Top 10 Best Placemats For Wood Table

With the best placemats for a wood table, you can protect your lovely wooden surface from scratches and stains from hot plates, glasses, and silverware. Whether you’re looking for something casual or formal, there are plenty of options to upgrade your kitchen and dining room.

At this point, you might be thinking: “Placemats? How exciting can they really be?” But placemats are an often-overlooked element that can tie together your decor—and they’re actually pretty fun.

From funky, colorful designs to classic woven looks, these are the top ten best placemats for a wood table you can buy today.

List of 10 Best Placemats For Wood Table

#1: DII 100% Cotton Basic Ribbed Placemat Set

You’ve got the perfect wood table and chairs, and now you need a set of placemats that will enhance the beauty of your dining area. DII 100% Cotton Basic Ribbed Placemats are a stylish, versatile addition to any dining room, kitchen, or restaurant. With six mats in each package, there’s enough to add a touch of elegance to even the largest gatherings. Whether you’re looking for a formal look or something more casual, these placemats are an easy way to dress up your table.

These rectangular placemats measure 13×19″ and are made of 100% five-ply cotton. They’re a staple for every kitchen. The large variety of color options allows these mats to be mixed and matched with other colors for a fresh look for different seasons. Add texture and interest to any table with these solid ribbed mats.

DII also offers delightful home products including themed cloth napkins, napkin rings, table runners, and tablecloths.

What we like:

  •  Variety of colors and patterns available
  • Great quality and value for the money
  • Durable fabric will serve you well as your mats are washed often
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Easy to mix and match with other DII home products to complete your kitchen or dining room decor
  • Machine washable when needed
  • Lightweight, not heavy nor cumbersome when used regularly
  • Great price compared to other brands out there on the market that offer the same or similar products.

#2: DII Variegated Tabletop Collection

These placemats add a finishing touch to any formal or casual meal. Their rectangular shape is 13×19″ and 13×23″. They are 100% cotton and machine washable. To minimize shrinkage, use medium heat and remove placemats just prior to drying, then lay flat to dry fully.

These placemats come in a set of six, with decorative fringe and a beautiful variegated off-white color. The all-natural fibers are perfect for dressing up the table for an elegant meal, or for something more casual. They easily add texture and interest to any table setting!

They are part of DII’s Variegated Tabletop collection, which includes delightful home products such as napkin rings, placemats, table runners, and tablecloths.

What we like:

  • Organic cotton
  • Sturdy, beautifully made
  • Reversible tablescapes
  • Reversible for left-handed use!
  • Beautiful colors to coordinate with your décor
  • The fringe is strong and not floppy

#3: DII Quilted Farmhouse Collection Tabletop

These placemats are a great way to add a rustic, warm look to your dining table. They can also be used in pairs when the table is dressed up for formal events, or for everyday dining when you want to bring the natural charm of the outdoors inside. They come in a set of six placemats that measure 13×18″, so you’ll have enough for each person at the table and still have plenty left over for your guests as well.

We suggest washing these placemats separately from your dishes and then laying them flat to dry. This will allow them to finish drying, rather than being squeezed by the dishes being washed in your dishwasher. We’ve also tested these placemats with hand-washing and they held up just fine; however, we recommend using low iron on these if you prefer not to use an iron.

What we like:

  • They’re gorgeous and rustic, with a vintage look that will definitely catch the eye
  • They’re a great way to add a touch of texture and texture to your dining table without coloring it all these or having to sacrifice neutral, natural elements
  • They can also be used in pairs when the table is dressed up for formal events
  • Completely dishwasher safe

#4: Now Designs Disko Round Placemats

Enhance your dining experience with these round placemats by Now Designs. These placemats are made of 100% polypropylene. A textured braided design is woven to enhance durability. The placemats are water-resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting, these classic mats are well-designed for everyday use.

Each measures 15 inches in diameter. Ideal for adding pops of color to indoor and outdoor dining tables, they can also be used as stylish coasters or small trays to hold candles or other decorative items. Spot clean or wipe with a damp cloth or sponge for easy care and lasting use. These round placemats come in a set of 4 pieces in peacock coloring which is perfect for enhancing your modern table setting. Reimagined classics and an abundance of colors and tones to appeal to every taste.

What we like:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Pops of color
  • Water-resistant
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Re-imagined classics and an abundance of colors and tones

#5: Benson Mills Water Hyacinth Braided Round Placemat

Handwoven water hyacinth natural material creates a clean weave into a round placemat. Naturally grown water hyacinth fibers are assembled meticulously by hand to create an attractive and durable placemat. The water hyacinth fiber is a fast-growing, sustainable crop that can be harvested without damaging the environment. The fibers have been treated to make them naturally stain resistant and wipe clean for easy maintenance.

Each round placemat measures 15 inches in diameter, with a 0.25-inch thickness, and is sold in sets of four. The placemats are made from all-natural materials and feature a unique color that varies slightly from one piece to the next. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and add both beauty and function to any table setting.

What we like:

  •  Beautiful natural product
  •  Sturdy, durable construction
  • Won’t disintegrate
  • Stain and water-resistant
  • Attractive color and texture
  • Extremely affordable price point
  • Handmade by skilled artisans in Mexico City, Mexico

#6: Pimpernel Dogwood in Spring Collection Placemats

These placemats are the perfect gift for anyone who loves the beauty and artistry of nature. The beautiful design is inspired by the delicate flowers and leaves of the dogwood tree and will be enjoyed for years to come on both casual and formal occasions.

The collection includes four matching placemats that are crafted from strong melamine with a cork back. Each placemat is heat resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. It is also easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, so you can quickly refresh your table for any party or gathering.

The Dogwood in Spring Collection is part of Pimpernel’s extensive range of designs that offer something for everyone — from modern prints to timeless classics. Each design has been carefully chosen by their in-house team of designers, who work hard to bring you collections that are stylish, practical, and affordable.

What we like:

  • The floral and leaf design is subtle and pretty, making this suitable for either a formal setting or a more casual dining table
  • Each placemat is backed with cork so it doesn’t slip around on the table
  • The colors are bright and vibrant and the print is very clear
  • They are easy to wipe clean, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

#7: 6 Pack Woven Placemats

Made of high-quality durable Polypropylene fiber material. Handmade woven placemats that feel good would be the best decoration and protection for your tables if you choose to use them.

The handwoven placemats are perfect for indoor and outdoor dining or any occasion. It is easy to wash and dry, and also can roll up to store away.

Perfect for daily use, good match with dark wood table, glass table, white dining table, wooden farmhouse table, brown dining table. Great for bistro, cafe, kitchen decor, party, holiday or any occasion.

These beautiful natural color placemats are a great basic that can be used in many different settings. The neutral color allows you to easily mix it with other decorative items as well as your existing tableware and flatware collection. These are perfect for everyday use but are substantial enough to be used on special occasions as well.

What we like:

  • The ability to use on a variety of surfaces
  • The soft feel
  • The easy to clean and care for
  • The flat, woven design

#8: SARO LIFESTYLE Shimmering Woven Nubby Water Hyacinth Placemat

These placemats are a modern take on traditional woven designs. Their oblong shape and shimmery finish make them perfect for a contemporary aesthetic, while the warm color and subtle texture will give your dining area some homey charm. Whether you’re looking to add the final touch to a newly designed space or want to elevate an existing dining room, these placemats are an easy way to do it.

The subtle sheen of these placemats will draw attention to the shape of your table and can be used to pull out other metallic accents in your space. The soft aqua color is also great for playing up other natural elements, such as wooden chair legs or a stone centerpiece. If you’ve been trying to make your dining room feel more like a spa retreat but don’t want to make any major changes, these placemats are a great way to get started!

What we like:

  • Consistent size and shape ensures that the placemats will look great on each table
  • Their shimmer and sheen will bring the room together
  • Their subtle texture means they won’t clutter up the table layout
  • Their soft color and subtle sheen will make them a beautiful accent for a natural-looking space

#9: Panda Palm Vinyl Placemats

This beautiful set of placemats will protect your wood table from heat damage. Made from high-quality, eco-friendly PVAF, this set of four placemats is both durable and heat resistant. The mats are washable, non-fading, and easy to clean; simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and they’ll be good to go. The mats also have a non-slip coating, so you don’t have to worry about plates slipping off the table.

The elegant style of these mats will complement any decor, and the variety of colors available (black, white, red, blue or green) makes it easy to find a set that matches your style. Choose the one that’s right for you!

What we like:

  • Easy to clean; wipe them down with a damp cloth and they’ll be good to go.
  • Great for dining in or family gatherings.
  • Durable, heat-resistant material.
  • Five colors to choose from: black, white, red, blue or green.

#10: DII Easter Folk Collection

Achieve an elegant dinner setting with the DII Easter Folk Collection Placemats. These placemats are 100% cotton and measure 13×19″. The 6-piece set features 3 of each design. These placemats are machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. Low iron if needed.

DII offers an assortment of Easter Folk Collection placemats, napkins and kitchen linens that come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your table setting needs. Coordinate with matching napkins for a complete table setting solution for holidays, special occasions, dinner parties and more! DII is constantly listening to our customers’ needs and developing stylish products for every home. Every season DII brings you new collections to inspire your home design. Click the DII link at the top of the page to explore our collections or search “DII Tabletop”.

What we like:

  • The pattern is pretty and looks great!
  • A nice, earthy look for Placemats.
  • These fit right in with the Easter decor.
  • The cotton material is sturdy and shouldn’t get too wrinkled if you don’t iron it.
  • It seems to be a good size at 19″ x 13″, big enough to fit larger plates and bowls.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Placemats For Wood Table

Things To Consider When Purchasing Placemats For Wood Table

Placemats are a great way to keep your kitchen tables looking clean and neat. They can also be a great decorative accent for your table setting in general. But like most things, there’s more to a placemat than meets the eye. Here are some things to consider when purchasing placemats:

1. Material

Placemats come in many different materials, including cotton, linen, vinyl, and even leather. Depending on the use of your placemat, you might want to consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the material. For example, while leather placemats are more durable and resistant to staining, they might be difficult to clean if they do get stained.

2. Size

Placemats should fit comfortably on your table without hanging over the edges or getting lost under a plate or bowl. When measuring for size, be sure to include any decorative edging or embroidery that might be present on the placemat.

3. Color scheme

Whether you’re using placemats for decoration or protection, it’s important that they match the color scheme of your dining area as well as any other tableware you might have chosen (plates and bowl sets). This will help ensure that all aspects of your table setting look as harmonious as possible.

4. Style

Placemats can be styled in a number of ways, both traditional and modern (or perhaps even a little bit of both). Some are simple and plain while others might feature intricate embellishments or delicate embroidery on the surface. You can also choose to go with a more traditional look that could include books, photographs, or other decorative items to embellish the placemat’s surface (whether it be on one side only or both).


What is the importance of a placemat?

Placemats are a crucial part of the dining experience. Not only do they protect your table from any spills, they can enhance the ambiance of your restaurant.

A good placemat should be strong and durable, so that it will withstand the wear of daily use, and also easy to clean, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time washing or replacing them.

They should be designed to complement all kinds of tableware and decor, so that you can get years of use out of them.

Placemats are a fun way to add some personality to your dining area—your customers will love it!

What material is best for placemats?

Placemats are more than just a layer of protection for your table. They can also be a way to add texture and color to your table setting, especially if you have a glass or wood tabletop. Placemats come in a variety of materials, but the best materials will be able to handle regular use and abuse while still being attractive and easy to clean.

A placemat should be wipeable, resistant to stains, heat and moisture, and durable enough to handle wear and tear from repeated washings. Here’s how each material stacks up against those criteria:

Cotton: Cotton is a versatile fabric—it can be woven into many different designs and textures. However, cotton can stain easily and is not very heat-resistant. It also wrinkles easily when washed, although this can sometimes be helpful (for example, if your placemat has a design that you want to make sure is always centered).

Polyester: Polyester is resistant to stains and wrinkles but not heat-resistant. It is also more difficult to clean than fabrics like cotton or linen.

Linen: Linen is much like cotton in that it’s very versatile in terms of design options, but it’s also much like polyester in that it’s not very heat-resistant. Linen is more stain-resistant than cotton, though, and it’s also more durable than both cotton and polyester.

Silk: Silk is an extremely delicate material. It won’t stand up to much abuse at all! It’s best used when you have an elegant dinner party planned where the cleanliness of your table may be on display.


Choosing the right placemat can make a huge difference in your household. Not only can they protect your wood table from damage, spills, and scratches, they can also offer an attractive accent to your decor. If you are looking for the best placemats for wood tables, this list should give you a good starting point.

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