Why Keurig K Supreme Won't Turn on

Mornings can be frantic, but if your Keurig starts feeling the effects of your rushing, you have to slow down. There are many small things that can happen with a Keurig brewer that could throw it off course. To help avoid these problems in the future, we’ve compiled this little troubleshooting guide for coffee drinkers who need caffeine to start their day.

Keurig K Supreme Won’t Turn on

If your Keurig unit won’t turn on, it can be frustrating. But don’t fret, there are some simple things to check before you start troubleshooting this issue.


  • First, make sure the outlet is receiving electricity by plugging in a different machine or device to make sure the outlet is working.
  • If the power button is not lighting up, try holding it down for around 10 seconds until the light comes back on.
  • Make sure that water reservoir is securely seated at its position if you have any issues with your machine not powering up.
  • For one of the most important fixes that may solve your problem, double-check that power cable if plugged in properly the unit.

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Keurig Machine Shut Off Randomly

We’ve all experienced our Keurig machine shut off randomly for no apparent reason, so let’s solve the problem once and for all! There are two possible reasons your brewer keeps shutting off.

1. Align the Water Reservoir

It is also possible that you removed the water reservoir from Keurig (for cleaning or replacing) and it was not properly aligned. The magnetic strip inside of the water reservoir and inside of the brewer should be “lined up” so that there is contact between them when you put in back into Keurig’s brewer. If it’s not properly lined up, the brewer will sense that there is no water container and shut off automatically. It’s easiest to simply check if they are aligned correctly before replacing everything back into place, just put a finger on where these two strips line up, it should be flush with each other.

2. Disable the Auto-off Timer

If your brewer still shuts off, you can disable the auto-off timer by changing its settings to manual or turning it off completely.

Keurig Brewer is Leaking Water

When leaks occur in Keurig machines, there are two common culprits: clogged needles or incorrect pod size.

  • Luckily, cleaning the needles and cup holder can easily fix both problems. For more information on correct pod size, refer to the Keurig guidelines.
  • If you have a leak coming from the bottom of your machine, it may be an o-ring or hose seal that needs replacement. For information about replacing an o-ring inside of a Keurig machine, see the video below.
  • If your leak is coming from somewhere other than at the bottom of your water reservoir or needle cap, then it is likely due to damage inside the machine that will require disassembly of parts which is not recommended unless you are specifically trained to do so.

Keurig Not Heating

If you are having problems with your Keurig not heating, the cause may be a clogged water pump or the heating element.

To clean the machine, unplug it and remove any coffee grounds using a long handled spoon.

Sometimes trying to restart your machine can help it start working properly.

In case of more serious issues, contact Keurig support

The Keurig Not Dispensing Water Problem

When your Keurig machine starts to dispense water inconsistently, more often than not the problem is due to one of three things.

  • First, there may be some debris that has built up in the water reservoir or inside of the unit.
  • Second, the unit may need to be descaled with a vinegar mixture for better tasting coffee drinks.
  • The third possibility is that there are air bubbles in the system which are preventing water from being pumped through by preventing it from being able to move freely.

Here are some ways you can try correcting this issue:

  • Take out your reservoir and empty it out completely before refilling it only about a third of the way full
  • Shake the water around in the reservoir
  • Put some water into a measuring cup and shake it vigorously, then pour that water into your reservoir. This will help to clear out any debris as well as air bubbles.
  • A dirty filter may also cause this issue. Cleaning it out can help to resolve it.
  • Another way to resolve this problem is to try a vinegar and water mixture. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with one cup of water. Put the mixture into your reservoir and run a brewing cycle through it.
  • If you have no success with simply cleaning it out, your whole unit may need to be replaced.  In this case, you should look for a Keurig repair service that can take care of your whole unit for you.

Keurig Won’t Resetting

There are times when you may experience issues with your Keurig and the machine may not complete the brewing cycle. If you want to reset the internal computer for this issue, unplug it and wait for several hours. Plug it back in and run a test brew cycle. This should reset the machine, but if that doesn’t work, try these steps:

  1. Make sure water reservoir is off before unplugging Keurig
  2. Unplug Keurig without reservoir attached for 3 hrs
  3. Plug back in where water level was previously after waiting 3 hrs
  4. Place K-Cup holder to start brew cycle

To reset the machine, you’ll need to remove the drawer, unplug it and wait for a few hours to let the computer reset. Then you will be able to start brewing.

My Keurig Does Not Brew the Right Size

  • Make sure your Keurig is not brewing the wrong size of beverage.
  • Check for a clogged filter or malfunctioning needle.
  • Use commercial rinsing pods to dissolve all the gunk in your brewing chamber.
  • Make sure your portafilter is secure and not loose in the brewer.
  • Make sure you are using the proper amount of water and fresh, clean, filtered water to brew your favorite tea or coffee drink.
  • Make sure that the “cup size” is set to the exact size you are brewing.

Keurig 2.0 Touchscreen Issues

The start-up of a Keurig 2.0 brewer can be strangely spontaneous, or it may refuse to budge from the splash screen. Many have been appreciating the new brewing features, while others have been lamenting the many touchscreen issues. The Keurig 2.0 is a touch-sensitive machine, and there are a few things that can be done when it starts acting up:

  1. Unplug the brewer and plug it back in again.
  2. Clean the touch screen using some isopropyl alcohol. A small cotton swab can be used to clean difficult-to-reach areas, and dry with a soft cloth after cleaning is complete.
  3. Restart the brewer.

Keurig Is Brewing Slowly or Not Brew

When your Keurig is brewing slowly, there could be a few things wrong. The most common reason is that the brewer doesn’t have enough water to brew a full cup. Although you may see a full cup of coffee, the brewer may not be able to brew it.

  • The easiest fix is to add more water to the reservoir.
  • If that doesn’t solve your problem, then there are a couple of things wrong with your brewer.
  • The needle may be clogged or the brewer might be out of descaling solution.
  • To clear the clog, unplug the machine and remove the tank. Take out the needle and clean it by soaking it in white vinegar for 20 minutes.
  • The reason why the brewer may be out of descaling solution is that of a change in water quality.
  • If your water changes taste or smells bad, you could have hard water in your area or there may be a problem with the water supply.
  • To descale your brewer, turn the brewer upside down and tap the bottom a few times.
  • If you don’t have hard water, you can always descale every 30 days with only a little vinegar.

Keurig “Add Water” Problem

In most cases, Keurig machines do not need to be refilled with water. However, if the machine has water in the reservoir but it still displays “add water” on the screen there are a few steps you should follow before giving up.

  • If your water reservoir is not working, try cleaning it and the device that it connects to
  • Remove the tank and discard the water. Hand soak it with mild soap, then rinse.
  • Check and clean both needles at the tank as well as where they leave for safety reasons.
  • Topped the tank and return the machine to use.

Final Words

It is pretty convincing to have a single-cup coffee brewer at home. If you follow the instructions and use your machine properly, you will be able to brew great coffee consistently.

After reading this article, you now have all the information you need to operate your Keurig properly and efficiently.

The main advice I can share with you is that if something is not working correctly or as expected, set aside some time to troubleshoot the problem.

Most of the issues are solvable. So, check your Keurig before giving up!

As always, I wish you a happy brewing! If you have any questions left, feel free to leave them in the comment tab below.

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