How To Get Burnt Smell Out Of Microwave

There are few things more frustrating than using a microwave and having it stink up the whole kitchen. It can be difficult to remove strong odors from a microwave like burned popcorn or burnt food, but there are some simple tricks you can use that will help you remove most odors.

This article will give you a few tips so that you can get rid of them easily.

Yeah, getting that burnt smell out of your microwave can be as simple as cutting up some fruit. Are you ready?

Is It Convenient To Use The Microwave?

It is very convenient to use a microwave oven. Nowadays, most families have microwave ovens. If you want to cook something, it’s really easy to use a microwave oven. First of all, you can search for the way to cook what you like on the internet, and then you can see how long and how much heat do you need to cook that food, and then you put the thing that you need to cook into the microwave oven and then set the time and temperature. After some time, the food will be cooked. It is not only convenient but also fast and easy. You can eat delicious food just in some minutes with no effort.

Is It Dangerous To Use A Burnt Microwave?

A burned or melted microwave is dangerous to use, and you should stop using it immediately. Exposure to fumes can cause respiratory problems or other unpleasant health issues.

A burned microwave is a fire hazard and should be replaced as soon as possible. It is common for the interior plastic parts of a microwave to start melting at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and most household microwaves do not exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you keep using a microwave with melted or burned parts, you may be at risk of causing a fire.

If you notice any strange smells coming from your microwave while it’s in use, turn it off immediately and allow it to cool down before opening it. If there are any burns inside the microwave, do not attempt to operate it again until you have replaced the damaged parts.

If your microwave door is no longer properly sealed, do not operate it again until you have it repaired, because this can cause a buildup of steam inside the oven that could lead to an explosion or fire.

Microwaves contain highly corrosive chemicals such as mercury, which should only be handled by professionals trained in how to dispose of these chemicals safely. You should unplug your microwave and allow the appliance to cool completely before attempting to remove any visible damage yourself.

Things To Keep In Mind When Cleaning Odors From The Microwave

Things To Keep In Mind When Cleaning Odors From The Microwave

It’s important to remember a few things when you’re cleaning the microwave.

  • First, make sure you’ve allowed the microwave to cool so that you don’t harm yourself.
  • Second, make sure you’re wearing gloves and a mask, so you don’t inhale any of the fumes.
  • Third, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated space or have turned on your stove’s overhead fan.

How To Get Burnt Smell Out Of Microwave

With Activated Carbon

How do you get burnt smell out of microwave? You can get the burnt smell out of microwave with activated carbon. It is a natural way to remove odors from your microwave. Activated carbon is a product that absorbs odors and is used in things like industrial refrigerators, air purifiers, and odor eliminators.

Activated carbon is a form of carbon that has been processed to make it extremely porous and has a large surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. The word activation in this context refers to the fact that the surface area is not built up through chemical reactions but through physical processes such as crushing, grinding, etc. These are essentially all physical changes and not chemical ones, so there is no new surface area created by any chemical reaction involved in the process.

The activated carbon works by trapping odors as they move towards it. It absorbs them so they cannot escape back into the air. The charcoal will help neutralize some smells, but it will not absorb them completely. If there are strong odors that come from the microwave when you cook food, it will take several days for them to be absorbed by the activated charcoal filters in your appliance.

You can use either wood or marine activated carbon. Wood activated carbon is the most common and can be purchased at your local hardware store. It’s easy to use in your microwave and doesn’t require you to do anything special before you put it in.

Measure 2 tablespoons worth of activated carbon into a bowl or cup, depending on how much room it has to accommodate the charcoal. You should soak the charcoal for about 3 hours for it to work best. You may need to change them out every week depending on how much you use your microwave.

With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a magical product that can be used in a hundred ways to get rid of bad odors. It is a natural deodorizer and will help eliminate all the stinky odor from your microwave.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • 1. Sprinkle some baking soda on a dry sponge or cloth and wipe down the interior of the microwave gently.
  • 2. You can also add some vinegar to it for extra cleaning power. Vinegar is an acidic product that can easily cut through the stains and grease.
  • 3. If the stain is too stubborn or the smell is unbearable, then you can use some liquid dishwashing detergent to wipe down the interior of the microwave.
  • 4. But do not add any detergent to the interior of your microwave. Too much detergent can damage the plastic and effect its sealability.
  • 5. Finally, vacuum up all leftovers so that they won’t get ruined by other household contaminants or just stick around to create a new smell problem in your microwave.

With Lemon

There is nothing quite like the smell of burnt food in the microwave. If you are like me then you have had to deal with this smell more than a few times. Thankfully there is an easy way to get rid of the smell in your microwave using lemon.

how to get burnt smell out of microwave with lemon

What You Need:

  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 cup water (preferably distilled)
  • Microwave safe bowl or cup (glass, ceramic, or plastic)

How to Get Burnt Smell Out of Microwave with Lemon

  • 1. Fill the bowl or cup with water and squeeze in the juice of 1 lemon.
  • 2. Place the bowl or cup in the microwave and microwave it on high for 5 minutes. If your microwave is 1200 watts then you need to use 600 watts at first and if you see that steam coming out, then you can switch it to full power.
  • 3. After 5 minutes remove the bowl or cup and let it cool down.
  • 4. Repeat the process 3-4 times and eventually, you will be able to use your microwave without any burnt odor coming out

With Vinegar

How To Get Burnt Smell Out Of Microwave With Vinegar

  • Step 1: Soak a sponge in vinegar.
  • Step 2: Place the sponge inside your microwave and run the appliance for 5 minutes on high.
  • Step 3: Leave the door closed for an additional 15 minutes.
  • Step 4: Remove the sponge and wipe down the interior of your microwave with a clean, damp cloth.


As you can see, getting the burnt smell out of your microwave is not hard. It just requires a little time and care. Use these tips today to get the burnt smell out of your microwave.

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