Best Sour Cream Substitute

10 Best Sour Cream Substitute that Tastes Great!

Sour cream is a type of dairy product made by coagulating milk with bacteria. When the bacteria convert lactose in the milk to lactic acid, a sour taste is produced. This is the same chemical process that begins to take place in our stomachs. Most common sour cream products are made from cultured dairy rather than raw milk. This means that they are safe for those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy, or just not a fan of the taste.

It’s still difficult to imitate sour cream but these 10 Best Sour Cream Substitute have done an admirable job of providing one substitute after another.

Why Do You Need Sour Cream Substitute

  • You’re out of sour cream.
  • You’re allergic to sour cream.
  • You’re vegan and don’t eat sour cream.
  • You’re on a dairy-free diet and don’t eat sour cream.
  • You don’t like the taste of sour cream.
  • You’re lactose intolerant and can’t eat dairy products.
  • Your dairy-free cheese contains cashews and isn’t really a cheese.
  • You want to use another dairy-free ingredient.
  • You’re making meatloaf and don’t want sour cream as a binder or in the loaf itself.

Best Substitute for Sour Cream

There are many sour cream substitutes that can be used in recipes. Some people prefer to use yogurt, mayonnaise, or even milk in place of sour cream. Here are our top 8 best sour cream substitutes:

1. Mayo

Mayonnaise is a good substitute for sour cream because the two ingredients are very similar. When you use mayonnaise as a substitute, you can make it taste like sour cream by adding things like garlic and lemon juice. Mayo has higher levels of fat (meaning less carbs) than sour cream, which makes it better for people who need to stay away from carbs.

It is also more stable in high temperatures, making it more useful in cooking or frying food because it doesn’t break down as quickly. Mayo also has a higher fat and sodium content than sour cream, making it better for people who want a lighter option. Mayo is also lower in carbs than sour cream, so it is good for people who need to limit carbs in their diet.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt has a lower level of fat than mayonnaise and sour cream, which makes it a good alternative to those recipes that call for mayonnaise or sour cream. It also has more protein than any of these other ingredients too, which makes it great to make low carb recipes. You can also use a yogurt sour cream by mixing it with some mayonnaise or mayonnaise and yogurt.

Like the other sour cream substitutes, yogurt is also lower in carbs than sour cream, making it a better option for people who need to limit their carbs. When you use yogurt in place of sour cream, you can add things like garlic, lemon juice or vinegar. If you enjoy the taste of plain yogurt, you can even mix your own by adding other ingredients like fruit or spices to make your own homemade version.

3. Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream (or whipping cream) is a good substitute for sour cream because it has a similar kind of consistency, meaning that it can be used in any recipe that calls for some sort of creamed or whipped filling/dressing ingredient. Heavy cream is higher in fat (meaning less carbs) than sour cream, which makes it better for people who need to avoid carbs. It’s also more stable in high temperatures, so it’s perfect for cooking or frying your food because the taste won’t change after a few minutes. It’s higher in fat, so it is great for people who want a lighter substitute and want to eat light.

4. Sour Cream Powder

The sour cream powder is another good sour cream substitute for people who don’t like using real sour cream. This powder can be mixed with liquid to re-create the texture of sour cream without all the mess and hassle. The sour cream powder is usually mixed with vanilla, which means you can use it in recipes that call for vanilla yogurt or vanilla ice cream. It’s easier to use than the real thing because there’s no need to keep it stored in your fridge like you would sour cream. You just mix it up and use it right away!

5. Milk

Milk can be used in recipes that call for sour cream because the taste and consistency is the same. You can make your own sour milk by adding lemon juice or vinegar to regular milk and letting it sit for a few minutes before using it like sour cream. You can also do the same thing with unsweetened almond, coconut or soy milk if you don’t like the taste of cow’s milk.

6. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is another great sour cream substitute for people who need to avoid dairy. Buttermilk can be mixed with other ingredients to create a replacement for sour cream, though the resulting mixture is not exactly the same as sour cream. Buttermilk has a much thicker consistency than sour cream, but it has less fat and carbs, making it a better substitute for people who are on low carb diets because they need to limit their carbs.

One way to use Buttermilk is to mix it with other ingredients. You can create sour cream substitutes out of it, but the resulting mixture might be slightly different than what you would get with the original sour cream. For example, you could mix powdered Buttermilk with vanilla extract and honey and use that as a topping for pancakes or waffles. You could also mix it with vanilla ice cream to make a very interesting low carb dessert!

7. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese is another popular option for people who need to avoid dairy because of a lactose intolerance. Cottage cheese has a very different consistency than sour cream, which makes it a great alternative for people who want something that has the nutritional benefits of sour cream but the texture and taste that’s more similar to how dairy tastes. Cottage cheese is usually mixed with other ingredients like fruits or nuts, so they can be used in recipes as an interesting flavor booster.

8. Cream Cheese

This substitute for sour cream is made from cow’s milk and contains much less fat than true sour cream would have too, making it perfect on low-fat high-protein diets such as vegan or Atkins dieting! It also doesn’t have any carbs because of its low fat content, making it a great option for people on low carb diets. The cream cheese is often used as an ingredient in recipes that call for sour cream by itself. You can use it by itself to make vegan sour cream, or mix it with other ingredients to create your own unique recipes and flavors.

9. Crème fraîche

This sour cream substitute is made by adding a bacterial culture to heavy cream and has a slightly thinner and cheesier consistency. The crème fraîche is ideal for those on low-fat high-protein diets, as it contains less fat than the original sour cream. When it comes to low carb diets, its higher fat content makes it a better choice than sour cream because of its higher calories. Crème fraîche can be used in your own recipes as an easy substitute for a sour cream, but keep in mind that it is quite rich so you may want to replace some of it with something else.

10. Lactose-Free Sour Cream

Lactose-free sour cream is another good substitute for people who need to avoid lactose in their diet because they have milk allergies. The taste is very similar to regular sour cream, but lactose-free sour cream has no lactose. This means no frustration in trying to keep a lid on your overindulgence! This is actually a very good option for people with health problems because it doesn’t contain any of the negative effects that may be caused by consuming dairy. Lactose-free sour cream is also good for people who have trouble digesting dairy and need to stay away from it.


What does sour cream taste like?

Sour cream is a dairy product that is made from cream that has been cultured with bacteria. This gives the cream a sour taste. Most people will say that sour cream tastes like dairy, and this is a good thing.

Why is sour cream used in baking?

Sour cream is used in baking because it adds a rich, creamy flavor and texture to baked goods. It also helps to make them moist and fluffy. With a tart and tangy flavor, it works well in many different types of recipes including cookies, cakes, muffins and quick breads. Sour cream is also used because it adds a rich creamy flavor with no extra calories or fat. It is often substituted for milk or water when cooking with lean proteins such as chicken or fish to add moisture without altering the taste too much. Sour cream is also easier to digest than yogurt, but it still contains the active cultures of yogurt that are good for your digestive system.

How is sour cream made?

Sour cream is actually soured milk with the addition of either rennet or citric acid. It’s a great source of calcium and protein with only 62 calories per cup. The United States Department of Agriculture classifies sour cream as a dairy product. Because it’s been fermented and thickened, it also falls into the same category as some other dairy products such as cheese and cottage cheese. Because it’s so versatile and delicious, sour cream is a popular dairy product used in many different recipes, especially those that include other dairy ingredients. A lot of people wonder if they can substitute sour cream for something else.


Sour cream is a great dairy product that you will want to be sure to keep on hand for recipes and for use as an ingredient in all kinds of different recipes. It’s a great alternative for people who aren’t able to eat dairy products because of an allergy or lactose intolerance. With so many different substitutions, anyone can find exactly what they need so they can avoid their cheese! From vegan sour cream options to lactose free, there are plenty of sour cream substitutes that will help you find what you need.

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