Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo Review

Microwave Toaster Oven Combo is the best combination appliance on the market. Although some people think that these three appliances are the same, they bring different functionalities and all of them have their own merits. This means that if you have the kitchen space available, it’s worth looking into a combination microwave oven toaster combo to make your life easier.

Finding the best microwave toaster oven combo is usually a difficult task for those who have never owned such a combo or for those who have, but later on wanted something special.There are thousands of models that can be a bit confusing. That’s why I created this post and it will help you choose the best microwave toaster oven combo for your needs

What Is Microwave Toaster Oven Combo?

Microwave toaster oven combo is a multi purpose kitchen appliance which can be used for toasting, grilling, cooking, baking and reheating. The best microwave toaster oven combo also keeps the food warm until it is served.

User friendly controls always come with a manual containing instructions on how to use the various functions. Some modern models come with pre-programmed buttons that are easy to use.

Baking and grilling are the most popular features of a microwave. The best microwave toaster oven combo can be used for baking cakes, pastries and bread. It can also be used as an alternative to a conventional oven in preparing sandwiches, bacon and other meats.

The best combination of microwaves and toasters is important because these two appliances are often combined together in one unit. A combination of these two appliances will make your cooking tasks much easier and faster than having separate units for each task.

There are several advantages of combining both a microwave and a toaster oven into one unit. Most of these advantages include convenience and space saving benefits which makes it very easy to maintain both the appliances in your kitchen.

Why We Need To Have A Microwave Toaster Oven Combo?

Microwave toaster oven combo is the best thing that you can buy for your kitchen. It is one of the best appliances that you will ever own and it makes your life so much easier. There are many different types of toaster ovens available in the market today, but only a few have the right qualities that make them worth buying. Here are some of the top reasons why you should invest in a good microwave toaster oven combo:

Fast Toasting

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your toast to be done, especially if you are in a hurry. With a microwave toaster oven combo, you can toast your bread with ease and convenience. You don’t have to stand there over the hot coals watching the timer and worrying whether it will turn out alright or not. Just pop it in and wait for it to finish cooking. Best of all, this appliance can do it all at once!

Long Warranty Period

Just because you are investing in a high-quality appliance does not mean that you should spend extra on a long warranty period. A microwave toaster oven combo has a very long warranty period, which means that if anything goes wrong with your appliance within its warranty period, then you can get it repaired or replaced without any problems. You don’t have to worry about saving money on costs or worrying about paying extra to get your appliance repaired.

Easy To Clean

Toaster ovens are known as the kitchen’s best friend and your microwave toaster oven combo should be no different. All you need is a little olive oil, utensils and an empty glass bottle. You can also use a sponge for cleaning the crumbs that accumulate on the bottom of the oven (there is a spot for it). Just add some water and wipe off.

Cooking Options

Unlike traditional toaster ovens, microwave toaster oven combos can cook multiple things at once. You can cook a delicious meal in two appliances, which is much more efficient than grilling and then putting it in the toaster oven.

Food Quality

Microwave toaster oven combo are great because they do not char the food like gas or charcoal grills would do. You can get a healthier meal with this appliance because you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your food for speed.


It is very versatile and can be used for a variety of different things. Not only does it toast bread, but you can use it to cook chicken, steak and vegetables. No matter what you are making, the microwave toaster oven combo will be able to handle it.

Multiple Functions In One Appliance

Your microwave toaster oven combo can do so much more than just put out heat or prepare food faster than you thought possible. It is a very powerful appliance that can do the work of dozens of other appliances.

9 Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

1. Panasonic FlashXpress NBG110P Compact Toaster Oven With Double Infrared Heating

The Panasonic FlashXpress toaster oven is indeed a compact product, yet it has a lot of features that you cannot expect from a normal toaster oven.

This toaster oven boasts double infrared heating elements on both of the sides. They are very powerful in cooking food more efficiently and faster than the traditional convection heaters. As a result, this toaster oven can cook up to 40 percent faster than the traditional ones.

Besides, the independent quartz and ceramic infrared cooking elements are used for cooking in the bottom and top at different temperatures simultaneously. You can adjust the temperature from 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, just like using an industrial stove.

At last, this toaster oven is compact enough for your small kitchen. However, it can still hold four slices of bread or a 12-inch pizza at a time. The removable crumb tray makes cleanup easy while its adjustable temperature allows you to cook different types of food perfectly.

2. Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) Multifunctional Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

The Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) Multifunctional Microwave Oven is a multifunctional oven that allows you to cook different dishes by using the Grill, Convection, Microwave and Air Fry functions. This oven also comes with a grill rack and an air fry basket for your convenience.

This microwave features a convenient 17-liter capacity which makes it ideal for families consisting of 2 to 3 people. The microwave is equipped with four cooking functions that allow you to cook various dishes such as pizza, chicken wings and even roast beef. The microwave also comes with a rotisserie function that helps ensure your meat is cooked evenly from all sides. The anti-bacterial cavity coating makes this microwave easy to clean.

The oven comes with a dial control interface that makes it easy to operate. This interface features ten power settings that help you choose the appropriate level of microwave power to suit the dish being cooked. You can also use convection and grill modes or combine them in combination mode to prepare different dishes.

The Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) Multifunctional Microwave Oven ‘s 1000 watts microwave power with 10 power settings. Easy to use and powerful, this microwave will be your cooking partner for a long time. The mechanical knob is easy to operate and comes with multiple power settings for different foods.

3. KBS Compact Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

With 1800 watts and 8 pre-set menu, The Compact Convection Oven, 8-In-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven enables you to cook everything from toast to chicken. The 8-in-1 functions include air fryer, rotisserie, dehydrator, baking, roasting, broiling, toasting and reheating. The large capacity allows you to fit up to 6 slices of bread or a 12″ pizza with ease.

With instant heat technology and a highly reflective interior that amplifies the heating elements to deliver superior results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ovens.

Smart presets put cooking on autopilot and save time. Simply select your preset with 1 easy tap on the display and you’re ready to cook. The built-in temperature probe takes out the guesswork and alerts you when your food is perfectly cooked.

Compact Convection Oven, 8-In-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven features 6 quartz heating elements that produce heat instantly for faster and more precise cooking, so it saves up to 60% cooking time than conventional ovens.

4. COSORI Air Fryer Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

This 12-in-1 combo appliance is designed to handle any kitchen task. Boasting a spacious capacity and 1800W power, the air fryer toaster oven combo can cook your favorite foods fast and easy. The LED display is simple to use, while 8 cooking presets take the guesswork out of cooking.

Designed with a sleek stainless steel exterior and nonstick interior for effortless food release and easy cleaning; Equipped with a wide temperature range from 120°F to 450°F in 10°F increments and a cooking timer up to 60 minutes

Auto shut off prevents overcooking and overheating for your safety and the built in lighting allows you to easily view your food while cooking

Furthermore, COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo, 12-in-1 Combo is a great gift for parents, newlyweds, graduates and colleagues. It is also perfect for holidays and other special events such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

5. Galanz Large 6-Slice True Convection Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

The Galanz Toaster Oven is a sleek and versatile countertop appliance. Featuring a spacious interior and eight one-touch cooking functions, it’s the perfect appliance for anyone who wants to spend less time in the kitchen. Use this oven to bake, broil, rotisserie roast, or toast your favorite meals. It can even be used to keep food warm!

With eight preset cooking functions, this 8-in-1 oven allows you to prepare all of your favorite foods with the touch of a button. From chicken nuggets and waffles to pizza and everything in between, this oven does it all. The preset functions are conveniently labeled on the front panel so that you can easily select the setting best suited for the task at hand. This oven also has an adjustable temperature setting from 150°F up to 480°F.

Galanz Large 6-Slice True Convection Toaster Oven, 8-in-1 Combo has 1500W of power and a 0.6 cubic foot capacity with a large exterior stainless steel handle. With true convection cooking, your food will be cooked up to 40% faster than other conventional toaster ovens. The durable stainless-steel door handle is designed for easy opening and closing, and the nonstick interior makes cleaning fast and simple.

Lastly. Includes a removable crumb tray, rotisserie fork set and rotisserie handle. All accessories can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

6. Breville BMO870BSS1BUC1 Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

Breville BMO870BSS1BUC1 Combo Wave 3 in 1 is a combination oven, with the power of a convection oven and the speed of microwave, combined in one convenient appliance. With 10 power levels and Pre-set cooking functions you can achieve perfect results fast.

Smart technology that distributes heat into the food evenly for the best results. When you need fast paced cooking there is a range of functions that will cut your cooking time in half. These include Fast Combi and Cook from Frozen functions.

The Breville BMO870BSS1BUC1 Combi Wave 3 in 1 has a sleek and modern design with an LCD screen and stainless steel finish that will look great in any kitchen. It features 10 microwave power levels and 5 quartz grill element settings as well as 10 preset programs including popcorn and pizza.

The Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1 is a microwave oven that can do it all. It has the power of convection cooking and the speed of microwave. It uses Smart Inverter technology to cook with precision at any power level. It features Smart Sensor for automatic adjustments, and air fry and dehydrate functions for healthy meals and tasty snacks.

7. Calphalon Performance Cool Touch Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

Calphalon Performance Cool Touch Air Fry Oven utilizes quartz heat technology to cook up to 50% faster than a standard convection oven, for fast and even cooking. The Cool Touch exterior keeps the outside of the oven up to 75°F cooler than other ovens, so it’s safer in the kitchen and designed for countertop use. Plus, the Turbo Convection helps you cook food crispier on the outside and juicier on the inside without drying.

Calphalon Performance Cool Touch Air Fry Oven using superheated air and requires little to no oil. Use the included basket and crisper tray to prepare healthier versions of your favorite fried foods like chicken wings, fries and onion rings. The easy-to-use digital control panel lets you select from 12 preset cooking functions or manually set your desired temperature up to 450°F and cook time up to 60 minutes.

Quartz heating elements provide instant heat and precise temperature control to cook food faster than conventional ovens while preserving moisture in your favorite foods. Specialized Turbo Convection technology cooks faster by circulating hot air throughout the oven with a back fan and hidden heating element for crispy, browned results and even cooking.

8. BLACK+DECKER TO3240XSBD 8-Slice Extra Wide Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

It is a top-rated toaster oven in Cooks Illustrated and is one of the best microwave toaster oven combo you can find. We like it for its features, performance, quality, and ease of use. It has a convection feature that circulates the air within the oven. This ensures a more even cooking.

The interior has enough room to fit in 9×13 inch pans and has 8 slices capacity. The interior dimensions are 16 and half inches by 12 and half inches by 9 and half inches.

The cord of this toaster oven is nineteen feet long. It has a broiler rack to broil and a crumb tray that catches the crumbs. The interior of this oven measures 16.5 inches by 12.5 inches by 9.5 inches and has 8 slices capacity as well as a 9-inch pizza capacity also.

It is a combination of a toaster oven and a microwave hence the name. It has simple controls that are easy to use. There is a toast shade dial, a cancel button and timer control. It has bake, broil, toast, and keep warm function.

It includes an adjustable temperature dial that allows you to adjust temperatures as needed. There is also an interior light so that you can see your food while it is cooking.

9.  Cuisinart TOA-60 Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

The greatest thing about the Cuisinart TOA-60 is its ability to cook pizza, bagel and toaster oven. Its innovative design includes a 1800-watt microwave oven which is capable of cooking for four hours and can be used for heating up foods as well.

The Cuisinart TOA-60 is perfect for families who are looking for three in one type of appliance that can help them prepare their dishes easily. The restaurant-quality oven is equipped with the commercial convection oven and pizza setting that allows it to cook anything made in a thin crust pizza.

It can also operate on various pre-programmed settings such as toasting, broiling and baking. The Toaster Oven is designed to rival its countertop counter part by offering 1800 watts.

It is simple to operate and even has a timer that shuts off automatically after 60 minutes. The Cuisinart TOA-60 is the perfect choice for anyone who values versatility and the ability of making three different types of food at once.

Features To Look For When Buying A Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

When it comes to purchasing things, a majority of people do not want to buy something that will not be worth their money. There are some aspects that you need to pay attention to when buying a microwave oven. This article will help you understand the features that you need to look for when buying microwave ovens.

1. Power

When it comes to power, you need to pay attention to the wattage. Make sure you get the right wattage which should be between 700 and 1 000 watts. It is important that you think about the size of your family as well as how often you will use it. If your family consists of between two and four people and you cook on a daily basis then it is advisable for you to choose one with around 900 watts. If you have a larger family or cook more than three times per day then it is best for you to choose one with 1 000 watts of power.

2. Size

Another important aspect that needs your attention is size. The size of your microwave depends on the space where you plan on placing it. A majority of designs can be placed on top of an open counter but there are also some designs which are meant for installing inside cupboards or into walls. When looking at size, make sure that you put the size of your kitchen into consideration as well. If you are going to place it on top of an open counter then you need to make sure that you have enough space for it.

3. Material

Getting a microwave oven made from stainless steel is the best option because it is more durable than other materials such as aluminum or plastic. It is also easy to clean and will not be affected by changes in temperature or humidity levels within your kitchen.

4. Price

When it comes to price, you should never settle for anything less than one hundred dollars. The most expensive microwaves have been manufactured with the best quality materials and come with a number of extra features. You can still find some affordable microwaves in stores but they do not have the same quality as the more expensive ones.

5. Features

The features that are incorporated into these appliances are meant to make your experience a better one. Some of the most common features include auto cook setting, defrost settings, clock timer, and timer. Some of the more expensive microwaves have additional features such as a small refrigerator which is handy for storing some of your smaller appliances or food.


1. What does a microwave toaster oven combo do?

A microwave toaster oven combo is an electric machine that can be used for heating or cooking food. It uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. The water molecules inside the food absorb this radiation and rotate very fast, creating friction and heat that cooks your food from inside out.

There are different kinds of microwave toaster oven combo available in the market today. Some of them are small and some are big enough for commercial use. People who want to buy a microwave for their home should consider how much space they have in their kitchen, because bigger machines need more space compared with smaller ones.

2. Can I use a metal container in the microwave toaster oven?

No, metal containers can lead to sparks and electrical fires. The only type of metal that is safe to use are aluminum foil and utensils made of wood or plastic. We recommend plastic wrap or other microwave-safe materials if you want to cover your food while cooking.

Countertop microwaves are great for smaller homes and apartments where space is limited. These microwaves sit on your countertop and can be moved when necessary. They are a great addition to any kitchen that isn’t already equipped with a built-in microwave or double wall oven.

3. What size Microwave Toaster Oven Combo should I buy?

Microwave Toaster Oven Combo comes in three basic sizes: small, medium and large. Small Microwave Toaster Oven Combos are typically around 0.5 cubic feet in size and can hold six slices of toast or a 9-inch pizza.

Medium Microwave Toaster Oven Combos are usually around 0.75 cubic feet in size and can hold six slices of toast or a 12-inch pizza. Large Microwave Toaster Oven Combos tend to be around one cubic foot in size and can hold eight slices of toast or a 16-inch pizza.

5. How do I clean a Microwave Toaster Oven Combo?

Regular cleaning of your Microwave Toaster Oven Combo will help to extend the life of your unit. If you’re not comfortable doing this type of cleaning, you can always ask your appliance store to perform this cleaning and replace any basic parts that are necessary.


Microwave toaster oven combo – Despite the fact that cooking in the microwave hasn’t been revealed to be dangerous, you might be sick of having your food cooked in it. In spite of the fact that, individual microwaves have many benefits and uses.

Cooking with a microwave can help you to save time and effort by cooking food quicker and keep warm hot plates of food so you can serve them all in one go. Using a toaster oven combo is an alternate choice as it incorporates two grills into one product so will help save room on your kitchen countertop.

While there will be some drawbacks with utilizing this sort of cooking gadget, we can still see that using it has numerous advantages and will certainly be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

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