Best Potato Mashers Reviewed & Ranked

Potato mashers can get the job done with ease. They’re designed to be sturdy, so you can use them over and over again. The best ones are even dishwasher-safe, which means it’s super easy to clean up after you mash your potatoes or other veggies.

The best potato mashers have a comfortable grip that allows you to hold it easily while mashing. They also have ergonomic designs that fit into smaller bowls and pots. And if you want one that can do more than just potatoes, it’s easy to find a multi-purpose model that can handle a variety of foods, from starchy veggies to legumes.

We researched the best potato mashers on Amazon so you don’t have to, and we found top-rated models from OXO, Pampered Chef and other popular brands. Check out our list below for our picks of the best potato mashers for non-stick pans.

What Is A Potato Masher?

A potato masher is a kitchen utensil which is used to mash things like potatoes, yams, avocados, bananas and other soft foods in order to make them smooth. They are usually made of metal and they have rows of holes or indentations that allow the food to get mashed

Potato mashers come in many different types and styles. Some mashers have a head that is shaped like a disk with holes in it and others have a head that is more like a square grid. It all depends on the type of food you want to mash up as to what style potato masher you should get. If you are mashing up something with lumps in it then you should get a square grid type potato masher but if you are going to be mashing up something smooth like baby food then you should get one with a disk head.

There are also many different brands of potato mashers on the market today such as Oxo, Cuisinart and KitchenAid. Each brand has their own pros and cons but one thing they all share in common is that they are all designed to make mashing easier than ever before so there really isn’t any reason why anyone should go without one anymore!

List of 10 Best Potato Mashers

1. FLYINGSEA Potato Masher

FLYINGSEA Potato Masher features a unique and easy to use handle with soft silicone grips. It provides a comfortable firm grip. The ergonomic design is suitable for both left- or right-handed people.

The mashing head is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is hygienic and durable. It won’t rust, chip, or discolor in the dishwasher. The mashing head has a fine texture, making it easy to mash potatoes and other ingredients without leaving chunks.

The mirror polishing makes the potato masher look attractive and adds luster to your kitchen utensils collection.

2. Zyliss Potato Masher

The Zyliss Potato Masher is specially designed to ensure that you can mash your potatoes at ease. The masher has been precision engineered for performance and durability. The masher has a patented design with a scraper at the bottom that ensures that all your mashed potato makes it into the plate and not the sink.

The masher features holes of different sizes to ensure smooth mashing without lumps. It is constructed of stainless steel that ensures years of reliable use. It is tarnish, rust, and corrosion resistant. The handle has a soft touch grip for secure hold and comfort while mashing.

The Zyliss Potato Masher gets the job done fast with less mess. This masher has an innovative design and is crafted from premium quality stainless steel. The soft touch handle provides a secure grip and ensures comfort while mashing potatoes, veggies, or anything you need!

The small inner holes and larger outer holes mash quickly without leaving lumps behind, saving you time for other cooking tasks.

The Zyliss Potato Masher features an integrated silicone bowl scraper that removes everything you mash from the bowl for less waste.

3. Stainless Steel Wire Potato Masher

Equipped with a highly durable and rust-free stainless steel wire head, you won’t have to worry about rusting or breaking after long time use with Skyway Goods Stainless Steel Wire Potato Masher.

It comes with a soft, non-slip handle that’s comfortable to grip and easy on the hands. The masher is lightweight and easy to clean making it a perfect kitchen tool for mashing potatoes and other fruits or vegetables such as avocadoes, pumpkin, sweet potato and more.

The first feature of this potato masher is ergonomic handle, this masher is designed for balance and comfort for a smooth operation under heavy use. Along with this, it has a wide range of use as well as easy to use:

Wide range of use: The masher has many applications and can be used as a potato, dumpling or dough shovel as well as in making fruit crumbles, pancakes and many other dishes. Great value for your money

Easy to use: Use it to mash potatoes, cauliflower, or any other dense vegetables. This masher is perfect for making mashed potatoes and salads with ease. Powerful grip: The tamper-proof handle with ergonomic design helps keep your hand in place as you press down on the lid with your other fist. No more sore wrists!

4. Joyoldelf Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Potato Masher

The Joyoldelf heavy duty potato masher is made of a heavy duty stainless steel with a sturdy built and an ergonomic design. The handle is on top and you can use the masher to mash your cooked potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, squash or make guacamole and other vegetable purees. The masher is very easy to use and clean.

Additionally, Joyoldelf Potato Masher have Ergonomically designed handle for optimum comfort and control  along with unique design makes quick work of mashing potatoes or other root vegetables.

This masher is made from premium stainless steel that is resistant to rust, tarnish or corrode. It has an ergonomic design making it comfortable to hold and preventing you from slip while mashing food.

The masher can be used in many ways, such as baking soft cakes or making puree baby food making your life in the kitchen as easy as possible by saving on time, money and energy.

Joyoldelf Stainless Steel Masher is can be seen that the best choice for your kitchen!

5. Joyoldelf Heavy Duty Potato Masher

Joyoldelf’s potato masher is made with 430 stainless steel and a soft handle which makes mashing effortless. The handle is designed with anti-skid material which gives you a better grip during use.

The ergonomics design is also very comfortable to hold so you can work longer without hand fatigue. It’s perfectly balanced and dishwasher safe! This heavy duty stainless steel potato masher features an integrated design that saves space in your kitchen drawer!

When it comes to making mashed potatoes, the Joyoldelf heavy duty potato masher is a must-have tool in your kitchen. It’s made of food safe 430 stainless steel with rust proof material, which allows you to use it for many years.

The integrated design makes sure that it’s easy to use and can save your storage space. Its wide application makes it a versatile tool, which can be used for mashing potatoes, pumpkin, applesauce, carrots and other kinds of vegetable or fruits.

6. FLYINGSEA Potato Masher

The FLYINGSEA Potato Masher is a top-rated masher that’s made of high-quality stainless steel. It has an ergonomic design, is dishwasher-safe, and has a lifetime warranty.

The FLYINGSEA Potato Masher has a soft touch grip handle to help prevent hand pain while mashing potatoes. The handle has an anti-skid design and the masher overall is well balanced. The handle also makes it easy to mash with just one hand, which can be very useful when you’re preparing a meal.

The masher is made of 18-10 stainless steel (also known as 304 stainless steel) that’s durable and won’t rust or discolor over time. It’s mirror polished, which keeps it looking new even after multiple uses.

The head of this masher is fixed to the handle using high temperature welding rather than screws or glue, making it stronger than other mashers and less likely to break during use.

This potato masher can be used on any vegetable and it’s ideal for making mashed sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, yams and more.

7. NEW OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Masher

OXO Good Grips Potato Masher has a sturdy stainless steel head that won’t rust or bend. The long handle keeps hands away from the food and provides leverage for maximum mashing. The soft, comfortable, non-slip handle absorbs pressure while mashing.

The head of the masher is perforated with small holes that provide the perfect amount of mash consistency, while allowing excess liquid to flow through so your potatoes aren’t watery. The head of this potato masher is also angled, so it gets into corners and curves of bowls and pans, leaving no potato un-mashed.

8. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Smooth Potato Masher

The OXO Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher makes mashing potatoes effortless. The fine grid pattern of the mashing plate is designed to make silky smooth mashed potatoes and the stainless steel construction is durable enough to mash root vegetables and fruit. The Soft, comfortable handle is non-slip, even when wet, for a comfortable grip. Dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Our Stainless Steel Smooth Potato Masher has a unique, fine grid pattern designed for smooth, lump-free mashed potatoes. This masher also works great for mashing root vegetables like turnips and parsnips, or even fruit for homemade applesauce.

The durable stainless steel construction provides excellent leverage, to easily break down tough ingredients. The soft handle is comfortable to grip and provides non-slip control, even when wet. The Masher is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

9. Gorilla Grip Stainless Steel Potato Masher

Say goodbye to old, heavy and uncomfortable potato mashers. The Gorilla Grip Potato Masher is the last masher you’ll ever need to buy!

Made from thick, durable stainless steel, the Gorilla Grip Potato Masher features a broad, flat mashing head that makes mashing fruits and vegetables easier than ever. The broad surface area of the mashing head makes short work of even large potatoes or batches of fruit or veggies.

The holes in the masher head are perfectly sized for ideal results. They’re not too big like other mashers that leave chunks in your food, but they’re large enough to make mashing a breeze!

Unlike many other mashers that have sharp edges and scratches on their bottom, Gorilla Grip Stainless Steel Potato Masher smooth edges and a softly curved surface so your cookware is protected! It’s designed with a sloped edge so it easily glides over bowls and pots.

10. Potato Masher with Non Slip Heat Resistance Handle and Large Round Press Plate

The PalviHome Potato Masher is made of high-quality stainless steel, with a non-slip heat resistance handle and large round press plate. With its ergonomic design, it is exceptionally comfortable to hold and use.

The large round pressing plate is ideal for mashing potatoes and vegetables, making it a must have in every kitchen. The unique design of this masher makes this tool easy to clean, making your life easier.

This potato masher is ideal for mashing potatoes, carrots and other vegetables for baby food, soups, mashed potatoes and more!

Features to Look For in a Potato Masher

1. A Potato Masher with a Sturdy Built

A potato masher that is made of heavy duty stainless steel will be more durable than those made of plastic or aluminum. A high quality potato masher should last for many years. It should also be easy to clean and dishwasher safe. When you’re buying your potato masher look for one that has a nice finish to it so that it won’t rust or corrode over time.

2. Ergonomic Design

You want the handle of the potato masher to be comfortable in your hand when you’re pressing down on it to mash the potatoes, sweet potatoes or yams. The handle should also be long enough so that you don’t strain your arms when you’re mashing the potatoes. You want the handles of the potato.

3. The Potato Masher Head

The potato masher head must be curved in the middle to allow for easy mashing of the potatoes, sweet potatoes or yams. The potato masher head should also be able to mash all sizes of these root vegetables so you don’t have to use two different potato mashers if you want to mash more than one size at a time.

4. Clear and Easy to Read Measurements

The finer the potato you’re mashing, the coarser the masher you need. So when you’re buying your potato masher, look for one that has measurements stamped on them so you know how coarse or fine you want to mash your potatoes. You also want to make sure that the measurements are clear and easy to read so that you can judge how much pressure it takes to mash your potatoes without breaking down into a pile of mashed potatoes!

5. The Potato Masher Should Have a Handle

The potato masher should have a handle so you can use it to press down on the potatoes without worrying about burning your fingers. The handle should be wider than most potato mashers and made of durable material such as stainless steel or glass. You want the potato masher to be ergonomic so it’s easy for you to press down on it and mashing your potatoes.


1. How do I use the potato masher?

The potato masher is a kitchen tool used to crush boiled potatoes. To use, boil the potatoes and then empty the pot of water.

Place the potatoes in a bowl and press the masher down on them until they reach your desired consistency. Do not use the potato masher with uncooked potatoes. Also, do not put anything else other than potatoes in the potato masher.

2. What is the best way to store my potato masher?

For the most part potato mashers are used to mash potatoes, but they can also be used to mash other foods like avocados or bananas. Potato mashers are designed to be effective at quickly mashing soft and yielding food.

Potatoes should be boiled until tender, drained and then mashed using the masher. The masher can be used directly in the pot of potatoes or you can place the potatoes in a large bowl before mashing them. Some people choose to add butter, milk, or other ingredients during the mashing process.

3. What materials is the potato masher made from?

The potato masher is made from high-quality stainless steel that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. It has a comfortable soft-grip handle, which provides a firm and safe grip.

The handle is also made of heat resistant material, so you can use it to make mashed potatoes in your Instant Pot or other pressure cooker. It can also be used as a hand mixer to make pancake batter or even mashed bananas for banana bread.

4. Why does my potato masher have holes all over it?

You may notice that your potato masher has holes all over it and you may wonder why this is. The holes on your potato masher not only allow you to mash more efficiently but they also let your potatoes breathe while they are being mashed.

Allowing your potatoes to breathe while they are being mashed lets steam escape and helps your potatoes stay light and fluffy.

5. What kind of potatoes should I use?

Russet potatoes are recommended for mashing because they have a high starch content. Other varieties can still be mashed but may not yield the same result as russet potatoes. A mashing utensil should be able to hold at least 1/2 gallon of liquid (water, milk, or broth) in a 7 quart pot.

Potato mashers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they all work by pressing the potato against the inside walls of the pot so that starch cooks out. In some cases they are used as a true cooking utensil and heat is applied to them to cause heat-induced mash cooking; this is done on top of, or instead of boiling water.


I recommend potato masher for a person who needs to mash potatoes for dishes, not for everyday cooking. The real product does not have any drawbacks, as it meets the quality standards. It is also equipped with modern features and has a durable design. It would be great if you could add another review later, after you’ve used the product more than once.

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