Best Fruit Storage Containers For Fridge

There are a lot of fruit storage containers for refrigerators, but not all of them are the same. While some are designed to maintain the life and quality of fruit, others are only intended to keep it from rolling around in your refrigerator.

If you’ve ever had fruit go bad a day or two after purchasing it, then you know how frustrating it can be. It seems like a waste of money and food. This is why investing in one of the best fruit storage containers for the fridge is essential if you want to enjoy your fruits longer.

But which ones work best? Which ones actually live up to their claims? And which ones deliver exceptional results at a reasonable price? I decided to find out by testing some of the top-rated fruit storage containers available today. Here’s what I found:

List of 10 Best Produce Keepers For Fridge

#1: Prepworks by Progressive Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Keeper

A perfect way to store fruit and vegetables. This is a three-pack that features adjustable vented sides. The collapsible container allows for easy washing in the dishwasher and is dishwasher safe. The lid doubles as a colander and the produce storage guide is printed on the front. This keeper is ideal for smaller fruits and vegetables such as berries, cherries, grapes, green beans, and radishes.

This Prepworks fresh fruit container stores produce on the wall of the refrigerator where it cannot be knocked around by other items in your refrigerator. The collapsible container allows for easy drying if water needs to be removed for washing.

Why we like it:

  • This is a 3 pack has adjustable vented sides.
  • The collapsible container allows for easy washing in the dishwasher and is dishwasher safe.
  • The lid doubles as a colander and the produce storage guide is printed on the front.
  • The Prepworks Fresh Fruit Container stores your produce on the wall of your refrigerator where it cannot be knocked around by other items in your refrigerator

#2: Prep Solutions by Progressive Lettuce Keeper Produce Storage Container

These refrigerator storage containers house fresh produce in an airtight environment and are specially designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh up to 2 times longer. This clever produce saver features an adjustable air vent & water reservoir to create the ideal environment for fresh fruits & vegetables, keeping them fresh longer.

Featuring a removable divided vegetable storage container, wash & store all your produce in one container. The convenient design of this dishwasher-safe produce saver is perfect for meal prepping or storing single servings of food throughout the week. Made of BPA-free plastic, these food storage containers enhance the convenience of everyday meal preparation for the busy home cook.

Why we like it:

  • Produce Storage Container + Colander
  • Produce Saver with Air Vent & Water Reservoir
  • Vegetable Divider for Storage Guide
  • Dishwasher Safe Storage Containers
  • Airtight, Secure Storage Canisters for All Your Kitchen Needs
  • Innovating Kitchen Essentials from Progressive International

#3: Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Containers

This is the perfect way to keep your produce fresh longer, without having to worry about food spoilage.

The Freshworks containers come in 2 sizes – one small and one large size. One of them is suited for vegetables, while the other is good for larger fruit. You can use both sizes to keep any produce fresher longer.

These containers are designed to lock in freshness and allow you to store your fruits and veggies without having to worry about food spoilage. The Freshworks technology captures the air flow rate to ensure optimal conditions for your fruits and vegetables. This technology also ensures that extra oxygen, moisture and ethylene gas don’t leak into the container, which would normally cause your produce to spoil faster.

Why we like it:

  • FreshVent technology regulates air flow rates
  • CrispTray maintains an ideal produce environment to reduce spoilage by preventing moisture build-up and ethylene gas release
  • BPA free
  • Completely dishwasher safe
  • 2 year limited warranty

#4: Lasting Freshness 19 Piece Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container Set, Rectangle

Using the Lasting Freshness Container Set to store all your freshly vacuum sealed, tasty goodness. This set comes with a variety of sizes so you can really maximize the amount of food you can store in your fridge.

Each container is BPA free and dishwasher safe so you can have all those fresh vegetables in one place. These are also airtight and watertight which means they will lock all those tasty vegetables into their crispy, juicy state, with no need to open the fridge every day to check on things.

This set includes 5 different sized containers: 4 cups, 2 ½ cups, 1 cup, and snack-size—perfect for soups and snacks that are big enough for one person at a time and yet small enough to fit in your freezer or fridge. They come with a complete set of pumps and a double-sided sealer, so there is no need to go looking for that crazy piece that came with your current container—everything you need is right here, in one convenient set.

This set allows you to store your food with ease and has everything you need to do it properly. It comes in an attractive package so it doesn’t already look like it belongs in the kitchen. Its sleek and modern design will add a little something extra on top of your fridge—a bit of color that wasn’t there before.

Why we like it:

  • 5 different sized containers
  • BPA free and durable quality
  • Airtight, watertight and stackable
  • Not dishwasher safe (but it can go in a regular dishwasher)
  • Containers are not microwave safe or freezer safe
  • Retains freshness, nutrition, and aroma of food
  • Made of medical-grade materials with FDA approval

#5: Prepworks by Progressive Produce ProKeeper Storage Container with Stay-Fresh Vent System

This set of containers which is a fruit and vegetable storage container that can be used in either of 2 ways: first use as a storage container with the lid on and then as a colander when you remove the bottom of the container.

The produce keeper features two vents at the top of the container which allows air to circulate through it and reduce spoilage. The base of this item includes venting lids which allow you to adjust how much air is let into the container so you ensure your produce stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible. This product also includes a removable base cover which can be used for rinsing or straining your produce so that it’s ready for freezing or refrigeration.

Why we like it:

  •  Dishwasher safe.
  • BPA & Phthalate free.
  • Made of shatter-proof plastic, so this is an item that will last for years.
  • The product dimensions are 10.25 x 4 x 8.3 inches
  • This container can hold 5 quarts of any fruits or veggies you wish to store in it and the clear lid makes it easy to see everything you’ve stored in the container.
  • The product is dishwasher safe which is a definite plus but even better is the fact that it can go right into the microwave and prep area of your refrigerator without any issues whatsoever.

#6: Rubbermaid – FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container

This set takes the guesswork out of storing produce. This 3-piece set contains one 6.3 and two 17.3 cups for the perfect size for a range of fruits, vegetables, and delicate herbs. The integrated FreshVent technology regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide while a CrispTrip helps to maintain ideal produce conditions. This BPA-free set features a simple design that is easy to clean and store, so you always have fresh produce on hand.

Compartments are designed for you to easily store produce (produce not included). FreshVent technology regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the ideal produce environment, CrispTray helps keep moisture away from produce to reduce spoilage, Handles are easy to grip and completely dishwasher safe.

Why we like it:

  • Compact size for easy storage and transportation of produce
  • FreshVent technology regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Integrated FreshVent technology regulates oxygen and carbon dioxide to prevent spoilage (patented)
  • CrispTray helps keep moisture away from produce to reduce spoilage
  • Completely dishwasher safe (BPA free)

#7: LUXEAR Fresh Produce Vegetable Fruit Storage Containers

These containers are the best storage containers for fruits and vegetables because they are large enough to accommodate many different types of produce, come with a divider, and have a removable drain tray that allows you to wash and prepare vegetables right in the container.

The containers are designed to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer by allowing air flow while storing them in your refrigerator. They also have a drain tray that collects water from melting ice or washing produce so it doesn’t pool at the bottom of the container. This makes it easy to clean your fruits and vegetables before eating them.

It is easy to remove items from these containers because they have handles on each side as well as a divider for separating different types of produce. The containers also come with an 18 oz. salad dressing bottle so you can store your favorite sauces or dressings inside them too!

Why we like it:

  • Luxury design containers: 3-piece Set
  • Made of plastic, BPA free
  • Perfect size for fruits, vegetables, and salad dressings
  • Drain tray included to catch water from melting ice or washing produce
  • Large containers include a divider so they can hold different types of produce at the same time
  • Lids are designed with a tab that locks when closed to make sure they don’t pop open in the refrigerator.

#8: Rubbermaid Produce Food Storage

This set provides a reliable container for the vegetables you purchase from your local market or grocery store.

This is designed to prolong the life of your produce while remaining convenient to use. It will save you money on produce by keeping it fresh longer, and reduce trips to the grocery store because you will not need as much produce. The FreshWorks container (green) is superior to other storage methods because it keeps oxygen out and has a separate section for carbon dioxide circulation.

This extra circulating oxygen keeps your vegetables fresh and crisp. If you only want a smaller size, Rubbermaid also offers FreshWorks containers in 12 cups and 2 cup sizes. This product comes with a Crisp Tray that helps remove moisture from around produce, which can make vegetables spoil more quickly. Also included is a FreshVent technology lid filter that lasts the life of the produce container. The air circulation system that this ventilation filter provides prevents food from spoiling and helps keep vegetables fresh. Finally, a FreshVent lid (green) is also included. It allows for oxygen to enter the container, but keeps harmful bacteria out.

Why we like it:

  • Freshworks produce saver technology
  • Freshvents lid that controls the flow of oxygen and co2
  • Crisp tray
  • Produce venting system
  • Compatible with all freshvents containers. lids, and trays
  • For best results, store fruits and vegetables in their original packaging when possible.

#9: Prepworks from Progressive LKS-07 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Keeper

Prepworks, creators of the best produce keeper on the market. If you’re anything like me, then you just wish there was a way to prolong the life of your food. I don’t know if it’s just me, but my strawberries just don’t stay fresh for long. And I know that the problem is not the produce. It is actually most likely due to poor storage. So, I was thrilled when I found this top-rated piece of kitchenware! At a very affordable price, this is one of the best bargains you’ll find online. You can get three in one pack making it a great deal!

A lot of people swear by these containers and they’re not hard to see why. This set comes in a three-piece pack of which you can alternate each week or whenever you need to use it. It fits easily on the refrigerator shelf and it is made from durable materials. It’s also very easy to clean, with a dishwasher and top-rack dishwasher safe feature.

Lastly, you can save money by getting this product because it’s sold in a three-pack. You can store berries, berries and more berries.

Why we like it:

  • Hold up to 3 lbs of fruits and vegetables
  •  Three-piece set
  •  BPA free, PVC free, and Phthalate free
  • Mold resistant
  • Solid construction
  •  2-year limited warranty

#10: Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes Best Keeper for Freshest Produce

This set offers a way to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for weeks longer than they’d last in the open air.

Made of BPA-free plastic, these containers can easily be stacked in your fridge, saving vital storage space. They’re also dishwasher and microwave safe, so you don’t have to worry about any special cleaning requirements or temperature restrictions when you use them.

The 32-piece set includes three 16-cup containers with lids, two 8-cup containers with lids, four 4-cup containers with lids, nine 2.5-cup containers with lids, and 14 half-cup mini-GreenBoxes—all made in the USA.

Why we like it:

  • BPA-free plastic
  •  Dishwasher and microwave safe
  •  32 different containers in total
  • Compatible with all major brands of refrigerators, including Whirlpool and GE (three pieces fit Whirlpool)
  • Manufactured by U.S. based Ultraco in Illinois

Things To Look For In A Fruit Storage Container

Things To Look For In A Fruit Storage Container

A fruit storage container is designed to keep fruits fresh for a long time. Fruits are known to lose their freshness quite quickly. However, if you have the right container, you can be able to enjoy your fruits for longer. When buying fruit storage containers, there are some things that you need to look at. Some of these things include:

A slim design

When you’re shopping for fruit storage containers, first consider how much room you have in your refrigerator. If your fridge is already jam-packed, it may be advisable to opt for a container that doesn’t take up as much space.

A sturdy structure

Crisper bins are meant to be durable enough to hold heavy fruits and vegetables. However, some of the bins on the market are less stable than others. If you’re concerned about a potential spill, choose a bin with a wide base to prevent tipping.

A stackable design

When shopping for fruit storage containers, keep an eye out for designs that feature a stackable structure. These types of containers are perfect for people who own small freezers or fridges because they can be placed on top of each other to save space.

A freezer-safe material

Since you’ll be storing your fruits in the freezer, you need to make sure that the storage container you choose is made out of a freezer-safe material. The best materials include plastic and metal. Find a storage container that is constructed out of BPA-free plastic or stainless steel if you want to ensure that your frozen foods don’t taste strange when you thaw them out.

Containers that come in assorted sizes

You likely have a variety of different types and sizes of fruits in your home, which is why it’s important to purchase a fruit storage container set that comes with a few options. If possible, opt for a set that comes with an assortment of small, medium and large containers so you have options when it’s time to store your fruits.


Should strawberries be stored in a sealed container?

No, strawberries should not be stored in a sealed container.

There are two main reasons for this:

Strawberries are a kind of meat. If you store meat in a sealed container, it will spoil faster because the air inside will trap the food’s own gases between it and the container, creating an environment that is favorable to microbial growth instead of preventing it.

Strawberries taste best when they’re slightly underripe. If you keep them in a sealed container, they’ll get more ripe because they’re not exposed to enough fresh air to use up their gas stores on ripening, and this makes them less delicious.

Can you keep fruit in a closed container?

Yes, fruit can be stored in a closed container. However, how long the fruit lasts will depend on the type of fruit.

According to the USDA, you can store apples and pears for up to four weeks if they are kept in containers at a temperature of 30°F. Bananas, pineapples, melons and mangoes should be kept at 45°F; citrus fruits at 42°F; avocados and pears at 34°F; and tomatoes at 52°F. These temperatures must be strictly adhered to in order for the fruit to stay fresh. If the internal temperature rises above this level by even one degree, the quality and shelf life of the fruit may be compromised.

It is also advisable to keep bananas separate from other fruits because they release ethylene gas which causes other fruits to ripen more quickly.


The best kind of food storage containers will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, crisp and clean. They’ll also keep you organized so that you can get to them easily when you need them. The containers are easy to use, clean and store. They’re also extremely affordable and should last a lifetime.

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