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9 Best Peruvian Food That You Will Fall in Love With

Peru, known as the Republic of Peru, is located in the western of sound America. It has about 30,4 million people that including Indians, Europeans, Africans, and Asians. They use Spanish in daily life. Due to the various kinds of nationalities, Peru has a diverse cultural identity. The thing that makes Peru become famous with International travelers is Peruvian food.

The local people have affected their food, including the recipes and ingredients. 4 main traditional Peru cuisines are corn, potato, beetroot, and pea tree.

Have you ever wondered what makes Peruvian food popular in the world? Let’s discover with us! Peru has the widest variety of potatoes in the world.

Peruvian Food Near Me

Peruvian food is blessed with a long list of ingredients that make the dishes delicious and with flavors that would make you want to visit Peru. There are many ways or recipes in which these ingredients can be used. This diversity is one of the things that make Peruvian food so unique, plus it has great variety in textures, colors, and flavors.

There are many places where you can find Peruvian restaurants around the world. Here are some of the best places to eat Peruvian food near you:

Peruvian Restaurants in the United States

If you happen to be in the US, there are a few Peruvian restaurants that you can go to. The first one is Pio Pio, located in New York and Maryland. The second one is La casona de Laly, located in Miami and the third one is T’anta also located in New York.

Other countries where you can find Peruvian restaurants are: Canada – Lima Restaurant Toronto or Limon Rotisserie.

Peruvian Restaurants in the United Kingdom

In the UK, you can find Peruvian restaurants in London or Manchester area. The first one is Pachamama LONDON located in London and the second one is Lima Fitzrovia also located in London. As for Manchester, you can go to Jack’s Shack which is located in the center of Manchester. Or try Lima Florin located in Salford Quays or Kondor located in Cheetham Hill.

Peruvian Restaurants in Spain

Located mostly around Barcelona where you can find many Peruvian restaurants. One of the most famous ones is Pisco, located in Marina de Barcelona and Barceloneta. Also, you can enjoy delicious Peruvian food in the restaurant La Picanteria, which is located in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and Grans Magatzems de Can Fabes and El Andén de Los Incas both located in Sabadell city.

Peruvian Restaurants Around The World

As for other countries, you can find Peruvian restaurants in countries like:

  • Italy – Peru Restaurant in Rome.
  • Switzerland – Alma de Ambar in Zurich.
  • Argentina – Cevicheria La Mar in Buenos Aires.
  • And Chile has a few of them, such as Panchito’s Peruvian Kitchen in Santiago and Antigua Cevicheria in Viña del Mar.

Lastly, Peru is actually one of the most visited countries in the world, so who knows maybe you will be able to try Peruvian food near you soon!

Top 9 Peruvian Food You Must Try

Peru is a land of many cultures and flavors, but Peruvian cuisine holds an important place in this diverse collection. These are the top 9 dishes that every traveler should try while traveling through South America’s newest hyperpower:

1. Ceviche Is The Most Famous Peruvian Food


Ceviche is known as Peruvian sushi. It is made of delicious fish with corn and chopped scallion, red onions, and seafood. All the ingredients are garnished eye-catching, which makes you want to try it immediately.

The perfect exploring taste of Ceviche won’t disappoint you. The best dish is the marinade. It makes all ingredients mixture harmonious and balanced. They use various kinds of fish to make Ceviche fresher and bring an endless taste.

2. Lomo Saltado – Delicious Peruvian Food From Local People

Lomo Saltado
Lomo Saltado

Potatoes are the main ingredient in many Peru dishes. With Lomo Saltado, you can see meat fry with potato and tomato. This recipe reminds me of the Chinese cooking method. They will taste ingredients directly in a short time on the pan. You will be surprised by the pleasant aroma as well as the salty savor.

The key that makes it unforgettable with many travelers is the time and technique when you are frying. If you have overripe, meat may be tricky.

Whether it does not cook with the high flame, it may be soggy. So Lomo Saltado required a highly skilled chef. When you want to try it, I highly recommend local restaurants.

3. Aji De Gallina – The Balance Peruvian Food Choice

Aji De Gallina
Aji De Gallina

Aji de Gallina has a perfect combination of various cultures, which makes it taste different from others. You can call it Peruvian chicken stew. It is made of a kind of milk soup, rice, and chicken with some ingredients that bring you a harmonious spicy and savory flavor.

The soft chicken texture, as well as the eye-catching yellow color, won’t make you disappointed. I believe once you try it, you will not eat any kind of stew anymore.

4. Anticuchos – The Luxury Peruvian Food


Yeah, I know Anticuchos have their own unique tastes. In fact, this dish is so prevalent in Peru and neighboring countries like China or Vietnam it’s become something of an international foodie sensation!

You can see it in both many luxury restaurants and the streets of Peru! They usually use meat or beef heart as ingredients to make these delicious skewers that are not unfamiliar with other countries like China, Korea or Vietnam, but trust me-Peruvian food has its trademark taste all over this world’s plates.

All beef skewers are well seasoned and use charcoal to grill, which makes its flavor more attractive. Plus, they are served with potato or corn.

5. Must-Try Peruvian Food – Rocoto Relleno

Rocoto Relleno
Rocoto Relleno

Trust me, you will be surprised with the explore favors. The main factor that makes it stand out is Rocoto, a hot Peruvian pepper. The pepper is filled with a creamy sauce that includes cheese and minced meat then roasted at high temperature. This is iconic of Peruvian cuisine.

The beautiful color and soft texture with spice and deliciously cheesy can please the fastidious customers.

6. Tacu Tacu – The Great Peruvian Food Choice For Asia Travelers

Tacu Tacu
Tacu Tacu

When people talk about Tacu Tacu, they want to mention traditional rice and canary bean dish. It is cooked medium to make a firm texture but still sticky to ignite taste in travelers.

If you are sensitive to some kind of seasoning or ingredients in Peru, this is a safe choice for you. At some restaurants, they usually serve it with fried eggs, onion, or coriander. Plus, due to the simple recipe, you can make it easy at home.

7. Pollo A La Brasa – The Best Peruvian Food Consumer

Pollo A La Brasa
Pollo A La Brasa

Pollo a la Brasa is the perfect choice for every friend or family reunion. They will marinate chicken with some special seasoning for a pleasant taste, then cook in the oven for several minutes. There are some kinds of sauces served with roasted chicken like mayonnaise, mustard, or ketchup.

People would like to have it with fried potato and vegetable salad. This cuisine became so popular that Peruvian has a day for it: 16 July, called “Dia del Pollo a la Brasa” which means “Grilled Chicken Day.” Besides Tacu Tacu, I guess Pollo A La Brasa is an enjoyable choice for travelers who get allergies easily.

8. Peruvian Food For Main Dishes – Carapulcra


After reading the recipe, I found out it has some familiar ingredients and the cooking method with Curry. This is a unique stew with dried potato, meat, or chicken, then mixed with a mixture of garlic, yellow pepper, and salt. It was stewed in low flame for hours which made it digestive.

In addition, the primary factor that makes Carapulcra different from others is the baked peanut. It creates a unique taste only in Peru. Plus, you can enjoy it with noodles or rice for the main dishes.

9. Causa Rellena Alimeña – A Traditional Peruvian Food

Causa Rellena Alimeña
Causa Rellena Alimeña

Lastly, if you are a fan of potatoes, you will not miss Causa Rellena Alimeña – a cold dish. As you know, potato is the main ingredient in many traditional Peruvian foods, and this dish’s main factor is yellow potato.

To make it, the chef will mash potatoes to make a creamy layer. Then, they will fill it with boiled eggs, avocado, corn, or sometimes peas. The perfect sauce creates a mixture that can please gourmet travelers.

How To Make Pollo A La Brasa – The Signature Of Peruvian Food

After knowing about some must-try Peruvian food, I want to try it once. Do you feel the same? But with some people, a trip to Peru is hard to get. As a result, I will guide you on how to make the signature food of Peru- Pollo a la Brasa.

Firstly, let me tell you a story about the origins of  Pollo a la Brasa. The dish was created in 1940 by a man called Roger Schuler – an immigrant from Switzerland to Peru. He had a chicken farm in Santa Clara.

To make more money for life, He tried to sell roasted birds at a low price. His business became a success so he could open his restaurant.

After time flew by, he found the first Pollo a la Brasa oven to save a lot of time and work. Slowly, there are many restaurants open with the same business model as Roger Schuler. Until now, Pollo a la Brasa has become the most popular among Peruvians as well as familiar with traditional travelers.

Secondly, we are going to  Pollo a la Brasa recipe. There are some ingredients you need to prepares:

  • A fresh chicken without viscera
  • ½ cup of acetum
  • ½ cup of chili pepper
  • ½ cup garlic powder
  • ½ soy sauce
  • ½ vegetable oil
  • salt, black pepper

Get’s start!

  1. Prepare seasoning for roasting: Put all the marinade acetum, soy sauce, chili pepper, garlic powder, black pepper vegetable oil into a big bowl, then mix well.
  2. Set the chicken in the roast tray, then use a silicone brush put the mixture on it. Remember to apply all the parts of it well for a perfect final taste. After that, put the chicken into the fridge overnight.
  3. Take the chicken out, apply sauce one more time, and put it in the oven. In this step, you need to add a little water to the pan so that chicken will not dry out.
  4. Pre-heating at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes, then baked for 2 hours until it cooked well. You can check it with a skewer.

Finally, you can have it with potato fried or salad. The dipping sauce can make it more attractive and taste good. Good luck!

How To Make Pollo A La Brasa

However, if you don’t feel like cooking – I get it. I suck at it too. Partly because of my busy schedules, partly due to my many failed attempts despite having a wonderful recipe with obvious directions.

Cleaning up afterward is another roadblock. Or perhaps preparing five complex dishes for a Peruvian-themed dinner sounds challenging even for the best home cooks out there.

Whatever the reason is, never let it stop you from tucking into these delicacies when you’re craving some.

Where To Enjoy Some Peruvian Food Without Having To Cook?

According to many food experts and travelers, the two beloved restaurants Central and Maido – both situated in Lima, the capital of Peru – are second to none when it comes to quality. Kjolle, Astrid y Gastón (Lima,) and Mil (Moray) can also be some good options to be considered.

Be sure to check and reserve your spot beforehand, since these restaurants are very popular. Scanning through for some general dining tips like available payment options, dress code, transportation, and tipping, etc can be extra helpful for first-timers.

Where To Enjoy Some Peruvian Food Without Having To Cook

While being able to enjoy Peruvian food in its homeland is undeniably a delightful experience, not all of us have such a privilege. Peru travel can be a bargain or a large spend and will take on average 7.5 hours flight duration, depending on your particular choice of locations.

Yet under tight movement restrictions at present, an international trip seems far-fetched, given this looming pandemic situation. The good thing is minus seeing Peru by the iconic landmarks, minus soaking up in the beauty of Peru and their cultural atmosphere, we can still (quite literally) have a taste of this gorgeous land.

Tripadvisor has some of the most amazing suggestions for good Peruvian restaurants across the US. They include an overall rating, authentic reviews, photos from previous customers, and contact info for your convenience with each recommendation.

A Final Thought On Peruvian Food

Being under the culinary influence of the best food destinations in the world, no surprise that Peru is often said to have the best cuisine. With an unparalleled variety of ingredients, every dish is a unique masterpiece with many layers.

Each represents a distinct yet perfectly balanced combination of flavors – aromas – texture. Each carries the depth and pride of culture. Each stands out in its way and most importantly, each can capture the heart of just about everyone – from the easy eaters to the pickiest gourmets.

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