Whiskey Ice Ball Maker

The whiskey ice ball maker is the most popular gadget in the kitchen. Many customers are extremely happy with their whiskey ice ball maker and even say that it’s one of the best gifts for a whisky drinker they’ve ever received. It’s always handy to have when you want to enjoy your whiskey on a hot sunny day, or for when you just want a quick drink after work (you know those days!) .

What Is A Whiskey Ice Ball Maker?

A whiskey ice ball maker is popular kitchen tool that makes perfectly shaped balls of ice that are then placed in your glass of whisky. The balls of ice can be made from regular tap water or even fruit juice. These balls of ice melt slower than normal cubes of ice, allowing you to enjoy your drink for longer without it becoming watered down. The ice balls are good for many mixed drinks and can also be used as serving balls to help keep your mixed drink chilled.

These whiskey ice ball makers are generally made from stainless steel or plastic and can be used to make ice balls of any size. The device will also help keep your drink chilled for longer, as the ice balls can last longer than normal cubes of ice, reducing the need to add more water to your drink.

Why Should I Use A Whiskey Ice Ball Maker?

As we mentioned above, normally when you add cubes of ice to your drink, it will become watered down and lose some of its flavor very quickly. With a whiskey ball maker, the rounded shape means it won’t melt as quickly and preserves the taste of your drink for longer.

How Does It Work?

A whiskey ice ball maker is basically a mould with several holes in it. The holes can be made from anything that is reasonably smooth and round, most commonly a coffee filter or even an old coffee cup.

The final product will be about the same size as a normal cube of ice and made up of individual balls of ice. The shape of the mould is usually a sphere but some designs are more like cubes of ice.

The 9 Best Whiskey Ice Ball Makers – A Comparison Chart For You

If you do not know how to find a great whiskey ice ball maker is, the following buying guide is for you. Our team has created an unbiased and honest review of the best products on the market.

With his help, we created a list of nine products after testing them based on their performance, durability, material and other important criteria. But first, let’s see what this type of product is for and what are its benefits

1. VEVOR Ice Ball Press

This VEVOR Ice Ball Press is designed to make ice spheres for your beverages. An ice ball press is a tool used to make spherical ice balls that are more than half the size of a standard ice cube. This VEVOR Ice Ball Press uses a simple lever mechanism to compress two hemispheres into an ice ball. This ice press mold lets you create professional-quality ice balls from the comfort of your own home. A set of two stainless steel molds makes it easy to make two at once, and the silicone gasket ensures a perfect seal every time. The push lever allows you to shape the spheres easily without making a mess. You can use these molds in commercial bars and restaurants or maker them yourself at home.

It has two pieces – a base that holds the ice sphere mold and a lid that applies pressure from above. The base is non-skid, which means it stays put while you press the ice.

Additionally, it can make an ice sphere in less than 5 minutes. It has a simple design, so it’s easy to use, but the lack of instructions can be frustrating for beginners.

This ice ball maker is made of food-grade aluminum alloy, making it safe for food contact. The manufacturer doesn’t indicate whether the inside surfaces are coated or not, but they appear to be nonstick and rustproof.

The mold can produce a 2.4″ ice sphere, making it large enough for most drinks and small enough to fit inside most glasses without melting too quickly.

2. Cumulus Ice Ball Press Kit

Cumulus Pro’s Ice Ball Press Kit (1.75″) is the perfect addition to your home bar or kitchen. The Ice Ball Press Kit includes everything you need to make premium ice balls at home, including 2 x silicone molds, 1 x stainless steel press and 2 x custom anodized aluminum holders. Each kit comes in a beautiful gift box, making it a great present for any cocktail enthusiast or drink lover.

The Cumulus Ice Ball Press is a high quality aluminum mold that makes golf-ball sized ice balls. The ice ball press kit includes two molds, one for the freezer and one for the press. To use, simply fill the mold with water, freeze it and then apply pressure to mold the perfect ice ball for your favorite beverage!

3. Godinger Whiskey Glasses and Sphere Ice Ball Maker

The Godinger Whiskey Glasses and Sphere Ice Ball Maker Ice Mold Whiskey Chilling Barware Set is a set of two whiskey glasses and an ice ball maker. It is a great set for those who are whiskey lovers. It is made with lead-free crystal to impress your guests with the taste of whiskey. This amazing set includes a pair of whiskey glasses; both have 12 ounces capacity, and they are made with lead-free crystal. The glass is thick enough to handle easily.

With this set, you can make your own perfectly round cocktail ice balls at home. The ice ball forms produce four 2 inch diameter spheres that melt more slowly than conventional ice cubes, making them perfect for chilling drinks without diluting them. The sphere ice molds are simple to use; just fill the tray with water, place it in the freezer and then separate the cubes when they’re frozen solid. You will get four large ice cooling rocks that chill the whiskey quickly without watering down the drink.

This stunning set is available in two different colors; one has a black color ice ball maker and another one has a green color ice ball maker. When it comes to cleaning, hand washing is recommended for all items of this Godinger Whiskey Glasses and Sphereglassware and barware set is sure to impress friends and family.

4. NEWTRY Ice Ball Press Ball

As a professional manufacturer of ice press, NEWTRY has been devoted to this industry for many years. According to the feedback of customers, we upgraded the equipment and made it more suitable for users. Its appearance is designed by famous designers. Its appearance is beautiful and elegant.

NEWTRY ice ball press is a commercial ice ball machine which can make 3.2’’ round ice ball and 2.95’’ square ice cube.

It can make 2 pieces of polymorphic ice ball or 6 pieces of square ice cube in one cycle, and it only takes 4-5 minutes to finish the task. Two kinds of ice cube (polymorphic and square) are optional.

NEWTRY ice press machine is made of aircraft aluminum alloy body and stainless steel 304 inside, which is durable and anti-rust, with a product life up to 20 years. It is powered by DC 12V/24V, so you can use it at home or in your car for camping, traveling or fishing.

The ice ball itself can be used as a packaging box, which can be directly sealed with fresh-keeping film or shrink film. In addition, it is easy to carry. It will not take up too much space in your home or restaurant. You can put it on your kitchen table to make ice balls, or you can put it in a box for storage when you don’t need it.

5. MOTIGOLD Round Ice Mold for Sphere Crystal Clear

Ice is an important element for many types of drinks. It can chill your favorite drink, bring out the flavor from a cocktail, or even bring out the optimal taste from a single malt scotch. However, not all ice is created equal.

Using just plain water will cause ice to melt rapidly once added to a drink, diluting its taste and potentially drowning it. Instead, use our ice ball maker to create slow-melting ice spheres that are perfect for cocktails and other beverages.

Clear Ice Ball Maker Easy to operate-just fill water and put it into freezer; When you want to use it just take out the mold and take off the silicone mold sleeve; You can watch the process as they form in your own freezer; Easy release with just twist and push from bottom after frozen.

6. HAVOER Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold

HAVOER has a solution with our Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold. This will not only make your beverage look amazing, but it will also keep it cool without losing the flavor of your drink!

The Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold is the perfect way to make ice for your next party or event. Use it to create large ice balls that will keep drinks cold without watering them down.

With this mold, you can make 2.5″ diameter spheres in just minutes! The mold comes with two trays so you can make several at once and store them in your freezer until needed.

Moreover. The ice ball maker is made from silicone which makes them easy to remove from the molds. This also makes it possible to make big clear ice balls at home without having any special equipment or machinery! You can use this for parties and events as well as everyday use around the house or office when entertaining guests.

7. Ticent Whiskey Ice Ball Mold – 2.5 Inch Large Round Ice Cube Mold

Ticent ice molds are made of high density, non-toxic and BPA-free PP (polypropylene) plastic and food grade silicone. They are designed to create high-quality ice balls that melt slower than traditional ice cubes while keeping your drink cold longer.

Our round ice ball maker is designed to melt much slower than traditional ice cube trays or molds, which means no more watered down beverages! The large surface area of the sphere means less contact with liquid and a slower melting rate.

Open the lid, fill the mold with water, close the lid and place in the freezer. Once frozen, pop out your ice spheres and enjoy! Easy release and clean up. Each mold has a leak proof bottom that ensures water won’t leak from the bottom of the mold.

8. SIMPLETASTE Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker

The SIMPLETASTE Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker is your perfect solution for making large crystal clear ice balls. The 2″ sphere ice melts slower than traditional ice cubes, which allows you to enjoy your favorite drink longer without it becoming watered down. It also works great for preserving food and flowers!

The SIMPLETASTE Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker lets you create perfectly round ice balls that are as clear as glass. The process ensures that the impurities in the water are removed and produces ice that is perfect for your drinks.

Our innovative handle makes full use of gravity to fill up the tray with water while keeping a tight seal on the silicone cover. This makes it easy to store and carry when not in use!

For the last one, The SIMPLETASTE Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker lets you create perfectly round 2-inch spheres of ice that melt slowly, allowing you to easily enjoy your favorite cocktails without them getting watered down. The large size also prevents them from melting too quickly in hot weather or when left out at room temperature.

9. Chillz Extreme Ice Ball Maker – Ice Sphere Mold

The Chillz Extreme Ice Ball Maker makes 4 spherical ice balls at a time. The silicone mold stacks to save space in your freezer. By freezing water or your favorite juice or tea in these trays you can make perfect round spheres of ice that melt slowly and look great in any glass.

With the Chillz Extreme Ice Ball Maker, you will be able to make large 2.5 inch ice balls like those served at high-end cocktail bars around the world.

Chillz ices balls are made with high quality food grade silicone that is strong and flexible, allowing you to easily fill, close and remove the tray once they’re frozen! These molds are also stackable to save space in your freezer until you’re ready to use them!

Furthermore, You will never have trouble getting your ice balls out of the trays again! Unlike stiff plastic trays, these flexible ice maker trays can be easily

How Do I Make An Iceball?

To make ice balls, you will need an ice ball mold. These molds are made of plastic and come in sets of two or four. They are available for purchase at most home goods stores, but you can make them yourself as well. The price varies from $5 to $10 per mold.

Making ice balls is easy and only takes a few minutes. The ice balls will not melt in your freezer, so this is a great choice for barbecues and picnics.

The first step is to fill the mold with water. Make sure that the water level is high enough to reach the top of the mold without overflowing it. It should be near the top, but not quite there yet.

Next, place the mold in the freezer and let it sit there for a few hours until it hardens. Once it’s frozen solid, take it out of the freezer and hold it under running hot water for a minute or so until the ice has loosened up enough that you can easily remove it from the mold.

Once you have an ice ball out of the mold, you can use it right away or store it in your freezer for another time. You can also add fruit juice into your mix when making ice balls to give them flavor!

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Whiskey Ice Ball Maker

1. Size

Be sure to check the size of the ice ball before purchasing. You want something that fits in your glass without spilling over the sides. If you’re planning on using this product for other drinks besides whiskey, like iced tea or soda water, then you should get an ice ball maker with larger capacity so it can accommodate larger glasses and mugs.

2. Materials:

Most Whiskey Ice Ball Makers are made from plastic, but there are some models made out of stainless steel or silicone as well. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages; for example, plastic is lighter weight but not as durable as stainless steel

3. Usage:

The purpose of your Whiskey Ice Ball maker is to freeze an ice ball. In most cases, these ice balls are used in high-end bars and restaurants to mix cocktails that require crushed or cracked ice, such as whiskey on the rocks or an Old Fashioned. You simply fill the hollow center of your whiskey ball maker with water and put it into your freezer until it freezes. You can make different size whiskey balls, so it may not be necessary to buy a large sized ball maker.

4. Material:

Most common Whiskey ice ball makers are made of plastic, stainless steel, silicone, or ceramic. Just make sure the material is safe for your budget and will hold up over time. There are also various shapes and designs on different models, so you need to choose in this aspect as well.

5. Storage:

You should always keep your Whiskey ball maker in a dry area since this will help prevent corrosion and mold from growing on the surface. Never store it in your freezer, since this can cause damage to the porous material, causing cracks and more wear and tear over time.

Whiskey Ice Ball Makers are one of the best ways to make crushed ice for whiskey on the rocks or cocktails like an old-fashioned.


1. What is the best way to make an ice ball?

Ice balls are a great way to chill whiskey. Ice balls have less surface area than cubes, so they melt slower, meaning that your drink will stay colder without watering it down too much. The best way to make an ice ball is with our mold!

2. Can I use the mold for more than just water?

Yes! The mold is completely food-safe, so you can create ice balls out of anything liquid you want. Consider experimenting with fruit juices or making frozen cocktails.

3. What are the ice ball used for?

The ice ball maker is used for making ice balls. A machine to create perfect spheres of ice out of a water and alcohol mixture. Why would you want an ice ball? The most basic reason is that it looks cool, especially if you’re entertaining, but there are other reasons as well…

A great thing about the maker is that all the ingredients can easily be found in any household kitchen, so no need to buy anything extra. Even if you’re more comfortable making ice cubes, an ice ball is just as easy, though it will take a little longer to cool down.

The main reason why you would want to make ice balls is that they are a lot easier on the environment. They don’t use much electricity and aren’t the same as regular ice cubes, so are better for your health and the environment.

4. How long does it take to make whiskey ice balls?

It takes about 15 minutes per set of ice balls. The mold gets cold so you have to wait between batches. You can speed up the process by using two trays at once and freezing them in separate freezers. We do not recommend using your refrigerator freezer as it will produce cloudy

5. How do I remove the ice ball maker from my freezer?

Remove the silicone rubber bands from around the mold then place your fingers under each side of the mold and pop it out. Try not to squeeze too hard as this could cause a crack in your ice ball if you have filled them all of the way up with liquid. If you find that they are stuck inside of your freezer, try running some warm water over them and they should pop right out.


Whiskey ice ball maker, if you want to enjoy a good drink, you should use the whiskey ice ball maker. It makes the drinking fun and entertaining, with a smoothness you can’t get from what you were using before

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