Electric Tortilla Warmers

Want to enjoy all of the benefits of a warm, fluffy tortilla without the hassle of heating it up yourself? Then you need a tortilla warmer. Tortilla warmers are designed to keep tortillas and other flatbreads warm for hours—so you can make them in advance, or simply wait to start your meal until you’re ready to eat it.

Tortilla warmers are available in a variety of sizes and materials, but if you’re looking for the best electric tortilla warmer, we have some recommendations for you.

Top 10 Best Electric Tortilla Warmer Reviews In 2022 For Your Kitchen

#1 Brentwood Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

The Brentwood Electric Tortilla Warmer is a great choice for keeping tortillas and other flatbreads warm, fresh, and ready to serve. With a large 10-inch capacity, this model has a non-stick surface for easy clean-up. It also features a cool-touch handle as well as a power-on indicator light, so you’ll know when your tortillas are ready.

This model also comes with a control dial for the heating element so that you can adjust the heat level on the fly without having to turn it off and back on again. And you can also use it without electricity by using the dual power source of a portable source of AC power or AA batteries.

If you’re looking for an affordable electric tortilla warmer, the Brentwood Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker is one of our top recommendations.

What we liked:

  • Large cooking surface
  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • Control dial for adjusting heat
  • A dual power source (AC/AA)
  • Powerful heating element
  • Cool-touch handle and power indicator light
  • Simple to use and clean.
  • Great value for the price.

#2 StarBlue 10inch Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

The StarBlue Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker is a 10-inch round tortilla maker that can hold up to 16 tacos. It has a temperature control feature with an indicator light and comes in red color for easy identification of the temperature. You do not have to worry about overheating or burning your tortillas.

This electric tortilla warmer is made from stainless steel which is durable and easily cleaned in the dishwasher. It’s 11.22 inches in diameter so it should fit most sizes of tortillas and you can place it on any countertop easily as well.

Other features include a soft-touch handle, anti-slip feet, effortless cleanup, and a convenient temperature control dial. The StarBlue Tortilla Warmer Maker is also backed by a 24-month warranty which makes it an excellent choice for your home kitchen requirements.

What we liked:

  • Temperature control feature
  • Nonstick coating for easy clean-up
  • Power indicator light and soft-touch handle
  • Good value for the price.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • 24-month warranty provided by the manufacturer.

#3 CucinaPro Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

CucinaPro Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker is the best electric tortilla warmer that is made of Heavy Weight aluminum. It is perfect for baking 10-inch tortillas or flatbreads. It can be used to make authentic homemade tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, or gyros. This product offers effortless cleanup and convenient operation. In addition, it has a removable temperature control dial for easy cleanup and convenience.

This amazing electric tortilla warmer can hold up to 12 inches in diameter; this tortilla maker comes with full instructions on how to use it and how to clean it properly.

If you are looking for a good quality electric tortilla warmer that can hold up to 12 inches in diameter then this is the best choice for you.

What we liked:

  • Aluminum heats evenly and provides good results
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Temperature control dial for convenience
  • Simple to use.

#4 MasterChef Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

The MasterChef Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker uses a non-stick coating on its cooking plates to make it easy for you to clean up any messes. The manufacturer also claims that the heating plates can heat up in just three minutes. It has an indicator light that lets you know when it’s ready for use, and there are temperature controls so you can easily adjust the heat depending on what type of bread you’re warming (tortillas vs pita). This tortilla warmer is made from heavyweight aluminum, which means that it won’t rust over time as other cheaper models might.

It has a 10-inch diameter and holds 10 inches of tortillas or flatbreads at once so you can get more done faster without having to wait around while your food heats up slowly in batches. Plus its compact size makes this electric tortilla warmer ideal for small kitchens where space comes at a premium—it’s great if your kitchen is cramped with appliances already!

What we liked:

  • Can heat up in just three minutes
  • Non-stick cooking surface for an easy cleanup
  • Heats evenly
  • Compact and lightweight for easier storage
  • Easy to use and clean.

#5 Saachi SA1650 Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

The Saachi SA1650 Electric Tortilla Maker is a small, compact electric tortilla maker that is both energy efficient and very easy to use. Its non-stick cooking plates ensure tortillas slide right off the plates without sticking. This model features a beautiful chrome finish and has an auto-on/off indicator light so you know when it’s ready for use. When you are finished using it, simply wipe down the non-stick cooking plate with a damp cloth for effortless cleanup. The heating thermostat control allows you to set your desired temperature for optimal results every time. The compact design makes this tortilla warmer ideal for storage in your kitchen cabinet or pantry.

The Saachi SA1650 Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker has two sides that can be used to warm up tortillas, pita bread, and chapattis (flatbreads made from whole wheat). Use one side at a time or both sides together depending on what type of food item you are warming up. It is also great for heating up other types of bread such as hamburger buns, bruschetta slices, or leftover dinner rolls!

What we liked:

  • Two sides can be used at once
  • Convenient auto-on/off indicator light
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Easy to use and clean.

#6 Westinghouse Silver Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

The Westinghouse Silver Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palms of your hands. It can hold up to 8-inch tortillas, pitas, or flatbreads. This electric tortilla warmer is easy to use and features a power-on indicator light that lets you know when the machine is ready for use. The nonstick coating makes it effortless to clean up after each use and makes it convenient for families on the go. It even comes with a recipe booklet that you can follow along with as you make your favorite dishes.

You can also be assured of its safety because it has been approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This product comes with a limited one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship so you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong within this time, the manufacturers will repair or replace any defective part at no additional cost!

What we liked:

  • Ergonomically designed for an easy grip
  • Nonstick surface for effortless cleanup
  • A power-on indicator light lets you know when it’s ready to use
  • Heats evenly
  • Compact and lightweight for easier storage.

#7 Revel CTM 620 Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

This tortilla warmer has a non-stick surface and is made from aluminum. It can hold up to 8-inch tortillas, pitas, or flatbreads. It is effortless to clean and very convenient to use. This tortilla warmer weighs 3.71 pounds. You can easily store this product in your kitchen cupboard or it is just as easy to carry with you when you are traveling with a group of friends and family for a camping trip or to a summer cottage!

It’s important that we are able to warm our tortillas without having the worry of sticking them on something hot like an iron skillet which would not only take longer but would also leave marks all over our pieces of bread making them look less than appetizing after heating up with this method of cooking!

What we liked:

  • Effortless to clean and very convenient to use
  • Can be easily stored in the kitchen if needed or even carried with you on an outing with a group of friends
  • Nonstick surface for effortless cleanup
  • Made from aluminum, easy to carry if traveling with a group of friends.
  • Heats evenly and is very convenient.

#8 SCENTIRA Flour Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

The SCENTIRA Electric Tortilla Maker is made of aluminum, which is a durable and reliable material that won’t dent or break even if you drop it. We like the design and construction of this model, which allows you to easily slide tortillas inside without burning your hands.

It can hold up to 30 tortillas at once, depending on their size, so you don’t have to worry about running out during parties or large family dinners. It heats up quickly and reaches temperatures as high as 170 degrees Celsius in just 10 minutes!

It has an automatic shut-off feature for when the equipment was turned off by mistake or stopped heating for other reasons. If that happens, then no worries because these units come with a recipe book! You can make all sorts of delicious treats from scratch using these recipes provided by SCENTIRA themselves!

SCENTIRA offers a 100% money-back guarantee on this product so there’s zero risk involved with ordering it today! Get yours now while supplies last!

What we liked:

  • Provides a quick and even heating
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Convenient to use, set, and forget!
  • Aluminum construction means no concern over denting or breaking
  • Easy to use and clean. Compact and lightweight.

#9 Mexican Aluminum Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

The Mexican Aluminum Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker is made of aluminum. It can hold up to 10-inch tortillas, pitas, or flatbreads. This unit can be used to warm up tortillas, pita bread, and chapatti. It is a great restaurant quality all metal, large size, and very nice and heavy-duty. Tortilla warmer is made in Mexico. It is perfect for flour tortillas, corn tortillas, sugar pancakes, and savory Christmas crispiest.

This unit has no plastic parts that melt at high temperatures like other models on the market today. It features a flat bottom design so you can use it directly over a heat source; electric range coil burners with heat diffuser pad are recommended for glass stove tops or on top of your grill barbecue as well as in microwave ovens for quicker heating results with better flavor and taste; avoid hot spots that burn food at one place while leaving other parts cold by using this model; easy to clean; dishwasher safe but hand washes recommended!

What we liked:

  • No plastic parts that melt at high temperatures
  • The flat bottom design allows for use over a range or in the microwave oven
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Made of aluminum so it is more durable than alternatives.
  • Reaches high temperatures quickly!

#10 Oro Import Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker

If you love Mexican or Indian food, the Oro Import Electric Tortilla Warmer Maker is ideal for you. It is made of aluminum and is lightweight and has a non-stick surface. The tortilla warmer comes with insulated legs and handles to prevent heating your hands when using it. It can hold up to 8-inch tortillas, pitas, or flatbreads. It can be used to warm up tortillas, pita bread, and chapatti.

You should not place anything not made of metal inside the warmer since it gets very hot; instead, use wax paper or parchment paper to keep the contents inside clean. When cleaning your warmer, allow it to cool down first before washing with water and soap because it is not dishwasher safe.

What we liked:

  • Ideal for tortillas, pita bread & chapatti
  • Insulated legs and handles
  • Lightweight and non-stick surface
  • Made of aluminum
  • Heats evenly, easy to use.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying An Electric Tortilla Warmer

Tortilla warmers are great to have in your home, workplace, or even a restaurant. They are great to keep the tortillas warm and soft and they also help in keeping the tortillas free of bacteria, yeast, and germs.

Below are a few things that one should keep in mind when buying an electric tortilla warmer:

1. Size and Capacity

One of the first things that you should consider is how many people you will be serving on average and what size of tortillas would work best for the people that you are cooking for. The size and capacity of the warmer will depend a lot on this factor. If you have a large family or if your main purpose for buying an electric tortilla warmer is to serve people at your restaurant or food truck, then it might be best to get something that has a larger capacity so that you can cook more tortillas at once, as well as have something that can fit tortillas of varying sizes.

2. Materia

Stainless steel is an excellent material to choose from since it is both durable and easy to clean. Nonstick coating on some models is another added advantage since it ensures that no residue will stick to the product from washing. Additionally, some products are designed with features such as an adjustable thermostat and timer, which provide added convenience to the user.

3. Features

Some other features you should keep in mind when purchasing an electric tortilla warmer are cord length and size, power cord placement, dimensions, wattage, and warranty. You should also decide on which type of heating element you want on your warmer based on the size of your tortillas and whether or not you plan to use it often enough to warrant spending a little more money for a better product with better features.

4. Interior Surface

The best electric tortilla warmers have an interior surface that is suitable for holding heat. Most experts agree that ceramic is the best material for this purpose, although stainless steelwork as well. However, be aware that some steel models have an interior coating to help them retain heat better.

5. Product Quality

Whether electric or manual, tortilla warmers need to have excellent product quality if they are going to last for several years. If you are buying a model with a ceramic interior, make sure it has no cracks or chips on the surface because these can cause food contamination.

If you are not sure what types of materials work best for your needs, consult an expert or someone with experience in this area.

The Advantage Of An Electric Tortilla Warmer

1. Less Than 100$

You can buy an electric tortilla warmer for less than a hundred dollars. If you’re looking to make a profit from your store or business, this is one of the most important investments you can make. The electric waffle maker market is now worth over $150 million, but the electric tortilla warmer market is still under $40 million.

2. Its Convenience

These machines only heat up the tortillas and don’t require any additional heating equipment. They are also much faster than traditional stovetop methods — a gas-fired tortilla warmer can take up to 10 minutes to reach the desired temperature, while an electric tortilla warmer takes as little as 3 minutes.

3. It’S Versatile

Another advantage is that they are much more versatile than traditional waffle makers and allow you to turn out different types of food. They can be used not only for tortillas but also for pancakes, crepes, waffles, crêpes, and even flatbreads.

4. Save Time

An electric tortilla warmer is that it takes little time to heat your wraps. You don’t have to wait for minutes just to heat and warm your tortillas or pita bread anymore. The process is also very easy; all you have to do is plug the warmer into the socket, put the wraps inside, and wait for a few minutes before eating them.

5. It Is Small And Portable

This means you can easily travel with it, and it will not take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Most electric tortilla warmers come with a built-in handle or a strap to make carrying them around easy.

6. It Can Warm More Than Just Tortillas

An electric tortilla warmer has so many uses! Sure, you can warm tortillas in it, but you can also reheat other foods, like burritos, enchiladas, or beans! No matter what kind of Mexican-inspired dish you’d like to serve your family or friends, this warmer will help get the job done quickly and easily.

How To Preparing A Simple And Delicious Tortilla

The tortilla is a traditional recipe from Mexico, which is prepared with cornflour and has as a main ingredient in its preparation. In this post, we will teach you how to make tortillas from scratch.


1 1/2 cups of cornflour (300 g)

1 cup water (250 ml)

Salt to taste


Step 1: In a large bowl mix the cornflour well and then add the water little by little until it forms a dough.

Step 2: Add the salt and knead until the dough becomes elastic and leaves the container.

Step 3: Split the dough into small balls of equal size, and then place them on a floured cutting board or kitchen table. Crush each ball with a roller until it forms a circle of 2 mm thick.

Step 4: Heat your tortilla maker and when hot place a tortilla on top.

Step 5: Allow to cook for 15 seconds, turn it over and let it cook for another 20 seconds. The tortilla should be lightly browned but not burned. Repeat this process with the remaining balls of dough.

Step 6: You can be used a sausage-type casing and stuffed it with other foods of your choice. It’s perfect when garnished with vegetables, meats, and spices. Then you can eat them just as they are.

This is the best-known preparations of stuffed tortillas are tacos, pitas, or flatbreads

Step 7: Enjoy!


1. Why Do I Need An Electric Tortilla Warmer?

An electric tortilla warmer keeps your corn or flour tortillas hot and ready to serve for any occasion. For example, if you are hosting a Cinco de Mayo party, this appliance will allow you to quickly warm up multiple tortillas over and over again without making them soggy or limp.

2. Where Can I Find An Electric Tortilla Warmer?

– You can purchase one on Amazon.com or another online retailer, or from a Mexican specialty store or kitchen supply store in your area.

3. How Do I Clean My Electric Tortilla Warmer?

The best way to clean it is to use warm water with dishwashing liquid and a sponge. Do not submerge it in the water though, just wipe it thoroughly with the wet sponge then dry it with a clean towel.

4. How Long Will An Electric Tortilla Warmer Last?

Most good quality ones can last up to three years if you maintain them properly, but some can even last longer than that.

5. What Happens If I Leave My Tortillas In Too Long?

If you forget about your tortillas and leave them in too long, the unit will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. If you leave them in longer than this, they may dry out a bit but will still be very warm and soft enough to eat.

6. What Kind Of Tortillas Can You Warm Up? Can You Use It With Other Foods?

You can use it with any type of tortilla, including flour, corn, or whole wheat tortillas. If you have only a couple of tortillas left in a pack, this warmer is ideal for warming them up without drying them out. However, this isn’t designed for other foods like pancakes or pita bread.

7. Does This Product Have A Warranty?

Yes, there is a one-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

In Summary

An electric tortilla warmer is a must-have in any kitchen. I especially like the nonstick surface and so easy to cook with. This item is well worth the money and can be used for so many different things. It was such an awesome buy!

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