What does goat taste like? What would you eat a goat for? Goat is one of the most delicious meals you can come across on your travels through Thailand. Whether it’s roasted, in a stew, or even in the Thai salad known as Larb, this simple guide to eating goat will have you trying it for yourself very soon.

Goat Meat Is The Most Consumed Meat In The World

Goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world. It is a delicacy in many cultures but has also been eaten for centuries because of its affordability and sustainability. The meat is nutritious, cheap, and can be used for a wide range of dishes.

As per the FAO food statistics from 2016, more than half of all red meat consumed worldwide is goat meat (52%). This is an astonishing number when you consider that nearly twice as much chicken and three times more pork were eaten in the same year.

The problem with goat meat consumption statistics is that they are not always easy to find or accurate. Most sources on the topic focus on sheepmeat consumption which makes it hard to see how popular goat meat really is.

What Does Goat Taste Like?

What Does Goat Taste Like

What does goat taste like? The flavor of goat meat is mild and tender. The texture is similar to beef, but the taste is richer and slightly gamey. The meat can be a bit tough, so slow cooking or braising is recommended. It has a lot less fat than beef, so it’s healthier too.

How To Cook Goat Meat?

How To Cook Goat Meat

The most common mistake people make when cooking goat meat is overcooking it, resulting in tough meat. This is because of a lack of understanding of the cut and the proper cooking techniques to use. This article will show you how to cook different cuts of goat meat correctly to get tender and juicy results.


The leg can be cooked by roasting or barbecuing. The leg is an excellent cut for long, slow cooking as the leg has a lot of connective tissue which needs time to break down. For example, if roasting whole, season with salt and pepper and roast at 200C for 2 hours for medium-rare or until an internal temperature of 60C is reached. If you want your meat well done, roast for an extra 30 minutes or until an internal temperature of 65C is reached. If you are roasting individual portions such as lamb shanks or lamb chops, use the same process but reduce the cooking time to 1 hour for medium-rare or until an internal temperature of 60C is reached.

Loin Chop

ALoin chops are cut from the back of the animal, along the spine. They have little fat on them which means they cook quickly and need watching carefully so they don’t overcook and dry out.


Shoulders are one of the most popular and delicious parts of the goat. They’re also my favorite part. The meat is incredibly juicy, flavorful, and tender. You can eat it with your hands – ribs style! If you want to get fancy, you can serve it on a plate with sauces and vegetables or salad.

You don’t need much to make this dish unforgettable. A simple rub is all you need to elevate the flavor of the meat but if you want to make a sauce, that would be great too! I like to use BBQ sauce or A1 sauce but just about any sauce will work! The trick is not to overdo it so that the lamb flavor shines through in every bite!


The shoulder is the most tender part of the meat. It’s easier to cook and it’s also easier to eat. You can prepare it as a roast or cut it into small pieces, season it and make a stew! The same goes for the ribs, which are also a very tender part of the meat. As you can see in the picture above, there are many different parts of the goat that are suitable for cooking.

Popular Goat Meat Dishes

Goat meat is a major source of protein for many African, Asian, and Caribbean countries. In the United States, it is considered a delicacy. There are many different ways to cook and prepare goat meat.

Here are some of the most popular goat meat dishes from around the world.

  • Kofta Kebab – This dish is made of minced lamb or goat meat and has been served in the Middle East since ancient times. The flavor can vary based on region and local seasonings.
  • Curry Goat – This dish is very popular in Jamaica, where the goat meat is marinated overnight in curry powder, scallions, garlic, thyme, and soy sauce before cooking on low heat for several hours.
  • Goat Stew – This dish can be found in many parts of Africa and Asia. It is made by stewing goat meat with potatoes or other vegetables in a broth seasoned with chilies, paprika, tomato paste, or peanut butter until the meat is tender enough to pull off the bone.
  • Pulao Rice with Goat Meat – This is a dish from India in which rice and spices are cooked together in one pot with goat meat or chicken. Pulao can be made with basmati or another type of long-grain rice. Using whole spices will give the dish a more authentic flavor.


What Does Goat Meat Have A Similar Taste To?

Goat meat is delicious, but it is not easy to find in the United States. It has a mild flavor that can be described as slightly sweet and gamy, with a texture similar to beef or pork. The taste of goat depends on its diet and how it is cooked.

The term “goat” describes a number of different species of animals. People most commonly think of caprines, which include goats and sheep. Many other species are also referred to as goats, such as antelopes and mountain goats. All types of goat meat have a similar taste, but the flavor can vary depending on what the animal ate and how it was prepared.

Does Goat Meat Taste Like Deer?

It is a misconception that the taste of game meats depends on their wild habitats. The quality of the meat mainly depends on the type of feed and diet of the animals. The goat meat tastes like deer because they belong to the same family. Deer meat has a stronger flavor than goat meat because they are wild animals and their diet mainly consists of vegetation.

Both deer and goat meat have similarities in terms of taste, texture, and nutritional value. The only difference is that deer meat has a stronger flavor than goat meat. As both animals are herbivores, their muscle tissues are highly fibrous and not tender as beef or pork. Many people claim that it is difficult to distinguish between goat and deer meat if you try them side by side.

As both the animal’s habitat plays a vital role in determining their diets, we cannot say which one is better in terms of taste and nutrition. But you can say both are equally good for human consumption. They contain high-quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals required for body growth and development.

Is Goat Healthier Than Chicken?

Goat meat is loaded with iron and protein and is lower in calories and saturated fat than many other red types of meat.

“Goat meat has more iron, comparable protein, and lower levels of saturated fat, calories, and cholesterol compared to beef and chicken,” Leah McGrath, RDN, told POPSUGAR. “This makes it a heart-healthy alternative to these meats.”

Can You Eat An Old Goat?

Yes, you can! It is a very healthy meat that has a particular flavor. It can be cooked like lamb or mutton.

In some countries the old goat is eaten after it has lived for many years and its meat is tough, then it can be roasted with seasoning and garlic. Some people say that this meat tastes like beef. In other countries, the old goat is eaten when it is still young, but this practice is less widespread. However, it is equally delicious when prepared in the same way as mutton or lamb.

Is Goat Meat Bad For Weight Loss?

Goat meat is not bad for weight loss. Goat meat has several nutritional benefits that can support weight loss. It’s an excellent source of protein, which aids in muscle growth and maintenance, and it contains a high percentage of branched-chain amino acids, which are essential for building muscle.

Goat meat is also low in calories and fat, making it a healthy choice for weight loss. It’s also lower in saturated fat than many other sources of protein.

Because of its low-calorie content, goat meat makes a good addition to your diet if you’re trying to lose weight.

Goat meat is lower in calories than lean beef. In 3 ounces (oz), or 85 grams (g) of lean beef, you’ll get about 180 calories and 9 g of fat. The same serving size of goat meat offers 135 calories and 4 g of fat. Most cuts of goat meat are lower in fat than beef cuts from the same part of the animal.


In conclusion, I have found eating goat meat to be a viable and worthwhile experience. If you’re at all curious about what does goat tastes like, it’s definitely worth it to give it a try. Eating goats are part of various cultural experiences around the world, but I think that anyone can appreciate the unique flavor and texture of this animal. Just be sure to get the information and preparation right, and you’ll be chewing on some delicious goat in no time!

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