
  • 2 burners with contoured edges to cook food evenly and prepare more intricate recipes

#4: Swiss Diamond Nonstick Double-Burner Griddle

This is essential for professional cook who wants to make their favorite dishes effortlessly. The unique nonstick coating, reinforced with real diamond crystals, ensures that your foods will release quickly and easily, and will come out of the pan looking like they have just been cooked.

The cast aluminum body provides durability, while the stay-cool ergonomic handle provides a safe, comfortable grip when cooking. And with the oven-safe feature up to 500 degrees, you can quickly cook large portions of food without unnecessary preheating.

Highlighted features:

  • Durable, cast aluminum construction with stay-cool ergonomic handle
  • High-precision thermostat with accurate temperature control
  • Efficient burners that exhaust grease and add heat quickly
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees

#5: Scanpan Classic 17.25 x 8.75 Inch Stove Top Grill Pan

There are many benefits to owning this grill pan, but we’ll keep it short and sweet for you. It’s made with recycled aluminum which means it’s not only easy on the eyes, but it’s also easy on the environment.

Not only is the 17 and a quarter-inch wide design an added bonus because you can cook your food and serve it all out at once, but it’s also dishwasher safe for that added convenience. The non-stick surface is made with a special coating that makes cleanup quick and simple. You’ll never want to fire up the stove again once you’ve had a taste of how delicious it can be to cook with this grill/griddle.

Highlighted features:

  • Non-stick surface requires no oil
  • Made with recycled aluminum
  • 17 and a quarter-inch wide design
  • Dishwasher Safe

#6: Nordic Ware Two Burner Griddle

This is a versatile cooking tool that will help you make your camping and tailgating experience complete. It is made of aluminum, has a non-stick coating on the bottom and can be used with camp stoves, grills, RVs, and even campfires. The product has a built-in lid that allows you to prepare food in comfort.

This is the first griddle that we have ever seen with a non-stick surface, making the cleaning process easier. All you need to do is use some dish soap and warm water to clean it thoroughly. However, we recommend using a scouring pad to get rid of all the extra grease that may have accumulated on it during its time in storage.

This is an ideal griddle that can be used to cook anything from pancakes and eggs to French toast and bacon, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even searing chicken or steaks. You can even use it on the tailgating grill of your RV.

The durable nonstick surface not only makes cleaning simple but also adds a bit of extra flavor to your favorite dishes. Its two burners cover up to two, 10-inch pancakes all at the same time.

Highlighted features:

  •  Non-stick surface
  • Two burners
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Cooks pancakes, eggs, bacon, steaks, and other camp food items easily.

#7: Ecolution Artistry Non-Stick Cookware

The Ecolution line of cookware is designed to be the perfect solution for any kitchen. Using non-stick, lightweight aluminum and dishwasher safe design this cookware is easy to use and even easier to clean. With a large griddle pan that measures 18″ x 12″ this pan is the perfect way to make an entire meal for a family. Unlike cast iron griddle pans, this pan is dishwasher safe and requires virtually no effort when it comes to cleaning.

The non-stick surface of the pan makes cooking a breeze while the even heating of the aluminum base allows you to cook your entire meal on one surface. Two stovetop burners give you plenty of space to move food around as it cooks. This griddle pan is the perfect way to cook sausages and pancakes, bacon and eggs, steak or chicken and fish. The durable construction is designed to stand up to daily use and is covered by a lifetime no-hassle replacement warranty should any non-stick surface wear off. Also included with this griddle pan are two stackable pans that can be placed inside the griddle for even more cooking space.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Large griddle surface measures 18″x12″
  • Two side burner grills
  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Lifetime no hassle replacement warranty

#8: Nordic Ware 2 Burner High Sides Griddle 11 by 18-Inch

This is designed with a non-stick surface that provides an easy clean-up. Heat your favorite foods on this grill, whether you’re at home or camping!

It is made of heavy-weight aluminum construction and fits over two stove burners or any camp stove. The griddle includes handles on each side made of aluminum that are riveted to the pan for a secure hold when cooking. This product is Made in the USA with handles from China.

Highlighted features:

  • Griddle measures 11 by 18 inches
  • Fits over two stove burners or camp stove
  • Nonstick surface cleans up easily in the sink, dishwasher, or with soap and water
  • Heavy-weight aluminum construction; riveted handles; Made in the USA with handles from China

#9: FINEX Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle

The cast iron griddle is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With a heavy base, even heating, pre-seasoned cooking surface and super easy clean up, this little guy is going to be your best friend. And did we mention that it is completely dishwasher safe? Yes, we did.

This comes with a variety of different-sized griddles. They have a 10-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch and 22-inch griddle. Each of the individual sizes comes with two spring tension handles that are heat resistant up to 450 degrees F. The overall weight of these pieces is between 13 and 15 pounds depending on the size you choose so they are pretty easy to lift when needed to be moved around in your kitchen. They are also pretty simple to clean and have a channel that runs the length of the griddle. This really comes in handy when you’re cooking and need to move your food around on the griddle for even cooking.

The biggest complaint we found was that the handle at the grate was cheaply made and did not hold up with use. One other complaint is that they are pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil, so if you don’t season it every so often then after a while it will begin to rust.

Highlighted features:

  • Pre-seasoned cooking surface
  • Cast Iron construction
  • Heavy-duty handle with rubber-coated grip
  • Channel on the griddle runs the length of the griddle to help move your food around evenly while cooking

#10: Cuisinart MCP45-25NS Double Burner Griddle

This is the perfect gift for friends, busy families, or even yourself! It’s great for cooking eggs, bacon and other breakfast foods. You can also use it to make pancakes and French toast on one of the griddle sides and use the other side for baking or frying on low heat.

It is double-sided, with one large cooking surface and one smaller cooking surface on each side of the unit. The rectangular shape means you can use it on a regular stove top or in a small dishwasher.

The two handles have nice grips and stay cool in the very hot oven. The entire unit is stainless steel, which keeps it looking rust-free for years to come.

Highlighted features:

  • Bed of oatmeal and quick-cooking oatmeal pouches
  • Handy on/off switch with timer
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Great for making pancakes, eggs and bacon

Things to consider when purchasing a double-burner griddle

Things to consider when purchasing a double-burner griddle

A double-burner griddle is a great addition to any kitchen. The double-burner griddle can be used for a wide variety of dishes and cooking styles. They are ideal for making breakfast items like pancakes, bacon and eggs, but they can also be used to make grilled sandwiches and burgers.

There are many different types of double-burner griddles on the market today, so you need to take some time when selecting one. Here are some things to consider:

Nonstick surface

The first thing to consider is the nonstick surface. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you’ll probably want to find one that has a nonstick coating. However, if you have more money to spend, it’s always a good idea to get one with an enameled cast iron surface. This will give you better heat retention and distribution, which means that your food will cook more evenly.


The size of the griddle is also something worth considering. It should be large enough for all of the food that you want to cook at once. Large size will also allow you to cook more food at once and make cooking faster and easier for yourself. If there isn’t enough space on your stovetop for multiple pans or skillets, then you may want to consider getting an extra burner so that everything has its own space.

Heat retention, durability and heat distribution

All of the griddles we looked at had decent heat retention capabilities. This is important because it means that your food won’t cool down too quickly while you’re cooking it. The best way to ensure that your food stays hot is by using a griddle with a nonstick coating. This helps prevent sticking and makes clean-up easier as well.


If you plan on using your griddle for more than just stovetop cooking, then you’ll want to make sure that it’s oven-safe as well. If you’re unsure about how well your chosen model will withstand high temperatures, check the manufacturer’s website for information about its safe operating temperatures before purchasing one!

Stovetop compatible

The first thing to consider when buying a double-burner griddle is whether or not it can be used on your stovetop. If you’re looking to cook with your griddle, this is an important feature to take into account. If you have an induction cooktop, make sure it’s compatible with your chosen griddle.

Dishwasher safe

Another consideration is how easy it will be to clean and maintain the griddle after use. A dishwasher-safe model will make cleaning easier, but you’ll need to ensure that all parts are dishwasher safe if you plan on cleaning them in this way. Some parts may not be suitable for dishwashers and should instead be hand-washed by hand or in the sink before being dried off and returned to their position on the appliance.

Easy to clean and maintain

You want something that is easy to clean up after use; otherwise, it will become a burden when cleaning up after every meal. A nonstick surface is ideal so that food does not burn into it and cause damage over time. A double-burner griddle should also have heat control knobs so that you can regulate the temperature depending on what type of food you are cooking at any given time.


How do you use a two-burner griddle?

The two-burner griddle is a versatile cooking tool that can be used to make everything from pancakes to steaks.

For best results, follow these simple steps:

1. Place the food in the center of the griddle and turn on both burners to medium heat.

2. Allow the food to cook for about five minutes, then flip it over and allow it to cook for another five minutes on the other side.

3. If you want your food cooked more quickly or if it isn’t done yet, increase the heat under one or both burners to high until your food is ready!

Can you use a double burner griddle on the grill?

Yes, you can use a double burner griddle on the grill.

To do so, you should place the griddle on the side of the grill that is closest to the flame and heats it up for at least 10 minutes before cooking anything. This will ensure that it stays warm. If you have a propane-powered grill, set it to medium heat and cook as usual. For charcoal grills, wait until coals are covered in ash before cooking anything on them—this will help prevent flare-ups from grease dripping onto hot coals.

If you want to use your grill for other things besides cooking with a double burner griddle, then you can just remove the griddle from its base and place it elsewhere in your yard or on another table.

Can you use a double burner griddle on a glass-top stove?

Yes, you can use a double burner griddle on a glass-top stove.

You can use any type of griddle on a glass-top stove. As long as you follow these tips:

1. Never turn on your stove without either preheating it or turning the temperature setting up to high first. This will protect the surface from damage and prevent it from cracking.

2. Use spatulas with plastic or silicone heads rather than metal ones, which could scratch the surface.

3. If possible, place a towel under your griddle when cooking so that any spills won’t damage the surface of your stove.


The best double burner griddle is Cuisinart MCP45-25NS. It’s the most durable, reliable, and efficient double burner griddle available.

This is a product that will last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly. The non-stick surface is easy to clean and won’t scratch or burn your food, which means that you can use it for everything from pancakes to steaks.

The best part about this product is its durability. This product is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about replacing it. The only thing you might need to replace eventually is the drip tray underneath the griddle—but even that lasts for years with proper care!

If you’re looking for an affordable way to cook meals for your family (or just yourself), Cuisinart MCP45-25NS is the way to go!

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